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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, the boiler installed in the flat started to loose pressure in March, we notified it to the landlord and, due to he wasn't able to explain us how to refill it, he send a builder to check it. The builder checked the system and find that the valve under the sink to open the circuit was missing, so he used a wrench to open it, and refill the boiler. He checked his tools and said "i'm sorry i don't have a valve fits this junction, this pipe is too old. Don't worry it shouldn't happen again. If it happens again there should be a leak in the system". We reported to the landlord underlining that the builder wasn't able to install a valve. After about 5 months, it happened again and we reported to the landlord, this time we explained him that we are not able to refill the boiler cause this lever is missing. He send us again the same builder which rechecked the boiler, he didn't find any proof of leak, then he tried again to find a valve filling the junction, but he didn't have the right one, so he just refill the boiler using a wrench tool acting on the pipe. After one week we received a phone call from the landlord that he receive a debrief from the builder and he suggest us to buy the appliance so we can top up the water by ourself and if he need to call out a builder and no work has found we have to pay for it. I'm expecting the have a proper boiler installation with a proper valve to under the sink in case we need to refill it, is it my consideration wrong? Should I really buy a wrench and acting to the pipe junction by myself ? What happening if I act in this way breaking the junction and put too pressure into the boiler, maybe break it?
  2. Rent pressure zones READ MORE HERE: https://beta.gov.scot/policies/private-renting/rent-pressure-zones/ Please note this only affects 'Private Residential Tenancies' in Scotland Only Rent Pressure Zone Checker: https://www.mygov.scot/rent-pressure-zone-checker/
  3. I've suffered from a chronic pain condition now for some time which has in the past caused issues with sickness absence. I have sevberal reasonable adjustments in place and I had been managing the condition quite well for the past 6 months or so. This past few weeks I've been struggling with the pain, but my quality and quantity of work has remained as high as ever. In fact in order to keep myself distracted from the pain I have been doing extra work on top. However, this past few days my direct manager has been trying to convince me to go home. I know she means well really but I don't want to go home.I'd be in pain at home anyway and I'd have less to distract myself with. I've told her severaltimes when she has suggested that I go homethat I really don't want to and would be happier sticking it out for the rest of the day. I came home early today because I felt I had to given the pressure that I was put under to do so. I have adjustments in place that allow me to change job roles during the day so that I can stay focussed on work and not on the pain. Does anyone have any advice.
  4. Hello, Looking for some advice if possible. I have got in a real mess with Welsh Water and they have reduced the water pressure in my house. I now have no hot water and not enough pressure to refill my toilet which is upstairs. A few years ago, when I ended up as the only person living in my house I switched to a water meter. I was paying on DD and all was rosey. Suddenly, somehow a bill for just under £1000 turned up. I just couldn't understand it. It turns out my water meter was feeding not only my house by my next door neighbours house!. Welsh Water came round and took the water meter off. They then returned a few weeks later to try and fit a meter inside the house but the engineer seemed to think it wasn't possible. About 2 weeks ago WW called me and stated that my water bill for 2012/2013 was due and it is £1300 based on my houses rateable value. So, after not really not knowing how to work out how much they owed me and how much I owed them I stuck my head in the sand. Now I have no water pressure. Just a dribble. Im going to call WW now and try and sort it out but was wondering can i demand a water meter? I really really cannot afford over £100 a month for water and sewerage. I really need to get on a meter. Can they refuse to fit a meter? Thanks
  5. Good afternoon all. This is a bit long winded and concerns my local water supplier, and my lack of water pressure. I live in a top level flat above some shops. My water pressure has been dodgy since I moved in –if either shop below is using the cold supply, my supply is compromised. This wasn’t a massive issue (I’m at work all day and they close before I get home) until a restaurant opened behind my property (in a different set of building across a car park.) It’s open until 10pm at night, and when they are open my cold water supply shuts off completely, but not only that, it’s actually being sucked back into the pipes. For example, if I’m in the shower and they use their water, the water coming from my shower head is forcibly sucked back through and the supply stops completely until they turn their taps off. I spoke to a plumber friend of mine about it and he raised concerns that this could be a legionnaire’s disease risk and should be addressed as soon as possible. I immediately reported the issue to my local supply company. A phone call and a detailed email from me later, they sent one of their field agents out to my house. I asked them to send him during the evening so he could see the issues with the water supply first hand (which caused grumbles as he wanted to come at 8am!). He came around 6pm, put a meter on one of my kitchen taps for a couple of minutes (conveniently when there was no interruption to the supply) and told me I was getting way above the required pressure. I explained again the situation but he was dismissive (although generally pleasant). My plumber friend was with me thankfully, and but his back-up made little difference, and the legionnaires concerns were also dismissed. The agent stated that they only deals with pipes in their ‘area’ and that the pipes etc. beneath the car park (supplying five shops and me) were not their concern (despite them supplying the water). He did say he would dig up a small portion of the car park right by the road to check the pipes (nowhere near my flat!), and if it was obvious there was an issue they would let me know. Around three weeks later I received an email (please note that no digging had taken place at all) to inform me that a meter of some kind was placed across the road (nowhere near my property or the car park in question) and it turns out everyone is getting great water pressure (!!), and if I want something done about my problem I’d have to pay for work to be done myself, including informing all the shops, finding out who owns the car park, etc., etc. My plumber friend now thinks I should inform environmental health. But I’m unsure of what to do. I’m seriously considering just moving house to be honest! So, is there anything further I can do? Has my supplier fulfilled their obligations properly? Is the plumber overreacting? I’m paying £40 a month for my water and am concerned that this constant interruption to my supply will not only damage my washing machine and shower along the way, but also my sanity! Any advice would be gratefully received! Thank you.
