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  1. I also sent a declaration off recorded delivery x I still am worried as I have nothing from company in writing. Do I need it ?
  2. Messaged man from Rundles first thing for magist rates details so I could contact them as nothing was on document. .no reply. Went to citizens advice and they contasted him and he was having none of it . Daughter was found and went with me .she told him she was homeless and we convinced her to go down the route of a DRO? Citizens advice then had to contact head office as he said he had proof she was living here but he refused to say what it was and I know that has to be an outright lie. Anyway head office of Rundles have said no one will come back. I'm not convinced. But CAB at least now ca
  3. But you're all confusing me ! She hasnth lived here for god knows how many years and to my knowledge no cars or anything have been registered here ! Absolutely nada zip nothing! Please talk English and stop arguing. In tears and lost
  4. My neighbour read it and said parking and yes I got about 6 letters twice and promptly returned to sender not at this address.
  5. I think so but I never opened any of letters I just returned with not at this address. First thing I knew is they came to get stuff today and this letter through door
  6. Oh okay There is absolutely nothing of hers here there's only my stuff but if he comes in can't prove anything without opening doors and as I said I have severe ptsd due to 10 years of a stalker and now this . I can't cope . I'm sorry .
  7. Thanks for the advice everyone. Does anyone know if they will turn up in middle of the night .I'm scared witless.
  8. She does not have a car anymore and is homeless is about all I know . If she had any car registered here surely I'd get tax renewal etc through . he did say this was her last known address although I do know she lived in same place previously for years.
  9. I've told them this today so did my neighbour and he basically called me a liar . I said he could check the electoral register and he laughed . Wouldn't listen .my neighbour asked him for magistrates court number he screamed don't tell me my job and hung up .
  10. I owe nothing to anyone have been receiving post for months for my daughter who I rarely see . I've sent them all back with not at this address today have returned from hospital to find a threatening letter with magistrates stamp on huge red letters all over it demanding £1544 of debt for parking fines which I know nothing of and she hasn't lived here for years . I contacted the mobile phone number on it and he refused to listen. When my neighbour took over to explain as I suffer with severe ptsd he was truly aggressive and hung up the phone .
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