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Found 19 results

  1. I’ll try to keep this short... i had 5 defaulted accounts. All because I was an idiot and ignored the situation. They’re all in theirs fifth year and credit rating is really on its way up.. Until... I lost my job and I have fallen behind on my Marbles Credit Card. I am 65 days behind and I have received a default notice over 3 weeks ago. Im not contesting the default, but I have asked them to confirm to me if my account has actually registered as a default on my credit file. They have said that it doesn’t default until 180 days. They wouldn’t put this in writing though. I
  2. I have had a letter from "Link Financial' claiming that that they will be seizing goods, but they do not state who or what I owe? I had a lot of debt problems years ago (7+) and really don't know what this is about. If I ring them is that acknowledging that I owe them? Really worried as I only have 14 days to do something
  3. Hi everyone I would really appreciate some advice on how to handle the following: My father, who is severely physically disabled and vulnerable, recently got a debt collection letter from Lowell alleging a £400 debt to three for a smartphone contract that was taken out over the phone. My father is computer illiterate and never took out this contract. It was likely taken out by his ex partner and carer in 2015. I have written to three with a subject access request but all they have provided me with is copies of bills. They say they do not have any recordings of
  4. Hello I am hoping for advice as after finiding this the other day when i asked how much i owe it has threatend to consume me now and will leave me with no pension. loan started in 2008 shortly after i had a child with a disabling condition and work was not to be i had enormous arrears and they have taken a warrant out 3/4 times to try take the house the fees are as follows collections telephone charges @ 30.00 - 50.00 a time letters @ 35.00 a time collection instruction 250.00 buildings insurance £791.00/362/510/600/170/150/165/80/80/78,,,,this varied so much and for the most
  5. I owe nothing to anyone have been receiving post for months for my daughter who I rarely see . I've sent them all back with not at this address today have returned from hospital to find a threatening letter with magistrates stamp on huge red letters all over it demanding £1544 of debt for parking fines which I know nothing of and she hasn't lived here for years . I contacted the mobile phone number on it and he refused to listen. When my neighbour took over to explain as I suffer with severe ptsd he was truly aggressive and hung up the phone .
  6. Hi all, I'm a young lad, I'm trying to keep things as discrete as possible with my current situation. After leaving college, I went to work with someone that I classified as a friend (Who's a lot older than me) who needed someone in-house to build websites, apps, provide customer service and help in other areas in return for a £500 work retainer. In the beginning the work flow was small and I was happy to help as and when I can. There has never been a formal agreement signed from the outset. For the £500 retainer (Which he classes as good value for money) - He currently has
  7. here goes i was contacted my an ebay sellers club on facebook just a few weeks before christmas 2014 asking me to sell michael kors bags through my ebay account, i would recieve the money from the customers and i would send it on to the alleged seller, they would pay all my paypalicon fees and ebay fees, im very vunerable and fell for this [problem], i started to send money onto the supplier andd customers didnnt revieve thier items so requested a refund back through paypal (im glad these customers got thier money back) however my paypal account is now in a deficit of £4500 .. this wouuld be
  8. Hi I will try and keep this as short as possible, I'm really in no man's land at the moment. My farther passed away 3 years ago and left his estate to me since that time I have had a few problems that professionals where supposed to help me but through bad advice its cost me a lot of money. To cut a very long 3 years short it got to the point where a financial adviser found myself and my wife a bridging loan from December 2013 which was supposed to last till January 2014 we secured £147,000 to clear off the mortgage on the house my father owned and
  9. Hi all I will try to keep this brief but basically my partner has been off work due to work related stress for 4 weeks. He is being bullied by his boss so much so that he got ready for work as normal one morning and then just broke down, crying and physically trembling and could not go out of the front door. I got him to the doctors the same day and he is now having to go for councilling because his stress and anxiety is so bad. He is in his 40's and this has all had a very bad effect on him. Most days he cannot even speak to anyone from work as the stress of it just sets him back and he
  10. Hello I am at a complete loss and could really do with some advice please. Six weeks ago I ordered a bed from Littlewoods under the guarantee that it was delivered by a certain date, as we were moving home and due to medical reasons my husband needs a bed to sleep on (he can't sleep on the floor for example). The date came and the bed never arrived, after spending 3 hours on hold I was told that they had 'forgot to put it on the lorry' and would deliver the next day. The same thing happened again, they said they now couldn't deliver for a week - I said th
