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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, the boiler installed in the flat started to loose pressure in March, we notified it to the landlord and, due to he wasn't able to explain us how to refill it, he send a builder to check it. The builder checked the system and find that the valve under the sink to open the circuit was missing, so he used a wrench to open it, and refill the boiler. He checked his tools and said "i'm sorry i don't have a valve fits this junction, this pipe is too old. Don't worry it shouldn't happen again. If it happens again there should be a leak in the system". We reported to the landlord underlining that the builder wasn't able to install a valve. After about 5 months, it happened again and we reported to the landlord, this time we explained him that we are not able to refill the boiler cause this lever is missing. He send us again the same builder which rechecked the boiler, he didn't find any proof of leak, then he tried again to find a valve filling the junction, but he didn't have the right one, so he just refill the boiler using a wrench tool acting on the pipe. After one week we received a phone call from the landlord that he receive a debrief from the builder and he suggest us to buy the appliance so we can top up the water by ourself and if he need to call out a builder and no work has found we have to pay for it. I'm expecting the have a proper boiler installation with a proper valve to under the sink in case we need to refill it, is it my consideration wrong? Should I really buy a wrench and acting to the pipe junction by myself ? What happening if I act in this way breaking the junction and put too pressure into the boiler, maybe break it?
  2. Hey, A bit of background: After I hit 80 kg (176 lbs) [btw I'm 1.78cm] I decided to start exercising. I found a nice dumbbell + PU + crunches plan and will try to stick to it. Before that I was on keto (when loosing weight) or on a low carb diet (loosing slower/ maintaining). Now my question: Are there any reasons to stay on low carb when trying go build muscles? Are there any downsides on a low carb diet? From what I understand It probably doesn't matter as long as I get enough protein, but I want to make sure I didn't miss anything. Thanks for helping out
  3. On Monday 31/03/14 I went into work like I would do any normal day, I put my stuff away went to clock in an I was called into office, My manager sat me down and said to me " Abi, You don't seem right for the job (after 4months of being there) I think its best we end it here, You will be paid for the next week, but you don't have to work it, take it off" So that was it, in work for 10am back out and on my way home by 10:25 I text my ex manager yesterday to see when I would get a formal letter from the company saying I no longer work for them, when the weeks wage would get paid to me and also for them to sort my commission that I am owed from January. He is yet to reply. The reason I am posting this is because; A- Are they just allowed to dismiss me like that, no letter, no warning .. just a good bye B - How do I go about recovering my wage and commission when I do not have it in writing that I have been let go or that they are going to pay me The company I worked for are notorious for not paying people what they are owed, but I refuse to let it go, being unemployed I need the £400 they owe me so any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you
  4. I run a guide unit and have been threatened with loosing hall we meet because of new promise (not going in to that here) and had a letter from PCC saying we have to pay £18 p/h for 52 weeks a year. we don't meet 52 weeks. We have an agreement at the moment with them which doesn't mention the promise. They sent us this as part of reasons why While we respect the changes that Girlguiding have made, under the 1993 Charities Act we are bound that any disposal (sale or letting) of the church hall must be at full market value. It then continued to say that exemption from the 1993 Act could only happen at the PCC discretion and if they thought that the charity's objectives are in line the charitable objectives of the church. Any advice helpful.
  5. Hi there I don’t know where to put this or were to start but you guysin the past have served me well Ive recently split with my fiancé after 8 years When we met we were both bargain basement (desperate for oursaviours) we picked each other up and put each other back together I truly love loved her but the chemistry from me to her was alwayslacking if she was my ideal i would have married her She did want to marry me but i always held back 2 years ago my dad passed away and she was there for me wheni needed her she has been exelent to my 2 children and i have bought her 2children up as my own I currently have mortgage arreas of £2300 and am expecting acourt letter any day soon I have means to pay the arrears (not all at once obviously)but have a good job that i enjoy I have sort of told my employer the situation but i haven’t beento work for the past 3 days I have only worked there for 8 months and said to the boss iam currently in a mess but don’t want to loose my job He has said that its ok these things happen don’t worry butkeep me informed I have a dog my daughter lives with me whos 19 and i have alovely home but just cant seem to pull myself together I have always been an emotional teary sort of person I look at the dog and can see the dogs missing her I look at my daughter and i can see I’m upsetting her cos she’sseeing me upset The X is off today to look for somewhere else to live whichis worrying me because i genuinely wish her well and want her to be ok but shehas no plan i have told her she is welcome back here anytime as its thanks toher i didn’t lose my house 8 years ago but i have told her i can’t keep thatdoor open for ever In summary .............. I feel sorry for myself Feel sorry for her Feel sorry for my daughter Worried about my house Worried about loosing my job Not eaten hardly anthing for the past 3 days Any advice ?
  6. The council pays my rent on a private rented property for me, and my children. My dad agreed to be guarantor for the property when i moved in almost 3 years ago. I have never missed a payment. My father retires in April 2013 and obviously doesn't want to be guarantor of the property any more. Ideally i do not want to move house, and disrupt my children, however my landlady when we got house nearly 3 years ago required this. Is there anyway i can stay here without this? What options do i have? Is it all down to talking to landlady? or is there some legal jargon somewhere which may allow me to be my own guarantor, or for the council to be? Please advise. x
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