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Found 17 results

  1. The following press article features on SCOOP this morning: http://www.ccrmagazine.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=14497&Itemid=33 High Court Enforcement Group (HCE Group), the largest independent and privately owned high court enforcement company in England and Wales, is proud to announce the acquisition of The Sheriffs Office, with effect from 31st January 2016. Following the acquisition, both businesses will continue to operate as separate legal entities. The combined experience and expertise in both High Court and specialist areas of enforcement within both companies, will prove a valuable and unique resource for all existing and new clients. The two firms will be building on their combined strengths in a number of areas, including client service delivery, compliance and governance, specialist enforcement services, IT infrastructure and geographical coverage by field-based enforcement agents. As a whole, this will see the Group, including their judicial services firm Excel Civil Enforcement, become the largest High Court enforcement company. Martin Leyshon, Group Director of High Court Enforcement Group and Chairman of the High Court Enforcement Officers Association commented: “The acquisition of The Sheriffs Office is a very exciting move for HCE Group. The businesses naturally complement each other and together will give clients a huge amount of choice in terms of services in the enforcement market. 2016 is going to be an exciting year for us, where we will be building on an already solid platform. It’s a great fit." Commenting on the announcement, David Carter, Chief Executive at The Sheriffs Office, said: “The Sheriffs Office is hugely excited to form part of the largest High Court enforcement company in the UK. The breadth of experience and infrastructure this acquisition brings will allow us to provide our clients with unparalleled levels of service and support right across the enforcement spectrum. 2015 was an excellent year for the Sheriffs Office, where we launched a number of specialist services and entered new markets, all leading to growth in all sectors of our business.”
  2. hi Folks, looking for some advice on what to to...possibly quite an urgent one I've had a visit today from "High Court Enforcement" (HCEO?), I wasn't in and they have left a letter, saying that I owe £2300 from an uppaid CCJ. Here's the problem.....I didn't know I had a CCJ! I know what the money is for, although it's more than doubled from the original ~£950 bill from Autoglass. Ultimately my insurance should be paying this, but I suspect this may be a side issue. I moved house about 6 months ago which may well be the reason why I was never informed about the CCJ, but I'm not really wanting to pay such an extortionate amount - yes, Autoglass should be paid, but the right amount. What's my best course of action here? The letter is threatening to remove goods (not letting anyone in the house would seem to prevent this), but I can't lock the house forever. Any help or advice?
  3. Hi I just received an High Court enforcement letter saying have to pay £2300 by 31/12/2014 else a force entry and take my belonging !! I'm really gutted, I made a mistake and I have to pay for it and I will pay it, but I'm not working properly at the moment and doing bits n bobs as I dont have a fulltime job, already paying debts to Lowell and Moorcraft, so I cant afford to pay them at all in one go, I want to know what is the minimum amount I can pay to them and setup a monthly Direct debit of £20/Month .. .. plz plz plz tell me and need your advice what to say to the Enforcement officer . .. your advice will make it much easier for me. Regards
  4. I have recently received a notice of enforcement for a debt. I accept I owe the money (I stupidly stopped paying as it was for a new boiler which was faulty from day 1 and six months after installation it was condemned. The company have since "fixed it" but wont supply me with a certificate to say its safe). I am now being hounded by hce. I've not let them into my property only spoken to them on the phone. I have been advised to apply for a stay of execution but its confusing me. Which form do I need to fill in? Is it n244 or n245? I sent proposals for paying by installments last month but have heard nothing back. can anyone advise me on what I should do? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi all I'm new to the site. Can anyone help me I'm at my wits end now with debt. I had a company go bust on me 18month ago, taking me for 26k leaving me in alot of debt. I am fighting a court claim at the moment for 2k with a blind company. Awaiting a court date. I have returned home today to find a letter from hceo saying they will be removing goods. The total is now 3k? I have checked my credit file and there is a ccj listed against me with the creditors details. Could I have missed the court date? What situation am I in with regards to the officer? Can he enter my home? Can he take the car? ( my wife needs it for work and to get kids to school) im only working 16hrs wk at the moment. We are 20k in mortgage arrears and thinking of BR or an IVA. Most of our stuff is joint owned. The reason I'm taking the company to court is because the credit was in a company name and they are Persuing me. I'm really at my wits end now. Please help. Looney
  6. Hi all, Quite some time back now we used DHL to import products from china. The problem was that DHL quoted one price and then invoiced me another price. I raised this as a complaint and over several months this happened over and over. In the end I had several invoices that had been questioned, eventually we got a credit back for the over payments but intrest and late payment fees still applied. I contacted DHL and told them that I would not make payment until they removed said fees, they wouldn't do it. Eventually I received a CCJ for the amount outstanding minus the fees and interest, so I foolishly filled the form in and sent it back. I had admitted that I owed them the amount on the form because that is what I owed them. I received a letter explaining I had 30 days to pay the outstanding amount and this would stop any entry onto my credit file. After a couple of weeks I had a hand delivered letter at my office address saying I had not made payment and that a bailiff would be back to seize any good equating to the amount outstanding. I got onto the phone and they explained I had 14 days to pay it and 30 days before it goes onto credit file. The lady in the office suggested I send a cheque direct to DHL and it should stop any further action. I did this. Today I have another letter from the same bailiff wanting a further £900. This is absolutely crazy!
