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Found 1 result

  1. I'll start from the beginning. I am an engineer and made decent money when i was in the job i had from leaving school at 17, im now 33. Back in 2006 i had debts close to 40k, which i was paying all ok, as listed below: Barclays loan - 19k Barclaycard - 8.5k Halifax CC - 8k MBNA CC - 8k A sudden, unwanted change of job meant i couldnt afford the repayments on above debts. I contacted all the above and after defaulting on payments (adding charges for late payment etc) etc and sending SoA's they all eventually agreed to freeze interest and enter repayment plans (Barclays were v.helpful with the loan and offered a Resolve loan for the 19k completely interest free over 10 years, so instead of paying £400 p/m the repayment was down to £170) the others were all £100 p/m each. As of now the Barclays Resolve loan stands at £8k and all the CC's are down to around 4.5k each. So total was paid down to around 20k from original 40k Around 6 months ago I received a demand for £18500 for an uninsured car accident from 2007 from Weightmans DCA Via MiB (Motorist Insurers Bureau) I hired a solicitor to deny any involvement in this accident and Weightmans have now dropped the claim and returned the file to MiB. However i have since read that MiB,s next step will be to take me to court where they *may* be able to prove my involvement and therefore my liability to pay the £18500 I now find myself working a 2.5 day week on minimum wage, earning £670 p/m. I have Vanquis/IMPACT DCA chasng me for a further 2k CC debt and 1.4k owing to Very catalogue as well as the above debts. I am sinking, really stuggling to pay the bills, let alone all the debt repayments. I really think Bankruptcy is my best option, I have no assets and no savings. I have some questions if anyone is kind enough to help: 1) My wife and her father own our home, I have never owned the house or even been on the mortgage, will bankruptcy have any affect on this? 2) My wife is currently on maternity leave, however she will be made redundant in March 2013 and get a payout of 17k, will bankruptcy have any claim on this money? 3) Our family car is registered on my name, however it is owned by my wifes father, he paid a £1500 deposit and financed £4.8k and we currently pay standing order to him of £140 p/m which covers the payments, The car is legally his and untouchable in Bankruptcy, right? 4) What should my first steps be regarding the CC debts as I have so-far ignored all calls, (Vanquis/IMPACT are making lots of noise about doorstep collection etc) should i offer a £1 payment or such in the meantime? 5) I also owe approx £1500 to HMRC which will be due on 31st Jan 2013 which i already know i wont be able to pay, how should i deal with this? Any help on the above is much appreciated, Thanks in advance
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