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Found 16 results

  1. Vodafone have put a default on my credit report and are causing me undue stress and anxiety due to a phone I had stolen in Barcelona. The thieves stole my phone and within a few hours racked up a bill over £2,000 by ringing premium numbers and putting them on hold to ring the same numbers - over 900 calls were made. It is clear that my phone was used as some sort of organised crime activity and there have been many cases in the press of Vodafone lumping other people with bills like this, only to waive the bill when brought to the attention of the press. I am
  2. Hi. In 2007 my husband died, we unfortunately had no life insurance. Our mortgage was with GMAC RFC. Without my husbands salary I couldn’t afford the mortgage, they were charging me massive interest rates etc After a year I did a voluntary repossession. They then sold the house at a massive under value and DMS are now chasing me for a shortfall of £107k. I am a single mum who is surviving on benefits now in rented accommodation. I obviously don’t have the money they want. As I was in the accident that killed my husband, I had horrendous life saving in
  3. Hi All, Apologies if I am repeating a previous thread but I am after some urgent advice. I have 4 DCA's that I was dealing with through a DMC. I have a lump sum available and have stopped using the DMC now and have been talking with the DCA's directly, I have came to agreements of partial settlements with 2 of them but as of yet I haven't paid anything to them. I have been reading these forums and realise what I should have done is send a CCA request to them all before arranging partial settlements. My question is what happens if it turns out they have no legal right to collect
  4. Hi people, Firstly this website has been a godsend, with all the posts and help i have decided to take my head out of the sand and fight. I hate motormile, they are abusive, threating and pray on peoples lack of knowledge.... so i done my research and sent them this as they keep threating to come to my house. This was even after i sent the "Tort of Trespass" and repeated requests to stop harassing me as i take panic attacks Anyway i hope this helps others. Dears Sirs, Further to my email here are the OFT guidelines on Debt collection visits as i feel you may be unawar
  5. Hello everyone. I have a situation that I would really like to asked for your advice please. I had gone to arrears with Next directory by 90 days after being a loyal customer for 5 years. This is mainly due to a drop of income because of an illness. They initially passed on the debt of £814 to Brecon Debt Recovery on which they have accepted a 50% F&F settlement. I have promised to pay provided that everything is put into writing. Now since the 1st letter(& only) they have sent in writing was not comprehensive, the last letter that I sent to them was to
  6. Received a letter from Lombard that they are handing all my details over to Arrow Global on the 5th December 2011, today i received a letter from Arrow Global saying that Westcot Credit Services will be collecting the debt on their behalf and any dealing regarding this debt are to be addressed to Westcott. The last correspondence i had with Royal Bank Of Scotland and their debt collection agency "Arden Debt Management" was a letter sent recorded saying the account was in dispute. Arden went quiet However Lombard sent me statement on a regular basis and then they se
  7. Dear All, After just finished dealing with the Identity Theft problems (my other thread) , here I am again, someone please help me... I own a flat and pay service charge always on time to the Managing Agent. The service charge period run from April to March. I notified the Managing Agent that I was working aborad by email. However, while I was abroad, the new Managing Agent was appointed in April 2013. And they sent me the service charge bills in advance for 01 April 2013 to 31 March 2014. They quickly transferred this to the DCA called Property Debt Colletion Ltd (PDC). Now that I a
  8. Having successfully sent the mother company Cabot packing, they have now brought out the pop-guns against me in the form of a letter from FIRE Ltd. So I did a couple of the usual checks on them. First Companies House: 'Kings Hill (No 2) Ltd' company number 03959268 became 'Financial Investigations and Recoveries (Europe) Ltd' company number 03958421 on the 14 March 2005. Of course the registered address of Kings Hill (No 2) Ltd as we all know is .... 1 KINGS HILL AVENUE KINGS HILL WEST MALLING KENT
  9. Hi I hope somebody can help please I have received 16 letters from Empingham stating that I owe a debt to N Power. Each letter has a different account number and different amounts that they say I owe. In total they say that I owe over £25000. This does not look right to me as I cannot remember ever having had an account with N Power. Any advice would be much appreciated. Regards Kim
  10. Hello everyone I would be very grateful for any advice on the following: Recently had cause to look at Hubby's credit file 1. Hubby works away so I usually deal with accounts. Have a complaint with Vanquis over penalty charges since 9th Jan 2012 which they can't locate despite this being lodged over the phone and in writing. 2. Find out recently that hubby has defaulted 31/05/2012. Since going into dispute his account has been placed on hold with 1st Credit and C.A.R.S whilst they investigate the claims. 3. Contacted Vanquis/ Impact over the phone intially to be told
  11. Hi all i have a debt that was from 2005 from 02 i have totally ignored everything about the debt since it was an issue over insurance i had a few letters from Lowell then months later they have started from reds including voicemails left on home phone which is ex directory?? important message please call Red immediately!! same on the letters. Today i got one saying i have 10 days to pay i get a 50% discount if i dont pay within 10 days they will pass it on to a field agent who will come and discuss the matter face to face!! I have not responded at all to this debt to 02 lowells reds or any
  12. Had a debt from Holland of 35k euro from 2004/5 recently had a letter from cci legal saying they were acting on behalve of the client to recover the debt Some very helpful folk here told me it couldnt be enforced therefore to forget it as i have never aknowledged this debt in holland or here ever! Had a letter today saying i had 10 days to pay...lol! or they would get the clients permission to take this further and start legal proceedings which could be enforced by bankruptcy etc etc am i right in thinking this debt is statute barred it has never been on my credit file it was a defau
  13. I would imagine if your anything like me, I end up frustrated because the system isn't geared to listen to the small man. We find ourselves in a spot of bother and need some time to get clear, and all you get is hassle by mail...by phone...even people knocking on your door. Well their is one way to vent you frustrations, and believe it or not, Google is your helping hand. It's called Google places. Search for a company using Google, in my case it was Credit Solutions Limited in Purley, Surrey, then on the left hand side of the search results page where it offers you different wa
  14. Hi guys HUGE fan of the forum! has really helped me combat the pay day loan debt I have! Basically, I have a small debt with the pay day loan company PayDay Express. I was made redundant after I took out the small loan and have not been able to pay them back in full yet. About five weeks ago they used my card without my knowing or permission to take money out of my Natwest account, unfortunately there wasn't any money in that account so it went overdrawn! I have a Select account with Natwest which doesn't have an overdraft so its a unarranged overdraft! I was unaware of this and as soon a
  15. Can anyone please help with some advice on how to proceed with this? I checked my experian credit file a few days ago and was surprised to find a default from global arrow for £172! Started: Feb 2006 Defaulted: Aug 2006 Satisfied: Feb 2012 I then went on to check credit expert and equifax and both have listed this account also. Call credit lists similar details to experian in that I defaulted and it has this month been satisfied....Equifax lists that the account was settled by payment in Aug 2006 and no default is shown! I contacted arrow global who put me through to
  16. Hi CAG Colleagues I had a debt with BT to the tune of £480.00 which has now been cleared. Past Due Credit Solutions have added on top of this debt £131.46 in admin fees - to stress, I have not paid this. To cut a long story short, I wrote to them in June 2011 asking for a full breakdown of their fees. A few days later, I received an acknowledgement letter and that it would look into the matter. However, I was also warned that as the debt belonged to them, there will be admin fees levied as per the BT contract, citing their 'reasonable' fees (I think not!), and PD will reply in 10 worki
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