  7. On 17th September 2012 we had a judgement made against us for the sum of £2108.63 in favour of the creditor. This was passed to High Court Enforcement (Colwyn Bay) on 25th September 2012 before we had even had a chance to pay and we had no communication from the claimant or their solicitors. The address on the judgement was our registered address. Myhome address. On the 24th October 2012 I came home to a standard form from HCE claiming that the amount was now £2851.12. We heard nothing more from HCE or the creditor or their solicitor and we wrote to them on 26thNovember 2012 with a payment proposal to clear the judgement. Enclosed with this proposal was a cheque which was subsequently banked. The claimant did not reply to our letter or our request for bacs details which we found out later from an acquaintance at a local competitor to us. We continued to make paymentsof £200 per month by bacs. Nothing, either verbally or in writing was said about these payments. On 9th May 2013 I was notified that a HCE representative (uncertified) was at a self-storage company where we have deliveries made to. The unit at here is in the name of my sole trading name not our Ltd company. Unfortunately the staff at the storage company showed the HCE man the unit (as the police would not attend – civil matter) and he cut the lock off and threatened to take all of the contents unlesswe paid. The amount he now wanted was £4108.63. He was unaware that payments had been made to the creditor and neither were their solicitors. The HCE man agreed that I should pay £1100 for his costs for him to leave as I had explained to him that the unit he had broken into was not in the name of theltd company. I gave him a cheque for that amount which I cancelled straightaway. The address on the writ had now been changed to one similar to that of the storage company . This address technically does not exist. I contacted the creditor about this and they said I had to speak to their solicitors. When I spoke to their solicitors I was told that they were awaiting instructions from the creditor and that I should pay the full £4108.63 even though we had made payments totalling £800 already. I called the creditor back and I was told by the accountant that he‘thought he had cancelled the writ’ but he was waiting for instructions fromtheir solicitors. Absolutely no will to resolve the matter and the solicitors were pushing to have goods removed. On 19th May I faxed (twice) and emailed (read receipt) HCE asking them for a breakdown of their costs. I never got a reply ora response of any kind. At about 8:15am on 20thMay I was contacted by the storage company to say that the HCE man had by passed reception and had gone straight to the unit and cut the lock off and was going to proceed to remove goods. Most of the goods in this unit were faulty (awaiting repair) and belonged to customers. In order for him to leave I had topay £5619.36. Under duress, I paid this amount by card over the phone and the HCE man left. No goods were even moved let alone taken on both occasionsthat the HCE man broke into the unit. There is no list of goods either. I subsequently called my bank and started proceedings for achargeback. The full amount was credited back to my account. On 21st May 2013 I wrote a letter to HCErequesting information with regards to their charges. I only got a reply tothis on 17th June and it was sent to the address on the amended writ(the storage company). Attached to the letter was a cheque for £500 (for theovercharging of fees) which I have not banked. It was only by luck that I foundthe letter in an adjacent building when I went in there to collect a parcel. The amount now owed on the judgement to the creditor is £808.63. Can anyone shed some light on how I go forward on this aswhen the chargeback is realised they will be back. I am really annoyed at the way all the claimant parties haveacted over this and I am speechless at the blatant extortion carried out byHCE. Can I pursue the HCE man and HCE for fraud? I admit the full judgement amount and we are making effortsto pay it off.
  8. Hi I would be grateful of some advice I have a debt of 12k and was paying £20 per month as this is all i can afford...however this was rejected recently and the bailiff keps calling, i have no assets at all and live at my boyfriends house, everything is in his name...how can i stop them calling (without paying the 12k), someone told me that i can apply to the court so the court can decide if the £20 is acceptable and then the bailiffs have to stop hassling me...is this correct... it is too late to set aside as it is over 18mths old... any advice would be welcome...thank you..
