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  1. Does anyone have any advice what my next steps should be, I intend to move in the next few weeks and would feel much more comfortable if my deposit was in a DPS, the fact it doesn't appear to be in one now suggests the landlord assume's it's his already.
  2. Hi, Thank you very much for your response. Yes we still have the original DPS letter, and the letter from our letting agent asking us to remove the DPS from the scheme so the landlord could place it into a scheme of his own. The terminology they use is transfer the deposit directly to the landlord's bond scheme. I have checked online on the 3 schemes checkers and it does not show to be held in any of them for dates within 30 days of the new tenancy commencing. I do have a letter dated 7th June from DPS advising that my deposit has been removed and repaid to the agent/l
  3. Hi everyone, I am looking for some guidance on an issue we may have upcoming and would like to go into the situation prepared. We moved into a property in Dec 2009 via a letting agent on a assured shorthold tenancy for 6 months, the deposit was protected in a DPS via the letting agent and we received timely confirmation of this. Prior to the 6 month review, we were asked by the letting agent to release the deposit we provided the letting agent with the letters we had from the DPS and the letting agent used this to release the deposit, their reason for this is that the landlord w
  4. Hello Everyone. Firstly - apologies if this is in the wrong forum, it seemed the most appropriate considering the Redundancy Payments Office is dealing with our payment. Myself and over 1000 employees of a call centre were made unemployed without notice around May, we received our redundancy, compensatory notice pay, and at least 1 weeks owed wages (company kept a week in hand when we started) - this was paid by the insolvency service. I'm just wondering as the RPO has agreed to paying us the 8 weeks (40 days) they can, but the documentation on the deductions for this is a littl
  5. Hello everyone. I'm currently renting a house in Chester with an agent and at the moment I'm just looking for advise, the landlord is asking me to remove the money from the DPS and give them the refund code so he can place it in his own deposit protection scheme. This sounds more like he wants to put it in his bank account, as he is not looking to place it into one of the schemes the government recommends, isn't this a legal requirement? Also, I signed a 12 month lease on the property under the proviso that I would not need to sign another term at the end of this lease, am I obl
  6. I'm just looking for advice as over the next few days I'm moving into a new property out from a long term (7 years) in the same property, I'm going to give my current landlord notice soon and I'm really just wondering if what I am going to propose to the landlord is fair. The property was sold as furnished, now many of the items are old (20+ years) for example the oven and fridge, and in some ways while still functional are damaged to the extent that while they are still usable some adjustments in how they are used is required, I would put this down to general wear and tear as to being a
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