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  1. My father didn't have a will so we had to use a lawyer to get executor status and at this point the lawyer wrote to all parties owed money explained there was little to no money in the estate but none have replied. I haven't offered any type of settlement as yet but just wanted to see if we can settle or even write off the debt as maybe in the future we could do something with the flat although I would imagine this to be few years away
  2. Thanks Andy ..... The issue we have they won't respond to our letters sent from my lawyer and as you can imagine with limit funds we would like to try and resolve the matter ourselves - lawyers fees are mounting !!!! Can we legally send another letter recorded delivery or something giving them say 28 days to respond after which time the debt would be enforceable ?? Thanks
  3. Hi Andy , " Why" - The estate worth is less than what is owed and I thought if we could get them to accept a reduced settlement as I believe the debt doesn't automatically dies when the person dies ? We also have a small flat which isn't in a condition to sell doesn't even have a place to wash apart from a small kitchen sink and I don't have the funds to bring it up to a point where I can sell it I believe the debt is unsecured as its various credit cards etc ..... Thanks
  4. Yes all the debt was in his sole name as he lived alone and divorced from our mum
  5. Looking for information/help ...... My father sadly passed away in March of this year leaving about £17,000 worth of debt and with little estate to cover this amount . I have contacted all the companies which he owed debt to for some sort of settlement agreement however to date none have come forward. As you can imagine this has been a very distressing time for all and we just want to put some sort of closure to episode in our lives. I would be grateful for any advice you wonderful people can provide to get a response from the companies so we can plan a way to pay off the debt from the little estate he has ..... Thanks R
  6. Firstly Thank you for your input....... I have spoken to Ideal the boiler manufacturer and they have emailed me back with a fixed price cost of £420.00 to replace the part , so can use this cost against SP ..... Like you say I'm probably going to replace the boiler but its the principal that I feel the need to complain .. Regard what they say about BER , I found this in my T&C's We may cancel the contract immediately by giving written notice in the following circumstances: (b) if in our technical and professional opinion the cost of carrying out a necessary repair to your: (B) boiler is more than the residual value of your boiler by reference to its age and condition; I would imagine I should get a letter in the post but speaking to customer complaints they stated I need to speak to customer services as I'm on a fixed deal they would need to adjust my tariff ?? Im definitely going to push them as much as I can .....keep you posted on the outcome Thanks
  7. Hi All , Looking for some advice regarding a current issue with Scottish Power and my boiler cover....... My boiler has developed a pressure loss and water loss which SP has put it down to the heat exchanger and due too the boiler age 8 years in there professional option the boiler is beyond economical repair (BER) but can't tell me how they reached that decision The boiler is excellent condition as it has always been serviced mostly by SP and the engineer's boss asked him on the phone regarding the excellent condition I made a complaint to SP and was contacted by a member of the complaints team who just said " in there professional option it was BER " and won't provide any document to back this up .... What I do know is the parts will cost around £600 which may sound a lot of money to repair a boiler but taking into account to replace the boiler for the same spec and have it installed - which SP don't do would cost in the region of £1500+ I also asked them what was the definition of BER which they couldn't tell but me looking at the law directory and other sources this is normally based on 80%. Looking thru my t&c's there is a condition which mention about BER but doesn't state a figure therefore I assume 80% is the figure. As the two figures are no where near the BER threshold I can't see why the boiler won't be repaired under my policy... The other thing is SP didn't advise if I can still use the boiler ???? What are my rights as a consumer to request the following [*]Engineers report [*]A copy of the formula used to determine BER [*]Copy of parts required to make boiler right I would be grateful for any information you can provide to enable to further challenge SP
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