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  1. Thank you for that, I will attempt a chargeback ASAP. Called the company again this morning and was told that they would look into changing my cabin after three hours there was no call back. Called them again only to be told that no deposit would be returned and that the room outside the lift lobby was really quiet anyway. I re-explained how that wasn't the sort of room we wanted and that it shouldn't have been sold to us on the basis that it was quiet. Then asked to speak to a manager but was given the usual fob off that he's on holiday for two weeks.
  2. A mere two hours ago I booked a cruise via a IGLU cruise It's the first time either of us have been on a ship and we wanted this one to be special as we haven't had a holiday in over ten years. The customer service rep was really nice, she booked us into cabin ..... which had a clear view from the balcony (no lifeboats) and was located in a very quiet part of the ship. We paid our £500 deposit over the telephone via debit card, weren't told about any terms or conditions but since everything sounded so nice, we didn't worry. About fifteen minuets after the cal
  3. Thank you all for your advice and tweets. I’ve removed the faceplate on the main socket and tried it with two separate phones and still no dial tone so I’m guessing it is a BT fault despite their claims. Just one more question if I may, is there any way to prove it is their fault? As for all I know their engineer could just blame me when he comes around.
  4. I'm sorry to sound dense but is there a particular address or e-mail for that? It's taking so long to load websites that I'm not getting far on the BT homepage.
  5. Sadly I'm starting to agree. Any particular names or numbers to ask for? Every time I ask for a manager I get another clerk who just wants to read from their scripts!
  6. When we moved into our new home earlier this year we decided to use BT as our internet service provider, picking the Unlimited Broadband package at just £16 per month. After many cancelled appointments (by BT) an engineer finally came around to get us online on 9th May. He fitted a new telephone line due to the previous one being “too old for internet” and we ran an extension phone line from the main socket downstairs to my office upstairs so the hub could be connected to the PC via an Ethernet lead. For two weeks everything was fantastic, download speeds were terr
  7. Hi I’m not too sure what the redress scheme is but for what I know, this is a regular letting agent that has been handling the property for years. On checking my mails I first enquired about the deposit on 11th May but didn’t get a response, then chased them up about it on the 18th May before finally getting an answer from them on the 24th. Hope that helps as I’m at a loss on how to proceed, thank you for your time.
  8. Hi Folks I’m in need of some advice in regard to the return of my deposit from a previous rented property. The landlord has used a local estate agent to manage the property so all my communication goes through them. I’ll try to keep things brief with this: Started tenancy in November 2007, agreement states that deposit of £495 is held in a Tenancy Deposit Scheme though we were not given any reference or scheme number; Inventory states that carpets were soiled and tiles cracked prior to us moving in. Previous tenant had been there for six years so no idea how long floor was in
  9. Well it’s Monday and as much as I struggled to get today off work the whole thing turned out to be a huge waste of time. I saw the builder out on the street early this morning who told me that he’s doing another job instead and that I should rebook with the council renovations department. This department had called me a load of times on Friday afternoon but didn’t leave a message or contact number. I went to their offices earlier and was told that perhaps they can rebook for next Monday (though the job will last until Thursday so no hot water or heating until it was done) but they were
  10. Thank you for the responses. I can understand how this would be a benefit to me in the long run (even though I’m moving out in two months) and in all fairness to the landlord he understands that I work long hours away from home so I’m not always able to drop everything at the snap of someone’s fingers. I think what concerned me the most is that the builder was very threatening about getting inside on Monday and that there was nothing I could do about it so I was worried that if push came to shove, he’d get access regardless of my wanting to be here at the time. I will definitely con
  11. I would have thought so too but he seemed a thuggish sort, pushed past when I told him I couldn’t guarantee the time off work and stormed out the front door mumbling to himself. He then told the builders working on the outside wall to turn up the loud music on their radio! Yeah like hell I want his rabble working inside my home when I’m not there.
  12. Urgent advice required on this one please, as part of a local rejuvenation scheme run by the local council our landlord has signed up to have the boiler replaced at our property as well as having the outer walls insulated. I don’t know the exact details as everything is discussed between the landlord and council but for the past four months we’ve had scaffolding and builders outside the house working on the walls and it has all been so noisy and messy with drink cans and food wrappers in addition to the usual mess. Today (on the rare occasion I have time off work due to snow) one of the
  13. Well surprise, surprise! The car battery is as dead as a dodo! Just had to call the AA out so I could drive home from work, they also pointed out that one of the headlights doesn’t work so I will be calling the dealer again tomorrow. Surely he has to at least replace the battery?
  14. Thanks for clearing that up both, I should have written before that we are renting the property through the Estate Agents on a six month contract and they usually come around to inspect it every 3 months even though we never have any problems in regard to damage or disrepair. I understand they are doing their job but it does get a tad annoying, especially when they want to inspect when we are away on holiday. Am I right to believe that this is too often or can the Landlord change how often the checks are made? I admit that they do use bully tactics sometimes, if I send them e-mail in re
  15. Hi All I was wondering if someone could explain a few problems I am having with Estate Agent (the ones who manage the property) visits. I understand that they have to do this on behalf of the landlord and all I ask is to be present during such visits but they always seem to kick up a big fuss whenever I ask them to change dates. I don’t do this all the time but on two occasions (out of at least twelve) I have been unable to book the original dates off work though when I ask them to reschedule I get told the usual “we have the keys we can gain access any time” line. Is this reasonable?
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