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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, I have a query regarding whether my landlord has followed proper procedure in relation to a tenancy transfer. I moved in to a 3-bedroom shared flat with two others on 13th March '15. Prior to this, one of the flat mates with whom I am now sharing with had lived at the property with three of her friends. For various reasons, the three friends moved on however my current flatmate wanted to remain in the property. As I understand it, the original contract for her and her three friends started on 26th April 2014 and was due to finish on 26th April 2015. The landlord allowed for her
  2. Hi everybody, Recently I have faced quite a troublesome situation and looking for advice. I'm waiting for visa in UK and naturally, started to look for an accommodation beforehand. I have found reasonably good offer on one of the websites (from the private person). She gave me her phone number and friend of mine, who lives in London, called her and came to check the room. Then we have negotiated contract terms and starting date of the lease. Then she asked me to pay "holding fee" of $180. I have agreed with it and payed via PayPal. Recently she asked me to pay another ~$42
  3. First of all, apologies to anyone who might feel we're being unethical or otherwise trying to get out of a contract unfairly. My son's best friend recently took on a tenancy in a house share after a long period of sporadic homelessness. Since then, she has had a complete mental breakdown and is living with her boyfriend's family and with us while undergoing intensive therapy (4 times a week). She has attempted suicide on multiple occasions and can't be left alone at all, even in the bath (which is why the two families are dividing her care between us). There is no question but that she is
  4. Background: I was out of work for a few years. I have now a temporary work contract with no ending date but I was told informally that it would end in November. I really need to move away from my current accommodation and I like a nice single room at a very affordable place let by an agency. One of the condition of the tenancy is: no Housing Benefit (I haven't read the contract, that was on the leaflet). I can understand the agency or landlord not wanting certain kind of tenants, but what happens if I rent the room and then I lose my job and claim Housing Benefit? Can they legal
  5. Good Afternoon, Thanks for reading, and hopefully I can get some much needed answers to calm me down.. Before I write all this, I'm aware of the mistakes I've made and will learn from it as I've been heavily held to ransom by my tenants, and by not doing a tenancy agreement... I rented out my 2 bedroomed house to start a new life away from the village I was in. This was a rush letting, so I didn't check the tenants etc, didn't even draw up a tenancy agreement, but stated no DSS / Benefits. Long story short on this, I barely received rent, but found out they were on benefits, so
  6. Hello, we all have a separate contract with the landlord. The council tax says that he is liable to pay however, one of the clauses in the contract is : "You must pay for all electricity, gas and phone bills, water charges and Council Tax relating to the property that apply during the period of the tenancy." I would like to know if this clause overrides what the Council said. Initially, my landlord kinda tried to get me to pay the tax for the next year as well (I am only living there as a non-student for 12 months). I am not a student. I live with two students. One of them sto
  7. Hi everyone, i'll try to keep this fairly brief. I am in a tenancy agreement with my fiancee. She has been here for about 2 1/2 years. The original contract in 2011 was for 6 months and at the end she was offered a further 6 month extension. She requested a clause for her to be able to give notice of 1 month to move out. This was accepted and put into the extension. We have been offered 6 month extensions since. Our current one ends in August. We are wanting to move out to a friend's house that he will be privately renting (bigger house, lower rent, no letting fees etc etc). We gave
  8. Hi everyone, Found the forum on google when doing some searching on my current situation/problem. Seems like its a very helpful forum so was hoping someone will be able to advise me or shed some light on what i can do. Here is a quick(ish) summary: Me and the other half were set to start renting a house in July in Newcastle. Shes at university over there and my plan is to relocate once i have found a job. The agency emailed us saying the current tenants would like to stay until September, fair enough its saves us a few months rent as my other half wouldn't be moving in until Se
  9. Firstly, Im a full-time Master student who currently in a dissertation period. The whole thing is about the tenancy I singed with a letting agent is coming to an end by 25th August 2012. I intended to have a rolling contract after the Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement with a 12 month fixed term. But I havent receive any information from the agency or the landlord so I emailed them first on 6th July, and the agency reply me on 9th July that I can't stay after the contract ends because the landlord decided to rent it to someone else. I was asking them why I'm the last person to know an
