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  1. Good afternoon all. This is a bit long winded and concerns my local water supplier, and my lack of water pressure. I live in a top level flat above some shops. My water pressure has been dodgy since I moved in –if either shop below is using the cold supply, my supply is compromised. This wasn’t a massive issue (I’m at work all day and they close before I get home) until a restaurant opened behind my property (in a different set of building across a car park.) It’s open until 10pm at night, and when they are open my cold water supply shuts off completely, but not only that, it’s actu
  2. I thought that may be the case. It's just a shame there is nowhere I can report them to in regards to their terrible practices (for the sake of those left behind). I was considering reviewing them on Indeed to try and warn anyone thinking of working there, but the process is vague as to how this is done. Thank you for all of your help regardless.
  3. Hi both, thank you for your responses. I don't believe I was still classed as disabled at the time having fully recovered from my illness and no longer being entitled to accompanying benefits. I was fired in April 2015. I know it's very unlikely I have any rights to challenge them myself, I'm more concerned for those I've left behind who are vulnerable.
  4. Hello all, I was wondering if any of you knowledgeable people could help me out with an issue I’m having regarding a previous place of employment please? (I removed potentially identifying details here) After three months I had a successful appraisal and was actually given a pay rise and a permanent contract… and then I was fired a couple of weeks later. Out of the blue. No disciplinary, no discussion, nothing. I was called out of the office one morning by a feared manager, who dragged me into a spare office with the HR lady (a long story, she was hired it seems to find any way at al
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