  6. My tale is a familiar one for many BT customers so I will not go into too much detail other than to say that my home experienced a significant telephone line fault in Dec’13. It took several weeks (and so/too many phone calls; repeating the issue time and time again) for BT to acknowledge that I had waited too long and that an attempted repair, the following month (some 3-4 weeks later), would be a good idea. After a very frustrating telephone trail, I eventually was contacted by an escalations team who appeared helpful at first; arranging for engineer’s to visit. They decided to condem a telegraph pole in my garden; suggesting it would require a heavy engineering job to replace/fix. At this point, I had had enough of this multi-national treating a customer with no regard whatsoever. I decided to switch my telephone/bb provider, told them that I had done so and simply cancelled my direct debit. When I called the same (initially helpful) escalations team, shortly afterwards, to ask when the defective, dead pole would be removed from my garden, they simply said that they couldn’t help me since they had noticed that I was no longer a customer. This attitude reinforced that I had made the right decision to leave. For a few months afterwards, I did receive the occasional e-mail suggesting I had an overdue balance to be paid. From memory, the suggestion was that it was a cancellation fee. Considering my experience with them and their total disregard for me, I ignored these e-mails. I recall feeling that I was prepared to have some reasonable dialogue with them yet these systemic e-mails always had a default statement suggesting there was no point in replying to the BT e-mail address, from which the reminder was sent, since it was not monitored. Instead, customers were to take their chances and enter the BT telephone maze. You can imagine why I had decided that I wouldn’t be giving that particular telephone lottery a go again. For a period of several months (6 or more), no more BT messages were received until recently. In the last 2 months, I started to receive periodic demands again. Like before, I’ve simply ignored them, for the same reason and felt that their computing system was simply randomly sending messages out in a sweep of closed customer accounts. Very recently, one e-mail suggested the debt will be sent to a debt collection agency. Today the debt collector agency called our home and said this had to be sorted before it gets any worse; suggesting that I owe BT £275 because, unbeknown to me, they have continued to charge me for BT sports and anti-virus PC protection. With my new TV/BB/telephone provider, I receive both of these services as part of my bundle so I haven’t taken advantage of these BT services, let alone been aware that they are allegedly still providing them. What should/can I do? Do I have any legal rights? I’m ready to follow any advice to have the debt collectors back off - assuming this is within my rights for them to do so.. ....or will I need to give-in to BT's demands?
  7. The types of fees taken shown here http://www.which.co.uk/campaigns/insurance-bank-card-fees/ It's made easy here to email your MP and get Mr Osborne to tackle the issue this Wednesday https://whichcouk.bsd.net/page/speakout/2014-11-mortgage-fees
  8. I received a superb telephone call yesterday from cabot, and it went like this... Cabot: Hello is that mr Sev? Me : Yes, who is this? Cabot: It's Citibank - er, I mean Cabot Financial, we own your Citiba.. Me : I know, what would you like to know? Cabot: Can you confirm your date of birth and postcode for security Me : Sure, it's blah blah blah... Cabot: Thankyou. We've currently got you down as being on an arrangement with us for the sum of £blah. I was wondering if we can look to increase this at all? Me : Not really, as I don't have a lot of kob certainty at the moment and I'm not going to commit to anything until the economic situation clears. Cabot: well, if you wanted to settle this we could make this very attractive, and offer you a substantial discount anything up to 20% Me : That's very kind, but I really don't have the means otherwise, i'd have called you a long time back. Cabot: Well, as it stands Mr Sev, your current debt at your current repayment will take 25 years to pay off, we could come to a payment arrangement for £95 pm which will clear it in 5 years. Me : Sorry, but as I said, I don't have the means. That's why you and I are even talking. Cabot: Yes, I understand that. Perhaps we could interest you in a loan to settle this? Me : I don't think so, you've already defaulted me on my credit record, as have all my creditors. What makes you think that I can afford or want a loan when I can't afford to pay what I've already got owing? Cabot: Oh, OK, how about relatives or frieds, could they not lend you any money? Me : er... let me think.... no. Cabot: Well could you stretch to a 10% increase, it's only 2 pounds. Me : I probably might, but I'm not commiting to anything at the moment. Cabot: OK, well i'll send out the paperwork, to confirm and just to let you know if you miss a payment there will be charges and late interest fees... Me : Send what you like, but i'm not confirming anything at he moment as I don't know if i'll even have a job at christmas. Cabot: Well we need to get this debt moving and i'll give you a call in 6 months to see how your circumstances are doing. In the mean time, perhaps you could ask your family or friends for money, or consider our loan service. If you have an unexpected windfall We'd make the settlement offer very attractive. Me : Ok, if I win the lottery you'll be the first to know. Thanks. Cabot: Goodbye. Me : *hangs up* Is the lift actually going to the top floor with this lot?
  9. I originally had debts of nearly 60k, mostly on c/c's. I did have an advantage in that the cards were taken out late 1990's, early 2000's. With the help provided by CAG, I fought of every attempt by these to reclaim including threatened court action by the dreaded Restons in 2 cases. Turned out that 3 creditors could't find the agreements, the other 3 agreements would not stand up in court. As stated without the advice from CAG, I would have be paying these forever. As it was the companies were reduced to endlessly bouncing the accounts from DCA to DCA. Checked and double checked today, they are all now Stat Barred. Only adverse left on my credit file is a default from one of them (the company waited the full six months before defaulting), however that falls off in Sept this year. What I am saying is don't give in to pressure from the OC or the DCA's but fully check out the claims made against you and never believe the outright lies they tell. David
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