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  1. Sorry for the bump. Both of you, thank you. We have tried to smooth things over, make a compromise and so on. Work is still not done by LL/Agent- money set aside so he knows it's there. I'm now getting spammed with calls, texts, visits all after 21:30 (i'm usually a night worker but took time off this week- neighbours have said he's turned up just standing outside as well). Agent even went so far as to tell us her would report us to social services unless we backed down - for our daughter being out in the rain/and he's video'd her ?(coming back from shopping with me, dressed a
  2. Good idea, will also await more information. Cheers!
  3. Evening all, We took possession of a new property nearly 3 months ago and now have a problem. Within 2 /3 days of moving, the main Yale lock broke- the latch came away in my hand. Took a photo, texted landlord, he shows up 4 hours after his ETA and just shrugs - saying he'll get it fixed. It's still broken, and his defence is we have a double porch door in front of it. I've should him a gentle tug swings both doors open, so its not secure - and now I want to pay for a locksmith to sort the Yale lock. Can I deduct this from the rent? As he obviously has no intention o
  4. Luckily I worked for a very well known domestic repair company for nearly 10, all our clients were major insurance companies and service providers, I has Gas Safe on speed dial. The boiler suffered mechanical breakdown the pressure sensor had blown causing it to register the system being depresserised. British Gas fixed it for the aforementioned price. While I appreciate his phone is allowed to be off- it always is, I last spoke to him in June. His work will always tell me they cannot take a message for him- he will never return a call.- and he's given up just randomly appearing. W
  5. Hi all, I've posted before regarding my idiot landlord and ive got another problem. Thursday night while at work, I get a call saying boiler has packed in- no heat/hot water. I get landlords voicemail. Friday morning, voicemail again. Friday afternoon, I book an engineer. Saturday morning, still again, landlords voicemail. Engineer attended that afternoon and fixed it to the tune of £130. We have a 2 year old in the house and I really couldn't wait for some 20 year old to be bothered to turn his IPhone on. Where do I stand witholding/deducting this from the ren
  6. So after getting a letter from the Court Administrator stating I couldn’t speak on behalf of my partner – and was told the same thing even though she explained on the phone I’d be the one speaking.... nothing for nearly 2 weeks. On Saturday we got 2 letters: First from TVL apologising and advising the “investigator” in question would now be referred to his management. Secondly, a 2 line letter from the Court Administrator just saying “We are dropping the summons”. Job done!
  7. I was a tad impatient so I rang them again and reiterated the evidence above: "WE CAN STOP THIS FROM GOING TO COURT, WE JUST NEED TO CONFIRM WITH YOUR PARTNER YOU CAN SPEAK FOR THEM". I will update in a few days .
  8. You're a gem, I'll have a look at this. Cheers muchly!
  9. Howdy chaps/chapesses Has anyone heard of Easy Mobile? During June, they took 59.00 out of my account citing admi fee for locating a phone contract for me. Quite odd as my current mobile contract is running till 04/15, and my work mobile is obviously paid for Their insistent my card was used, so I reported to my bank as a fraudulent transaction, who disagreed as a few days before the transaction - a £1 security deposit was also taken out - something I didn't noticed. Anyway, Santander advised for me to contact these jokers to get my money refunded. Santander then contacted me
  10. Ok progress: Sent letters pointing out our gripes, the dates of our new License etcetc. Spoke with someone today who told me to call back tomorrow as they need to check date of letter sent VS date of our new License number. Let's see what happens!
  11. Afternoon folks, Here’s the skinny: My partner received a summons from TV Licensing this morning, she took out the License in November, and couple of months in; we had a problem with Natwest rejection some direct debits – even when they always have been scheduled on my payday. Anyway, she got a visit advising her to pay the one or two missed payments and the same week a letter from them advising she has one last chance to set up a new license or face prosecution. We had changed banks by this point, I set up a payment that day and they’ve gone out like clock work.
  12. Cheers both of you. I've checked various deposit schemes on the Shelter website and gave it +/-30 days either way of our move day. All of them said there were no matches to my address, surname or any of the names I've known the LL to use. I will look at getting his mail redirected to his registered address - he's meant to be coming round on Sunday to discuss the Gas Cert and renew our contract... so I'll see what happens then. Again, thanks so far!
  13. Thank you for the brilliant reply. One of the people who have popped round from the mortgage company has done so so often, we're on first name terms and he tries to give me a "heads up" over issues. A bit sad when it comes to that. I'm trying to keep an eye on that situation. I'll await the whole Gas Safe thing, when we moved in he had disconnected a gas cooker by himself so I had to get that checked and caped off. (Yes, there was no cap at the end of the pipework) He has also hinted at me not getting my deposit back due to "damage", we knew the previous tenant who wasn't too g
  14. Hi all Got a bit of a problem landlord, he's about 10 years younger than me and a bit of a wide boy- we moved last May and it's been pretty hellish. He paid one mortgage payment in this time which nearly cost us our home - that has been resolved for now. 1)Since Christmas, he's been promising a Gas Safe engineer for the yearly CP12, so far nothing. We had one guy turn up, NO ID and strangely, was the same guy who came out a few months ago to fix a door. We were fobbed of with "he left his card at home". He also refutes he needs to give us a certificate as "that's his", and the c
  15. I've never used Twitter before, but I've got someone on the case it seems. They're still getting my well put, but steaming letter regarding their service.
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