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  1. Yes, when I completed the claim form originally it stated just put a brief description, so I did. So yes, now I've been asked to provide full particulars which in itself is not a problem, I have dates and receipts etc.
  2. Can I seek interest even if I didn't put it on my original claim form? We just put £10k + court fee.
  3. just been googling and could it be we are claiming for financial compensation under the consumer rights act 2015?
  4. We are in the process of taking our builder through the small claims court. We paid him money for a major build which included re-wiring and supply of kitchen. The kitchen was not supplied and we had to pay the supply company ourselves and the wiring was so bad we had to get an electrician in to re-wire the house. The court has asked for the Particulars of the claim but I need to know what legislation is involved and why. All I know is we want a refund of money we believe we have paid twice but legally I don't know what this is. I really need to get this sent off ASAP so any help g
  5. Moving on with this, I requested default judgement against one partner who did not acknowlege the original paperwork. This was on 14th December 2017. The other has filed a defence within time and a bar was put in place for him and we are waiting for the court paperwork with the defence details. However, a bar has now been put in place for the partner who failed to acknowledge the service or respond and who we asked for default judgement against. Moneyclaim online gives no indication of why a bar was put in place so I'm very confused. Can anyone shed any light on wh
  6. Back in 2016 we commissioned a builder to undertake extensive renovation works in our house. He originally was a limited company but this company was dissolved in June 2016. He then started work for us as a partnership. His father has been involved with our job in that he came to our house a couple of times and the kitchen supplied was in the fathers name and address on the invoice. To cut a long story short, the building works went on far longer than they should and weren't completed until we sacked them. We asked for a partial refund and this was refused.
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