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  1. In the past I had to take the metal plate from the chassis into scrapyard to get a cert of destruction. I just bit the bullet today and reported it stolen :/ hopefully thats the last I will here.
  2. My partner restores cars as a hobby, you definately need a certificate of destruction from a scrap yard. As we dismantled for parts and still had to take the chassis plates to scrappy. I don't think police will investigate but I am worried if it's an inspection week or something and their all on best behaviour. Knowing my luck it would be the one claim the do investigate. I don't think it will be restored. There are only 33 left in the uk and I owned 4,and you can't pay people to take them. Has anyone ever got fined for a car being burned out somewhere
  3. Plus I was hoping to put the 150 quid Id get in scrap to pay some balance off my credit card looks like thats gone down the plug
  4. Hello again, Yet again something absolutely stupid has happened to me. My car has been stolen, but it couldn't be that simple. I have a red Alfa Romeo, SORN and uninsured, I took the engine out of it an transplanted it in my car, and took a few other bits and bats so it was just a rolling shell full of junk (became our skip as we knew we were getting rid). We towed it to the local scrap yard this morning (on an A frame which wasn't really legal). When we got to the gates, we realised we had forgot the V5. So unhooked the car, drove home and got it. When we got back to the s
  5. THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU! Exactly what I needed!! Ill get that sent tomorrow, I didnt want to complain and have DCA still calling all hours, as I have a teething-light-sleeping babY!
  6. Phew, trying not to panic. Im on the road to debt recovery - cleared nearly 20K of debt, now I just have a credit card which is being paid off, and a few accounts that get £5 pm. I felt like I was finally on the straight and narrow and getting my life (and credit rating) back in order! Its going to be hard to get the £10 to send for the SAR, as im on a really tight budget (only my partner is working as no one wants to hire someone that needs 12 months off in a few months to have and recover from an operation). Might be a few weeks as its bill week next week, anything i can do in
  7. Hi, I took out car insurance in Jan 2012 with right choice insurance. I definately did not make the right choice. I phoned them to cancel on 17 May 2013. They told me I needed to send them an email with the policy number and my details to ensure the policy was canclled. I did this them phoned back. They told me they had recieved the email, and that the policy would be cancelled with a charge of over £300. I argued this as I had my policy documents in front of me, and there was no charge for early cancellation. Escalated to management who advised they had closed the account with no ch
  8. Well I passed the tests before I was pregnant, but you have to do them often. I've been on prescription painkillers all my life and had to come off them while pregnant. As a result I'm in constant pain, lucky to get 2 hrs sleep and on crutches. I'm running on empty and could barely tell you my name never mind pass my cert! I'd rather offer about £10 pm to clear it faster. I'm just worried they might take it out my bank and feck my finances right up x
  9. Its not. Been to CAB everything legal and above board. Basically have certification I need to pass to do my job. Failed several times over period of 2 month improvement plan. Employer did rverything required to help including personal tutor and weeks extra training. As a result I cannot legally do my job and there is no position available I could transfer to as not qualified for them either.
  10. So I left work over a month ago, as I was unable to perform to the standard required while pregnant. I was given the choice to resign and be welcomed back should I want it in the future. Or essentially start dismissal proceedings so I chose to leave. Got my final wage and it seemed about right so went about paying my bills. Got a letter from HR saying they had overpaid me by around £200. I asked for a breakdown which they supplied and I accept I was overpaid just didn't notice on my last pay because I thought I had some holidays left (I didn't). Problem is, I'm on JSA livin
  11. Both me and the OH have a Credit Card with Vanquis, but because only use it for credit building Ive never had to phone them! I just buy my shopping on the friday and pay the balance in full on the monday. I didnt know they had a bad rep O.o Dreading every having to phone them now!!
  12. I thought working in a call centre was a really fun job! But then I have always been odd. Nothing more satisfying that getting someone so angry they cant even swear coherently and sending them away happy! I think most call centre staff just take it too personally. The person on the phone isnt angry at the call centre agent, theyre angry at the company and faceless employees that have messed up their little world. Legend getting ACAS involved btw, Ive only had to whisper their name and got the redundancy pay I wanted from my previous job because it was dodgey as hell!
  13. I know what you mean, I'm not as vigilant but I do keep records of all comms. There is nothing better than that moment of silence when an over-eager dca has rattled off the company spiel and then seen the note to back up what you have said and theyre trying to think the best way to not admit they are wrong. I just dont understand why most people you talk to are so arsey over the phone! I always took the view that if there was a problem it was probably my companies fault, because it usuually was! Except from those random calls that would be absolute raving loonies.
  14. Thanks for the advice guys, I knew I had upto 6 years to put a claim in. I was just hoping I could get it sorted before I have my baby because I dont like the idea of filling in all those legal documents when severely sleep deprived! Ah well. From the look of things shes goingto want to settle anyway. Ive never had any involvement with small claims so never knew how expensive it could be for the looser.
  15. Ah I didnt know you had to pay the court fees up front, I thought they were decided after! Ive been unemployed since April because of my pregnancy (all legally done unfortunately), and the Jobcentre have yet to pay me a penny, despite me working vigilantly to get a job (although who would hire a 6month pregnant lady I have no idea). I am submitting my Maternity Allowance next week so hopefully should be getting some money then but thats still looking at a timeline of 2-4 weeks before I see some cash. Anyway better derail myself before I go off on one, the "ive been working since I was
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