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  1. Yes I really do think he will be able to go back to work once he gets through the counceling. He loved his job until all this started happening. I agree with you totally, I know its harsh, but I said the same, he cannot worry about other people experiencing the same, at the end of the day he tried very hard to put a stop to the bullying but unfortunately this company obviously condone it. Ultimately I believe they will pay a high price for their loyalty to this man because one day they will not be able to cover for him anymore. Obviously my priority is my partner and I just want him to con
  2. Hi all Its been a terrible few weeks, my OH had his welfare meeting at home and it was decided that due to his obvious anxiety he should see an independent doctor to establish if he was well enough to go through the grievance procedure. The doctor diagnosed that his condition was moderately severe and that it was totally work related. He even used the word bullying in his report. It was decided that although it would be difficult for him he should get the grievance out of the way, with special condition attached, ie: must be accompanied, must take breaks during the meeting and if it was goin
  3. Thank you for your reply, please can you explain "bullying leading to personal injury" so that I fully understand. Both his boss (in writing) and the HR dept have said he has GOT to have the meeting, it seems they have no regard for my partners health and think they can overrule any advice from the doctor. I know the situation has to be dealt with to enable him to get back to work but they seem to be quite heavy handed in their approach. Not in any way sympathetic or understanding.
  4. I have finally managed to get through to the HR dept and have told them the situation, I had to be quite forceful to get my point across and told them that they have a duty of care to all employees and that by allowing this man to attend the meeting would be detrimental to my partners health, eventually they got back to me and said my partners boss would not be attending the meeting and they are arranging for someone else to attend instead, I have been told that because of the allegation of bullying my partner must now put in a formal grievance. He knows that he has to do this but his councilo
  5. Thank you for your replies I will make him an appointment with the doctor to get a letter for HR as I really need to try and sort out this meeting, my OH is genuinely not in a fit state to see this man and the fact that he now needs councelling speaks volumes. He is usually a very strong person and I had no clue this was happening until he broke down on that morning and couldn't even walk out of the door. I know that this man has had 3 possibly 4 complaints against him over the last 12 months all with allegations of bullying but nothing seems to change and there is also one other employee
  6. Hi all I will try to keep this brief but basically my partner has been off work due to work related stress for 4 weeks. He is being bullied by his boss so much so that he got ready for work as normal one morning and then just broke down, crying and physically trembling and could not go out of the front door. I got him to the doctors the same day and he is now having to go for councilling because his stress and anxiety is so bad. He is in his 40's and this has all had a very bad effect on him. Most days he cannot even speak to anyone from work as the stress of it just sets him back and he
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