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  1. Well I paid in full and informed him that I was not happy about the charge. Hes emailed me to argue now. Given him a massive benefit of the doubt that he simply forgot to mention it, he still doesn't think he's done anything wrong. Hes trying to say his charge is fair, I can't expect it for free etc. He just doesn't seem to want to understand that hes charged me a permium, I could have got it sorted for much cheaper, and, its not true that some garages don't offer free collection. I've had this many times with other cars. Personally, I think hes "accidentally on purpose" forgot to mention knowing that its an easy £120 which I pretty much can't get out of later because he'll have my car. Worse still even when I complained in the first instance and said £120 was excessive because he didn't tell me, and I could have got it there for £55, he still wanted ANOTHER £120 to bring it back, and then has demanded it go today. If he'd brought it back for free (£120 two journeys) and not been awkward about it I'd have let it go. Not now. Hes made his decision now hes going to have to stand by it with the bad publicity.
  2. I guess its a grey area. You provide you're car to the garage and sometimes they give you a quote for work sometimes they don't. But generally you dont say, what you're charging me £30 an hour to do the work - I thought it was free. How far do you take this? Personally, I think offering a service without advising someone, that could be construed as being an added extra (e.g. a lot of garages will collect car for free, provide courtesy car for free etc) and then hitting with a charge more than double what you know they could have sorted themselves is just plain wrong IMHO.
  3. Its got no tax and no mot. And hes said he wont let me have the keys until I pay - guys a crook. Im going to have to pay for now.
  4. Yes I know I've got to pay - its wrong they can make up charges like this. I do actually have the facebook conversation saved where I tell him where I am and say its going to be a problem getting car to him and hes answered:- "Hi there yes we can take care of that for you. We could collect it on a trailer and bring it in so that isn't an issue either" No mention of cost anywhere until I get the invoice. I even messaged him to thank him for collecting it. Bet he though yeh right you've just been charged £120! Surely I'm not the first to have an issue with this guy. All dealings with him have been about him trying to screw as much money. Hes messaged me today to tell me- get car moved tomorrow or pay him £120 or hes going to dump it on the street.
  5. Car was recently in the garage. I booked it in three weeks ago and spoke to them on the phone saying I'd sort out getting car to them. They said no its ok we'll come and get it no problem at all. So they take it, do some work (which I'm happy to pay for) and then I notice a charge of £100+VAT for RECOVERY AS REQUESTED. I pointed out to garage that maybe when we discussed collection it would have been wise to advise me of this charge. I also pointed out, even the AA would only have charged me £65. Answer was "tough thats my standard recovery fee - you did ask and its not my fault if I can't do it as cheap as others". Hardly recovery when it was arranged three weeks in advance. More like, I'll offer, not tell him how much, then rinse him later. Best of all - I decided after this not to go ahead with the work. £100+VAT if I want it back! (No thanks mate I'll phone AA thanks). Glad I never took courtesy car off him - he'd have keep quiet then added £200 to the bill! Where do I stand legally? Of course, got to pay to get the car back. Possibly he'd done nothing illegal apart from being a total ******? Bit of background - he did make a real p@ss take of an offer (about 20% of what its worth in its current state) to buy the car to refurbish himself, and knock off the repair bill too. And of course I wouldn't need to get it transported back. I get the impression he was hoping I'd go for the easy option and cut my losses. Very poor behavior undoubtedly but do I have a leg to stand on complaining about the unspecified recovery charge?
  6. Looks like they've decided they dont want to do it after all. 4 weeks and now they've told me they cant get the parts. I found the part online in 10 mins this am. Oh well, bullet dodged maybe because car has just sat there for 4 weeks. Another completely useless garage.