  9. today I received a call from my very distressed partner a letter had been posted through the letterbox from Marston stating that a final notice had been issued on behalf of HMCTS Gtr Manchester and that they will be returning this afternoon to remove goods for sale at public auction. They were asking for £485.00. He contacted the number at the bottom of the letter which was for the 'enforcement agent' who simply advised that unless he paid that amount today the HCEO would come round along with a locksmith and the police to force entry into our home and remove goods to the value. Now, the house which this letter has been posted is mine (I am a private tenant) and my boyfriend moved into the property with me in March 2013. The amount relates to a failure to provide information as requested by the council in relation to a council tax liability order for his old address. He lost his job in September 2012, couldn't pay council tax and buried his head in the sand. The court then issued a fine which has gone unpaid and then Marston have added on their own astronomical fees. I came home from work early as I was obviously scared about some random men breaking into my home. I contacted the local police, debt advice service and the enforcement agent who all stated as that they can force entry and its tough (the police were nice about it however). I contacted the enforcement agent later on and offered to pay the amount requested, she then gave us 1hrs grace to make the payment which I have now done and all action has been stopped. What I want to know is... 1) Could they have broken into my home to collect on his debt despite that fact that it is only me named on the tenancy? 2) Can I claim any of the amount I paid back? The EO stated that £185.00 was the fine amount, £85.00 admin & £215.00 'Attendance Fee' - no one attended. 3) All of the previous correspondence would have gone to his previous address. They must have traced him at my address but no notice was provided to allow us to come up with the requested amount - it was a hand delivered notice & that they will come back later. I am so shaken by this experience, how is this legal? it's only money at the end of the day!
  10. High Court Enforcement put a note through the door yesterday, reference a CCJ and subsequent High Court Judgement, that had gone through without my knowledge (yes really!) The original debt is a few disputed invoices with a parcel courier dating to 2009. I have had no communication with this company since 2010, when I wrote to them offering a value to clear the debt, to which there was no reply, and also no reply to a follow up 6 months later. Since then, not a dickybird heard from them. All paperwork went to an old business unit I used to rent. Although upon calling the original creditor today to check my account status, they have the CORRECT address for me on the system. 3 years later they appear to have found the account and decided to push ahead with it, so I would assume all letters, court docs, CCJ etc went to the old, and empty business unit, and therefore would've been returned as 'gone away'. Of course the HCE guy does happen to find the correct address so drops a demand for £3000 through the door yesterday. This morning I have applied for N244, which they said will go to the judge later today and they will write with the outcome within 48 hours. No phone contact will occur they stated. In the meantime, how do I keep the heavies at bay, stop them coming back until the N244 is stamped? Also they levied on an expensive camper van which is my wifes and all in her name, we have receipt of purchase, DVLA docs, insurance etc which prove it's not mine. Debtline said that this is their mistake and that they can not levy again, which is a relief. What do to for the next couple of days?
  11. Hi there I would be grateful for some advise as to charges that have been levied by the HCE Group (as well as calling themselves High Court Enforcement Group, they actually ARE High Court Enforcers - I'm sure you will all know this but it has caused some confusion when seeking advice elsewhere). Anyway, I have paid them £1100 so far for a judgement debt of £836 and after complaining to them about valuation and seizure fees when none of my possessions had been levied upon, they removed these charges from the account. However, I am now in an ongoing dialogue with them concerning their charges under Rule 12 (miscellaneous) of their Regulations. Basically i'm just getting a load of old flannel from them about the justification for these charges and really I'm getting nowhere. What I would like to know is whether anyone has any advice that can get them off my back for good (other than paying them the remainder of what now merely constitutes their fees of course!) Is there an argument that I can put to them which will get rid of them (maybe a template letter). I DO NOT want them to apply for a detailed assessment hearing as I understand that this will be a nightmare to deal with. I also do not want to reclaim any of the fees that I have already paid, I just want them to accept that I've paid enough and go away! Thanks for any help.
  12. After I lost my job, all of my bills and debts went unpaid, I was evicted from my home in October 2011. I have since started work as a temp with an agency (self employed) and have a fairly erratic income which is less than half my previous salary and I am just living week to week. I do not have a fixed address of my own anymore so am staying in the cheapest places (or free when available, ie friends) but of course in order to maintain a bank account and my driving licence I need a postal address, a friend allows me to use his address where I pick up any mail and check my emails and stuff. He received a personal visit from someone from HCE Group who was attending to remove my goods, when he was told that I don't live there he demanded to see some ID from my friend to ensure he wasn't me. He left a letter for me stating that they will return to remove my goods with or without my presence, but of course I have no goods there, in fact, prior to being evicted, I sold most of what I owned just to get by, the kind of things I do have are an Android mobile phone and laptop, both of which I need for work, and of course my clothes. What can I do about this problem? Can they really enter his address and take items? The debt they are chasing was originally for £3200, they are now demanding £9703.49. They are by no means the only outstanding debt, but I feel that I have no way to make any kind of offer to make payment, especially for an ever increasing amount. What would happen if I said to them that I could make a payment of £10 per week (for example), then another debt agency turns up and makes demands, or work becomes infrequent and my income drops below even being able to cope with my current bills as it has done numerous times this year as work gets light? As I am self employed (sole trader) as an agency worker, I have a separate bank account (Business) for the money I have to set aside for the HMRC at the end of the year, can they demand that money in some form of part payment towards the debt? Can a court demand that money? If so what legal implications would that have on me with regards to the HMRC? Many thanks in advance for any advice you can give, Colin.
