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Found 16 results

  1. Myself and a friend entered into an AST in 2008 with a private landlord where I was the lead tenant. Our deposit was placed with the DPS. Although we had a good relationship with the landlord throughout the tenancy, when we gave notice to quit in 2011 he seemed to take the matter personally and started being very standoffish with us. On our moving out date, the landlord did not attend the property. When we called his phone to find out where he was, it rang with a foreign dial tone and the call was rejected, so he wasn't even in the country and decided to ignore us. We ended up postin
  2. I private rented from Oct 2014 to July 2015 & landlord got £243 of deposit after using Deposit Protection Service & adjudication. (Email sent to me Dec 2015) This so wrong, it is for gardening and when I moved in the landlord (couple) said Mr. Landlord was going to do one more mow and then after a week or two I was told a man was booked to come and cut the hedges. He never came round. On day I went to sign assured shorthold tenancy agreement the landlady seemed to have changed her mind about me even though they chose me out of people they chose to show the house. I said I was
  3. My friend’s tenancy agreement ended at the end of June and she vacated the property, fulfilling all contractual obligations for professional cleaning and returning keys. The circa £800 deposit is held with the DPS and my friend has still not had any of it returned due to the landlord disputing £70. After my friend moved out the landlord claimed costs for sending 2 x letters @ £25. Unreasonably these letters were sent on consecutive days. One regarding rent being 3 days late (the first time rent was ever late and it was paid within that week). The second letter was because the landlord h
  4. Hi all, this may be a long one. We've been in our rented property for nearly 3 years (since August 2011). We rent privately from landlords who used to live in the property and have never been landlords before renting this house. A few months since we moved in, problems with the house started - damp patches, due to the balcony mostly, which they promptly got "sorted". The house was then less than 10 years old and all of the houses on the small estate had similar problems with damp, due to shoddy building work. The damp problem was never resolved despite "builders" being sent b
  5. Hi, I had a tenancy end in May, I had some disputes over my LL withholding a large proportion of my deposit (he was willing to only return £120 of £550) - the majority I believe was fair wear and tear over a 4 year tenancy. After asking for my DPS ID etc. to dispute the deductions, he made me aware my deposit wasn't protected. This is all after tenancy ended. Essentially he assumed it was OK to take away my right to dispute via the legal means (DPS) and bully me into accepting his totally unfair deposit return. I've sent a "Letter Before Action", to which he sent a letter contai
  6. Hi just some background infomraiton. I moved into my old property on 27th April 2012 and moved out on the 27th April 2013. The property was supplied as fully furnished (NO INVENTORY), £450 a month payable on the 7th. And £450 put down as a deposit. On the tenancy agreement it states she would put the deposit in a DPS scheme which she didnt. Ive complained about her on here before shes a little bit mad. (Read: coming round and 5am to put bins out and randomly walking into house so we had to keep doors locked at all times). So now the tenancy is over, she did an i
  7. Any sound advice would be much appreciated. I rented a property from March 2010 until March 2012. LL failed to provide check in inventory and thus one was never signed by myself. AST states that an inventory should have been provided. LL failed to provide Prescribed Information until 11/04/2012 despite numerous requests from myself. LL did not add T&C's or Scheme Leaflet to the Prescribed Information and had dated and signed it 31st March 2010. I have kept original envelope that it was posted in, which is dated 7/04/2012 (after new laws came into force) LL was given every opportun
  8. Dear All I am in need of your advice/suggestion. I rented a property last year during April (2011) through a letting agent. It was a just an introductory type of letting i.e. all the initial paper work was done by the letting agents and than I was told that all the dealings are going to be direct with the landlord. Everything was fine until this year when he asked me to vacate the property as he wanted to sell the house. I was given 2 months notice. We found a house and left the property in a good condition. There were some marks on the kitchen wall which I said was my mistake and I am wi
  9. Firstly, Im a full-time Master student who currently in a dissertation period. The whole thing is about the tenancy I singed with a letting agent is coming to an end by 25th August 2012. I intended to have a rolling contract after the Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement with a 12 month fixed term. But I havent receive any information from the agency or the landlord so I emailed them first on 6th July, and the agency reply me on 9th July that I can't stay after the contract ends because the landlord decided to rent it to someone else. I was asking them why I'm the last person to know an
  10. Hi everyone, I am looking for some guidance on an issue we may have upcoming and would like to go into the situation prepared. We moved into a property in Dec 2009 via a letting agent on a assured shorthold tenancy for 6 months, the deposit was protected in a DPS via the letting agent and we received timely confirmation of this. Prior to the 6 month review, we were asked by the letting agent to release the deposit we provided the letting agent with the letters we had from the DPS and the letting agent used this to release the deposit, their reason for this is that the landlord w
  11. My landlord/letting agent has said they would like all my my deposit as the house was not sufficiently cleaned. I would like to dispute this. My deposit is registered with the DPS. The problem is reading through the contract, it states that if the letting agent is required to submit information to the ADR, I would be required to pay £100 plus VAT.It also states that if there is no deposit left, I would have to pay for it out of my own money. Is this legal?
  12. Hello, I have two questions for you, if I may: 1. My landlord has served me with notice requiring possession of the property at the end of our fixed term AST, however a. this has been sent via e-mail and b. it does not mentioned Section 21. Is this a valid notice? 2. My landlord did not protect my deposit within 14 days of receipt, but has since (over a year after it was paid). Where would I stand if I wanted to dispute this? I've tried to keep it succinct, but if you need further information please do not hesitate to ask. Otherwise, thank you in advance for your advice.
  13. Hi all, I am new to this website and apologise if I am posting a thread which is already available or posting it in wrong place. I rented a one bedroom furnished property on Assured Shorthold Tenancy which was initially for 6months and then was converted on monthly roll on basis. In total I was in the property for 2years and due to work I had to move out of the property after giving 1months notice. I rented the property through a letting agent who was also responsible for managing that property. When I moved into the property the agency provided me with a check in inven
  14. Hopefully someone may be able to help on this one: After leaving my last rented property our landlord refused to pay back our deposit and it had not been protected in a protection scheme. we lodged a small claim on a N1 form to the county court, which was checked at the court when we originally lodged it. The claim was under the s214 housing act 2004 for and ordered that the defendant repays the deposit and an order to pay 3 times the amount of the original deposit. we have recieved back a defence letter stating that the claim should have been entered on a N208 form and the case
  15. Hi, It is difficult to write the whole incident but I will write to the point and any kind of help and input will really be appreciated. My 2 bedroom flat was flooded with sewage water on 2nd Jan, 2011 and 2 rooms were fully flooded and cleaners and insurance company declared it uninhabitable (though living room was not flooded as I was there and water did not enter in living room), 4 flats in same floor were flooded, so it was definitely not LL fault or my - tenant fault, this was caused by community living in that building which has 70 flats, so can not blame anybody in this case.
  16. I'm renting a room under an Assured Shorthold Tennancy from a non-resident landlord. I've contacted all three deposit protection schemes and verified that my deposit is not protected and my landlord seems totally unwilling to place the money into a scheme so I want to take him to court. I'm pretty sure that my case is rock solid but would like to know whether I can start paying my rent into an escrow account as my landlord is being pursued by bailiffs and i think it's highly unlikely that I will ever get my deposit / court fees etc back if I don't. I'm also a little hazy as to what
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