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  1. Also, they offered a settlement via an exit package last Friday which I speedily agreed to(I'm eager to leave the company from hell,lol) and gave them a figure on Monday. However, they have not come back to me and the PH is Friday. I have read they cannot offer an exit package and not go through with it because I can construe that as constructive dismissal; is this correct? I am talking to ACAS but would appreciate any thoughts/experiences you can offer me. Many thanks. Alesha
  2. Hi Thank you for your replies. Yes, that is what they will undoubtedly argue. Question is, what shall I argue back? How does one counter this defence? Thank you once again.
  3. Heya, My employer's solicitors sent this to me today: 'We refer to your impact statement provided in relation to your sickle cell condition. Having considered your statement we write to confirm on behalf of the Respondent that the Respondent accepts for the purposes of this litigation that you were a disabled person within the meaning of Section 6(1) Equality Act 2010 and that your disability is sickle cell anaemia. The Respondent respectfully submits that this issue shall no longer be required to be dealt with at the Preliminary Hearing on 16 December 2016. For the avoid
  4. Hi Paul, Lol, yes sorry, it's an opinion and not advice. I understand that we all have to be careful. I am expecting a letter from my consultant haematologist.... I'll go to CAB tomorrow as well and hopefully pick up more tidbits to help. Thank you for you prompt reply and I appreciate your time. Alesha.
  5. Hi Paul, Trust you're well. My PH is on the 16th Dec and I'll just like to ask you some questions please. Firstly, my employer's lawyers sent the joint bundle for the preliminary hearing. In the bundle, there are none of my letters to my employers which I sent during the disciplinary process i.e. appeal and grievance. Is this normal? The hearing is basically to establish whether I'm disabled (which you kindly advised that I am previously and I looked up the guidance as well) and also whether I am to pay a deposit because the judge 'is not sure of the prospects' etc which I find ridi
  6. Hi Paul, Sorry for the late reply... been a bit under the weather. Ah I see.. Mine is in March. Really appreciate you helping. I've taken a rogue trader and estate management firm to Small Claims in the past myself but that's about it! I'm trying to complete my statement of loss now. I am still with the company so I think I only have about 2 segments to complete. I believe there was a breach of the ACAS Code by my employer but not sure what percentage to enter. Might just put down the whole 25% and let the ET decide. Alesha
  7. @paulwlton, Many thanks for that. Good luck with your case and I'll be keeping in touch if you don't mind for more help and advice:-). Have a great evening. P.S When is your hearing?
  8. Hi and thanks for your reply... Well, it's complicated but to cut a long story short, I was issued a written warning for a combination of dependants, sick leave and latenesses. I had relocated and experienced a marriage break-down so was really struggling.I appealed the warning but it was upheld.I raised a grievance mostly on the basis that dependants leave was protected to a large extent under the law.My employer then came back and said oh, we didn't discipline you for dependants leave and even if you take out the dependants leave, you would still get the warning:???:. So I appealed the griev
  9. Hello guys, Can anyone please assist? I need to submit the document by the 23rd November. Thank you.
  10. Hi HB, FKO, Thank you guys so much. I was panicking all day, lol. I am very grateful.
  11. Oh gosh yes how did I miss that?! I'm at work now and don't really want to log in to take that out. I'll do that as soon as I get a private connection unless an administrator can please assist? Thanks HB for letting me know x
  12. With all due respect, what's misleading about my question? I never actually saw any bit about anyone asking this question. Why are people being talked down to? Discrimination does occur in recruitment processes and maybe this is what the OP was trying to get at, albeit in a way that is not clear. Furthermore, this post is just a month old; how old should a post be before it's a no-go area?
  13. Hi Are you saying you feel you may have suffered some sort of discrimination in the process? This is a legitimate concern,I believe.....?
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