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  1. I’ll try to keep this short... i had 5 defaulted accounts. All because I was an idiot and ignored the situation. They’re all in theirs fifth year and credit rating is really on its way up.. Until... I lost my job and I have fallen behind on my Marbles Credit Card. I am 65 days behind and I have received a default notice over 3 weeks ago. Im not contesting the default, but I have asked them to confirm to me if my account has actually registered as a default on my credit file. They have said that it doesn’t default until 180 days. They wouldn’t put this in writing though. I have the funds to pay this off in full now. However, if the default has already been registered then the damage is done so I will be paying back a nominal amount if this is the case. How can I find out for 100% if it’s defaulted. I don’t want to wait until my credit file updates as it may default within that time which I am trying to avoid happening. Marbles said it hasn’t and won’t until 180 days. However this was said by a customer care agent over the phone so probably not the most reliable of sources. However I got a default notice in the post which I now no longer have because I’m an idiot. Does anyone know their default process, or a way for me to find out ASAP. If it hasn’t defaulted I’ll pay the balance in full. Thabks for your time
  2. Hi citizenB, Thanks for you reply.. i have had a look but i am useless with all this sort of stuff so I dont know what I am looking for or even what BCOBS is!? What would be the best possible outcome of this? Can I get the default removed? Do I have to pay the money back to do so? Thanks
  3. Right this is following on from a previous thread I made.. But I had made a mistake!! I thought I had cancelled the account which had been defaulted! Turns out it is a completely different account so here we go.... I went overdrawn by £2.64 on the 09/02/2010.. I lost my job 4 days befor.. On my statement after that it says 'unarranged overdraft fee' of £25 from 24/6/10, 24/07/10, 24/08/10. 24/09/10 £0.92 of interest and charges 24/09/10 £25 of unarranged overdraft fees 25/10/10 £1.58 unarranged overdraft interest 24/12/10 £100 daily unarranged overdraft fee 18/01/12 - account closed contact collections and recoveries And now on my credit file it says defaulted account since 2011.. I had received letters from various DCA I.e moor croft and scout call but took no notice as I had received no contact from Santander regarding the overdrawn amount. So really what I am asking is if there is anything I can do? I never had any type of overdraft so why did it let my card payment go through? Having a default is a nightmare and I just wanted to know if I have to pay the amount etc..
  4. Right guys.. I have got all the details back from Santander!! It shows in black and white on a statement "account closure in Andover" and it says that I took out the 99p that was in there!! This was on the 03/03/2010.. So why have ingot a default from 2011 onwards? Pleeeeease tell me I have got this in the bag!!
  5. No it hasnt defaulted.. This had originally started from me going £3 overdrawn in Sept 2011 and the rest is charges - i have now paid off £200 so it is at -530 or near there!! I just think that this is abit unnecessary as it was from going overdrawn £3.. I had lost my job which is the reason I couldnt pay the overdraft off in time...
  6. I never had an overdraft whatsoever - but then i went into the 'Minus' of about £30 and the rest is all bank charges. So I assume it was an unplanned overdraft that has just got bigger and bigger..
  7. Yeah thats exactly it!! They have put it as a temporary overdraft and I lower the amount by £200/month.. So what are you saying that I should just pay back the money and not bother or is there something I can do.. Its more the moral of it it really not the monetary value..
  8. The Creditor? I am not sure what you mean but I bank with Lloyds TSB - and yes I dealt with there bank collection directly.. but over the phone.
  9. Hi guys, I am not to sure where I stand with this at all. I had an account that was always in credit until I had lost my job and met a psycho ex girlfriend, and then things spiraled down from there.. My bank account went into an "Unplanned Overdraft" only a small amount - and I just buried my head in the sand about and completely ignored it.. After awhile I completely forgot about the account as I had no correspondence from them at all.. Now I have a new job and away from my ex I wanted to get it sorted but to find that my account was £-800!! When my first wages got put in there it all got swallowed up, I rang them up and explained and they set up a payment plan of £200/month.. Is this right? It seems a bit excessive to be £-800 because of going overdram by a matter of pounds?
  10. Have there been many success stories of people getting defaults of there credit reports? If they would have just tole me that there was a charge I would have settled a long time ago but I wasnt notified WHATSOEVER!!! I genuinely do not know what I would do without this website!! It is an absolute god send and all you people who help out are a true credit to society!! Will definately be donating once this is sorted regardless of the outcome..
  11. Well I sent it off today with the letter + £10 + a photocopy of my ID.. Also sent it recorded which I believe is everything I needed to do.. If I dont hear anything within these 40 days what is the course of action?
  12. The account was opened in like 1999/2000 - My mother had opened it for me as an account to pay some cash into.. so i had it for quite some time.. and the they moved over to Santander and then I cancelled the account. My problem is not the monetary value - purely the default on the account..
  13. Right, I have sent everything off that is needed.. What will happen next? I suppose there are two scenarios. They send me all the information or they dont send anything at all? What would I do next if either of these situations arose?
  14. The account defaulted in January 2012 - I had recieved no paperwork informing me of this - I just assumed that when I cancelled the acccount that would have been the end of it "/
  15. For 2011 it says for every month 6 payment late until January 2012 it has a big red D on it (Default) And yes it does say Santander - Even though I opened with Abbey National but I am sure that wont make a difference. I just really want this off my credit file.. That is my main concern - not the money I 'aparently' owe - Just my credit file.
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