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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all New user finding his way around the forums, so apologies if I am in the wrong area here! I have a Tribunal case coming up against a former employer, and they have requested an 'impact statement' about my disability which needs to be submitted this week. I wondered whether anyone has access to a template of any kind that I can work from, as I have no idea where to start? Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/jun/20/leak-shows-devastating-impact-of-planned-nhs-cuts-in-london This is very scary - can the NHS really take more cuts !
  3. Dear All, Hello. My disclosure is due today in my discrimination case. I am self-representing.I have done a word document with heading(claim information) and then I did a list of the documents just numbered 1-20. Can you please advise if this is sufficient or I need to do something more sophisticated (like the lawyers would)? Does anyone have a template perhaps? Thank you. Alesha
  4. http://parking-prankster.blogspot.co.uk/2015/12/keeper-liability-impact-assessment-due.html
  5. Looking for further information how this new bill will impact on several subjects.. It got RA in March this year I believe and became an Act shortly thereafter.... It will have an impact on various threads we advise on so what are your thoughts please?...
  6. obviously scullion will not be heard in the house of lords. why wasn't it, scullion withdrew on the morning of the hearing, that sounds to me like a settlement deal as opposed to the risks involved inc. costs? does anybody have any thoughts on this and the way forward? is smith v bush still good?
  7. Just for reference purposes i am posting my list so far of the many numbers that Vanquis bank and Impact collections use. These are in dialing code groupings and not numerically listed. These numbers have either been gathered from personal calls or from other available resources. Leeds 1. 01133180409 2. 01133180412 3. 01133188647 4. 01133188657 5. 01133188659 6. 01133453256 Sheffield 7. 01143272136 Nottingham 8. 01158370836 Leicester 9. 01163192126 10. 01163192129 Bristol 11. 01172398197 12. 01172399005 13. 01173294446 14. 01172398914 15. 011723
  8. Hi everyone, I have started a general thread about my overall situation: (it wont let me give a link 'cos i am new) Today I received a letter from vanquis which is titled FINAL DEMAND - PRE IMPACT COLLECTIONS I must admit that I find this title hilarious, am I the only one that thinks it sounds like they will arrange a car crash if I dont pay up? The only option they are offering me is to ring them on a 7p per minute 0871 number to make a payment. What they dont say is 'alternatively you could pick up the phone at some point as we take you on a daily mystery tour o
  9. Hi everyone, Fantastic forum with lots of great advice. I have been researching things relevant to my situation but I think the best thing would be to post my queries and hope that some of you can help me clear things up. I am beside myself with worry, and I'm constantly feeling down and really don't see how I can get a proper life back. I fell into arrears with a vanquis credit card when I fell into money troubles through my business not doing very well for a few months. I did contact vanquis to explain my situation and request that they froze any charges / interest
  10. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me. I have a credit card which I have defaulted on with Vanquis Bank who have passed the debt on to their collection agency Impact Collection Services. they are bombarding me with calls every day and it is doing my head in. I wrote them a letter asking them to only contact me by letter but they continue to call me saying they did not receive the letter. They will not give me an e-mail address when I ask them on the phone. Has anyone dealt with this company in the past and have an e-mail address for them so that I can send th
  11. Hello,was needing some advice please. I have previously been in debt up to my eyeballs and managed to get a DMP in place,and gradually it is all going down. However,my wife has a CC with vanquis and she is not included on the DMP. Now she only has a small limit of £300 and up until a couple of months ago she was working and making payments. Some months the full amount was paid others only minimum payments. Now she has lost her income and we cannot afford to pay the card off. We were inundated with calls from vanquis and now we have received a letter from Impact Colle
  12. Hi . Firstly I hope I am posting in the correct forum. Here goes. I have had a Vanquis card which due to charges and interest has now got a balance of £2800. I have been receiving endless calls from IMPACT collections about this. I do not talk tyo them on the phone. I started direct debit from my account last month paying vanquis £40 per month. This is all I can afford. I have checked my account and this has gone through. Today I received a letter whose main heading was "PAYMENT IS REQUIRED WITHIN 72 HOURS" and underneath that heading was - "FAILURE TO PAY WILL RESULT IN A DEFAULT NO
  13. I'll start from the beginning. I am an engineer and made decent money when i was in the job i had from leaving school at 17, im now 33. Back in 2006 i had debts close to 40k, which i was paying all ok, as listed below: Barclays loan - 19k Barclaycard - 8.5k Halifax CC - 8k MBNA CC - 8k A sudden, unwanted change of job meant i couldnt afford the repayments on above debts. I contacted all the above and after defaulting on payments (adding charges for late payment etc) etc and sending SoA's they all eventually agreed to freeze interest and enter repayment plans (Barclays we
  14. Hello everyone I would be very grateful for any advice on the following: Recently had cause to look at Hubby's credit file 1. Hubby works away so I usually deal with accounts. Have a complaint with Vanquis over penalty charges since 9th Jan 2012 which they can't locate despite this being lodged over the phone and in writing. 2. Find out recently that hubby has defaulted 31/05/2012. Since going into dispute his account has been placed on hold with 1st Credit and C.A.R.S whilst they investigate the claims. 3. Contacted Vanquis/ Impact over the phone intially to be told
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