  11. Hi all, My partner was issued a CCJ in August 2012. The payments were made to them for £90 a month. Unbeknown to me until yesterday after sorting through cupboards and finding paperwork he stopped making payments in march 2013. I also found an attachment of earnings order from April 2013. The actual n56 form he said he threw in the bin and buried his head in the sand, but on the letter it does state that you have 8 days or face 14 days in prison or fines. The debt was with mbna We have moved house twice, I did write to the court explaining his change of a
  12. hello my name is rob 9 months ago i damaged my spine and went into spinal spasm i was taken to hospital and they didnt help me at all i had secretion accident and they told me to leave hospital with bag of meds after leaving me sitting in my own secretion for 20 mins or more i couldnt move to get any one i was let out of hospital took me nearly 15 mins to limp to taxi i got home and few days later i must have become a burden as my ex partner said leave i lost my job my work van my car my home my step children and went onto streets in spinal spasm and no money i slept in va
  13. Hi. I was wondering if someone could please help me. I have been demoted as a result of a disciplinary meeting for usingmy position as a manager to influence a member of staff to do something. I am currently awaiting my appeal. The accusations are utterly untrue and the member of staff is known for lying to protect themselves. I can prove all of this and they have broken so many procedures regarding my disciplinary but I have states that the demotion was harsh as a punishment. Demotion is mentioned in the handbook as a possible outcome but there is no information it just says demotion is poss
  14. After hitting a dead end brick wall ,i have come onto here to seek some assistance . I had a medical test on the 21/11/12 and called atos and had it changed to the 28/11/12 , My GP faxed a letter to atos requesting a home vist ,After this period i recieved a form asking why i did not attend the medical, I explained my gp had sent in the information required and atos did not get back to me in time . Fast forward to january this year ,my ESA was stopped by a decision maker ,i phoned up straight away and was told i could not appeal the decision and althought it could be a mistake on
  15. I desperately need help. I opened an RBS account along with a few others with their forms online intending to try them out and pick my favourite. I received the RBS details in the post but never used or touched the account as I decided to go with Barclays. This was all in early 2011. I then left my address mid 2011 and was of no fixed abode. I was a teenager, alone, mentally ill, disabled and legally homeless. Fast forward to early 2012 after being in care and finally housed on my own and finally starting to get settled. I had a few issues with Barclays so I thought about t
  16. Hi there first post on this forum so please bear with me. I have been battling with Jacobs Bailiffs for a couple of months in reference of unpaid council tax from 2 years ago. After finding out about the debt I did bury my head in the sand for a while but realize this needs to be dealt with and quick. I tried to ring Bolton Council where the debt originated from and was told in no uncertain terms nothing they could do as the debt was with Jacobs Bailiffs now and not themselves. So I rang Jacobs on several occasion at the main office number continually told to ring the Bailiff in
  17. please help.i have been claiming ESA for 7 years for GAD.when i first started claiming i was with the father of my 3 kids .long story short me and my partner split 6 years ago after his one night stand daughter came a knocking for her daddy ,she was 16 at this time .we split and reconciled a few times but last september i threw him out for good ,i changed my claim to a single claim and we both moved on (although his family gave us grief). in march this year i failed my ATOS medical and so i appealed straight away.i have rang the dwp loads of times and found out on monday this week that
  18. Hi all, I had a knock at the door this morning from an employee of Newlyn High Court Enforcement limited. I answered the knock from an upstairs window to see a van parked outside my front door, although there is no roadway and is only accessable to pedestrians. A man introduced himself and asked me for "a word." As I made my way to the door, he helped himself and walked in. He told me a CCJ had been lodged against me last week and that this was now a High Court Matter and if he did not receive full payment he was going to call another truck, I would be liable for more costs
  19. I have had the most terrible 6 months, something like a really bad soap opera, the problem is this, my doctor thinks I may have suffered a nervous breakdown in January and has referred my for emergency counselling but this could still take 4-6 weeks. The major problem I have is this, since January I have spent 8K on my company credit card and I honestly dont know what I have been doing, my full history is below, but my personality totally changed after Christmas, I have become distgustingly flirty, coarse and open. I have been "acting" overly happy and cheerful and optimist
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