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  1. honeybee - yup done that bit, and no website just a blogging site, no comments on them either way, no answers or comments on the blog site even! and like i mentioned companies house has them as registered last year, but he claims to be in existence over 20 yrs, but had lots of excuses like a new co bought them out last year, and the website is being re-furbed and just going live etc. guess it is obvious once you think about it - I just struggled to think such a nice person, on 2 visits could be dodgy.. more fool me i guess. Thanks to all who have commented, really appreciate it.
  2. thanks Wow - did not know what the open book was, that gives me a mega clue.
  3. Again, a good comment, thanks ims21. i cannot figure it - so like you say - don't bother - go with the gut and call it quits on this chap..... thanks so much.
  4. Hi Wow - you are right. each supplier will blame each other and if there is ever a problem it wont get sorted. i will do that. i just wonder why this chap is trying to do this "open book" thing. ever heard of it - it is a new [problem] thing going or am i just missing the point on it now a days...?
  5. Nikki - one more thing to try is the official registered use of the business, and their license in terms of how late they can stay open - get these both checked. i had the very same problem, and found that the build conversion to a pub was not in fact fully official and planning approval had not been obtained for everything they had done, and they had not done all that they needed to do - wham. had them scrambling as council nabbed them fast ( money in their pocket then) and planning approval had to be done, sound proofing, notices outside to keep quiet, and they had to stop all music etc b
  6. Okay - help comments and advise desperately needed here people, so thanks in advance. looking to install a rather large conservatory in the back, and had a super chap come quote me etc. as per normal did a bit of background research before agreeing to go ahead, and got a bit worried, companies house has them as registered last year not 26 yrs of trading - his answer is the new co name has bought out the old co name... no web site - his answer is it is being rebuilt and goes live tomorrow. no Fensa registration - his answer dont need it for conservatories, but he has got it for the
  7. Hi jamberson and Lamma. Yup - baliff did appear when suspension notice should have been in place, so council is to sort that bit out, not for my account that is for sure. It transpires council have been rabidly corresponding to me at an incorrect address! Nice - no wonder i dont have any details or had no idea they were following up on this. My hope is that they will now review this matter entirely at council parking service - not their 3rd party outsiders who automatically refuse TE9 and the likes, and a combination of their error, compounded with the bloop with the baliff error, will
  8. Thanks Jamberson, Success or something like it seems to be happening! Coms with Hounslow querying why balifs turned up whilst a suspension order should have been in place (TE9 forms) has led them to admit to a mistake in not nofifying baliff, they have now put the case on suspended action for 365 days! Errmmmm .... happy that I am about this action, what could it indicate? Suspending action on the ticket for a whole year sounds a little strange to me. They are going to send me copy docs of all their paperwork, although they quibbed about this saying they could not reprint them,
  9. Thanks Jamberson. I do want to fight this because "Councils have frequently been advised to exercise discretion[9]. As the Local Government Ombudsman special report "Parking Enforcement by Local Authorities" commented “Councils have discretion not to pursue a penalty charge at any stage of the procedure and have, as a matter of administrative law, a duty to act reasonably, fairly and without fettering that discretion. It would therefore be a breach of that duty if a council were to act unreasonably or unfairly or to fetter its discretion when considering such representations”. Clearly, h
  10. Also, can anyone advise, should the ticketing officer have taken a picture of the offence at the time? Is this regulation or just on the off-chance that this would happen. Can I obtain any remarks, details held by the council of the ticketing offence, and their records of my phone call / conversation with them as I know they have the phone call details recorded on their files. Ta
  11. Yup - although the ultimate change of address was delayed - sent to the wrong address - however yes, it was changed. need to check, but think the change went thru early in this year
  12. Hi all, another newbie to the site, so all help greatly appreciated. A PCN was issued over a year ago for failing to correctly display a resident parking permit , it had fallen off the windscreen onto the front seat of the car and was still fully visable. I phoned the Hounslow council to dispute this, and told them i was disuting and would not pay. Nothing further heard from then, i left the area a month later from London to Northants. Hounslow knew my new address - cos they posted me a chq for refunded council tax. Last month I get a debt collectors notice for £167 odd for the fine.
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