  7. Id rather give the garage the benefit of the doubt for now if thats ok. It was a faulty gearbox. Looked around for someone to fix and found on internet. Guy was good as gold told me 7-10 days max but probably sorted in a week. 4 weeks ago - car goes in. After 7 days I ring them every day or two. After two weeks they tell me part is on "back order" and could take up to 14 days. Week ago I ring them again - part arrived today. Should be done in 4-5 days. This week its taken me 3 days to get hold of someone. Today I spoke to someone who said no the part wasn't in (I got the impression he knew he'd dropped someone in it). I've asked for someone to call me back to explain whats going on. As usual, no call back.
  8. Talked the talk when I booked it in - week maximum blah blah blah.After two weeks, taking days to get hold of someone they told me the part was delayed.Last week, they said the part was in. Today someone else told me the part wasnt there Having read some REALLY bad reviews I'm a little concerned. I have no idea what they are playing at.What are my legal rights? Its a gearbox replacement and I've got a feeling they've already taken the old one out. Im hoping they are just being completely useless but I am beginning to wonder.
  9. Right so the VAT on top is the "we'll pay it if you give us an invoice" but there is no obligation on my part now? I guess no skin off insurers nose if I claim the VAT because they themselves claim back? is that right?
  10. BVS are a bunch of .... I had major hassle with them. They refused to pay part of my claim saying the leak was a pre-exising leak which apparently they'd discussed with me at the first visit (they hadn't). Then when I complained the guy phoned me and I said something like "sorry I disagree with you I'll speak to my insurer". Next day another letter/email advising me I'd agreed! Really took the biscuit when I said no its not existing damage and they threatened me and said I'd have to make a separate claim for the ceiling so it'd be two claims on my record and two excess payments. Always the same, no breakdown just a final total which I think was totally made up to be honest. Every time I'd get a letter/email it'd be "so let us know and we'll make payment immediately". I guess they have success with that because people are greedy. The whole system is rotten. Companies like BVS screw the payout down as low as they can, and, of course, then go to the insurers and say "we saved you £x". In the end I complained officially to my insurer who cut BVS out of the loop and paid out an extra £600.
  11. Think a post got missed here somehow in the merge. To confirm, Im not trying to pull a fast one and there is nothing dodgy going on. They've now paid the cash settlement. Understand the VAT thing now. Fair enough from the insurer. What I want to understand though is with a cash settlement, do I HAVE to provide a VAT receipt to prove I didn't pocket the cash? Or dont insurer care now and are just being nice about the VAT? I was hoping to panel the ceiling rather than plaster the ceiling (as listed on statement of works from insurer) and maybe get the floor done in a few months rather than immediately. Just wondered if I could do that.
  12. No you misunderstand. I'm not after something I haven't paid myself. For the sake of argument, they pay me £1000 in cash settlement. Am I then obliged to provide invoices up to the value of £1000+VAT (after which they will pay an extra £200 on to top). Or am I free to do it myself if I want, or pay a mate, or pay someone whos not vat registered? (which is my favourite option). Or ultimately, not that I'm going to, leave it as if is and trouser the cash? I thought it was a case of heres the cash now go away but they were obliged to stump up the vat if you proved you'd paid it. If you never went back to them with an invoice they didnt care about it.
  13. With my recent claim, I was surprised to find that insurers will not pay out the VAT on any cash settlement they make but they will do so if you provide them with a VAT invoice. Have had a bit of an argument with my insurer (see other thread) but now they've offered me a decent cash settlement. However, probably because I mentioned it, they said they'll be in touch in two weeks so I can get the VAT invoice to them. What are the t+cs of a cash settlement like this? Am I obliged to prove where I spent the cash they gave me or they just being helpful here and saying they will pay the VAT if I come good? Not trying it on here by any means, the claim relates to ceiling and floor damage. I was just considering maybe doing something slightly different to the ceiling, pulling up the old floor myself, maybe laying myself, and then having more left to pay for the flooring. Or is this fraudulent in any way?
  14. Yes good news. Although they have said they will wait two weeks and expect to see the invoices for the work done so that I can have the VAT back. I do intend to get the work done but I had consider getting some done myself. Am I now obliged to provide invoices? I thought the idea of cash settlement was that it was now up to me.
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