  13. Hi I had a visit from hce, the address that i am at does not belong to me nor did the car outside, in fact i have no assets, so they left and said oh well not much we can do then, they suggested that i make an offer to the claimant, so i offered 20 per month.....they said that they would put this to the claimant...some time later they told me i must pay the 20 to them...i asked if the claimant had accepted this but they said they had not replied, should i still have to pay this to hce????
  14. just had a call from my wife that a hce visited the house and attached a notice of seizure and inventory the debt is for a company registered at the address but they put my wife vehicle which is in now way associated with the Limited company as being seized need urgent help how do i proceed
  15. i have just had a high court enforcment group notice of seizure put through my door for £3000 with my wifes car reg number on. i was in business 3 years ago but stopped in aug 2009. the santander finance commision i received they want it back and have taken me to court from an address i have not been at since oct 2010. the warrant now has my home address on but this is the first communication i have seen. can they enforce this as i have never been to court and have had no letters from santander the court or hce. regards help please peter
  16. Hi all, I had a knock at the door this morning from an employee of Newlyn High Court Enforcement limited. I answered the knock from an upstairs window to see a van parked outside my front door, although there is no roadway and is only accessable to pedestrians. A man introduced himself and asked me for "a word." As I made my way to the door, he helped himself and walked in. He told me a CCJ had been lodged against me last week and that this was now a High Court Matter and if he did not receive full payment he was going to call another truck, I would be liable for more costs, and he would strip most of the belongings in my house. My costs are approx £1400 for judgement debt, and £1000 Execution costs, although he put £90 on this for being with me for the hour. I explained that I had not worked for around three months earlier in the year as my other half was mentally unwell and had tried to take her own life on more than one occasion. This meant savings had dissapeared, debts accrued and I had no way of paying the full amount. He had me ringing round family and friends pleading for help at his suggestion only for everyone to be in the same skint boat as me, and me left feeling completely belittled and helpless. He has left me with a Notice Of Seizure with the details of my goods on it, and gone away with 2 post dated cheques amounting to the full amount to be cashed in two weeks and 4 weeks. No details of the execution costs are broken down. I do not want him back at my house as I worry greatly for my fiancee and her state of mind, but wonder what I am legally able to do in order to: 1) Challenge the £1100 they want for scareing the life out of me(although they did a good job) and making a list of my goods. 2) Make a more sensible repayment plan if possible. No cliches intended, but all and any help is really appreciated as I just don't know what to do.
  17. I have recently received a letter from the HCE who have knocked on my door and handed a letter to my brother. The letter had the name of myself and my mother, owing £3100. It said that it was from UNITE, the accommodation company which I stayed in during my first year of uni. I was living away and could not manage my finances properly, and ended up not being able to pay a term of rent money. I had asked to set up a payment as I was not in position to pay the full amount to which they refused and was passed on to debt collection, even they refused to set up a payment as they were looking for a initial large sum. Never heard from them in awhile, then I left for my second year of University, after completing the year I had come home recently to find the bailiffs had visited, I had not been this position before, therefore I sought advice and realised that the matter had become serious. The bailiffs letter had also been addressed to my mothers, as she was the guarantor, she is in no position to offer any payment as she is currently on incapacity benefits. She had pulled out old letters, from which I found Court letters, as she cannot read or write English, she was unable to inform me. I was advised to fill out a N244 form, I was wondering if anyone could advise me on whether I would have a chance in succeeding with a Stay of Execution? I have no assets or funds at the moment to pay off all the amount, however upon receiving a job I would be able to make payments. The original amount for the rent owed £2400, however with Court fees and other charges it rose to £2900, and now HCE are asking for £3711.97. Is there anyway I could get those charges reduced? I called them up earlier and they failed to give me a breakdown af all the costs, and said they were busy and would get back to me. After I received the breakdown. Most of it did not make sense. Also does anyone have any idea how long the hearing will take place? and can a suspension be awarded while the hearing is being processed?
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