  10. Hi all, i am new to this forum Can anyone help. I wish to find out if my tenancy agreement is legally binding if it has not been signed by my LL. Thanx
  11. Hi there if anyone could help me I would be very gratefull. Basically me and my fiancee rented out a property in September last year for a period of 12 months, when we wieved the property it was lovelly and it was smelling nice. After we got the keys problems had started. I have bad chest problems and there is a loads of mould and damp in the flat which is 22sq meters studio flat and anywhere you move you get mould and damp. I've contacted the agency via e-mail with photos of mouldy clothes (which we got after month of living there) walls (behind massive tv unit, fridge, washing mashin
  12. Hi, I moved into a property around five months ago, we viewed the property and originally agreed to a 12 months fixed term contract, we then changed our minds. I contacted my landlord before we moved in and they said we could move in as soon as the contract had been finalised - so I asked, since it has not been finalised; is there any chance you could update the term to six months? They said this wasn't a problem and they would do it, the guy who did the viewing also said this was fine, he would sort it when he got back to the office. We have now been here five months and have seen anothe
  13. HI This is the first time ive posted but really need to help or understanding my rights. Last December 2010, I had an issue with the boiler in my house breaking, resulting in no hot water or central heating. This was reported to the Letting Agents who in turn reported it to the landlord. After a week of calling every day, and having to heat an old terrace house with electric heaters with extra cost in electricity the landlord authorised the letting agents to send out a plumber who fitted the boiler with a new circuit board. After a while we noticed that we were unable to alter
  14. Hi all, this is quite similar to the thread 298034-Letter-to-Landlord-Periodic-Tenancy but differs in that the agency wants to commence viewings for other prospective tenants if I don't sign a new fixed term contract, rather than raise the rent. My Assured Shorthold Tenancy was signed on the 28th of November last year and will therefore automatically become a Periodic Tenancy on the 28th of May, as according to the law. The agency first called me to ask if I was staying and will sign a new contract on the 14th of March, which is a little early. My feelings about this is that they we
  15. Hello I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice regarding my issue below I apologise if this is long winded or written in the wrong area/website. Just a bit of background I live in a intermediate rent property with the proviso that I will purchase this property within 5 yrs. I had to jump through hoops to get on this government scheme for this property such as I had to have a qualifying job, credit check, earn a stpulated minimum wage, have no pets CCJs etc. The property came with two allocated parking spaces , clearly named in my tenancy agreement, and I was told that a parking e
  16. Hi All, I had a break clause for 6 months on an AST rental contract of one year duration. I had to vacate 3 months earlier than the 6 months. As described in the break clause, I have given notice of 2 months at the end of first month as required and also agreed to pay the remaining 3 months rent, if they do not find any other tenant and administrative costs incurred by the landlord. After 2 months notice period is over, I was told they found a tenant and took the admin costs from me. I was given a section 21 notice and I have done the checkout process and handed the property on Feb 16 a
  17. Hi, we have recently signed a renewal to our 1 year tenancy agreement. In our original tenancy agreement we have the following break clause: "Mutual Break Clause It is hereby agreed that after Six months the Landlord or Tenant may be released from this Tenancy Agreement without prejudice to the rights and remedies of either party against the other in respect of any antecedent claims or breach of obligation set out herein subject to 2 (Two) calendar months clear written notice from the Landlord and 1 (one) calendar month clear written notice from the Tenant." When ou
  18. A quick question: Naively, and probably a little desperately - I've placed a holding deposit down on a flat that I like (with a month remaining until my move date). At the agency, while upset about it, they said this landlord only does 6 month contacts initially. Along with this, the agency fee was £120 per person (£240 for us as a couple) + 1 weeks went to put a hold down. I agreed, and in my offer put down £190 and asked for a new couch as the one in there was the current tenants. Naturally, the landlord has agreed to this and I received the contract via email yesterday for me to
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