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  1. The wall is 150mm thick Bath stone ashlar Party Wall. How much plaster would need to be removed to see if the stonework is cracked....? Worried....
  2. Thanks steampowered! Yes, the main worry is having him in our house arguing over the extent of the damage – just don't want the conflict! Part of the problem is that he is only admitting liability for the hole that was drilled through our wall, but not for the cracks and damaged plaster caused by their heavy hammering/chiselling against the single-skin wall – so there is bound to be some argument. Also, because the damage is to the wall of our stairwell (and adjoning ceiling) , this is a continuous single wall that runs through from the loft to the front door. We anticipate that he will
  3. Thanks reallymadwoman I thought that Public Liability insurance is compulsory...? It would be so much simpler and more civilised if we could allow the insurers to do what they are paid to do... Unfortunately, we don't have legal expenses cover on our household insurance, but it does provide free legal advice.
  4. Thanks reallymadwoman Ideally, we would like to go through their public liability insurers, but the builders are refusing this until they have inspected the damage. I suspect that either they don't want to affect their premiums or they think their negligent work would invalidate their insurance. Unfortunately, our building insurance doesn't cover damage by a 3rd party.... We have provided photographic evidence of the damage and have had professional quotes for the work (which they are claiming are inflated). We just don't want the builder in our house questioning our requests for th
  5. Hello – I hope this is the correct place to seek advice regarding a Party Wall dispute. Any help greatly appreciated! To cut a long story short, our neighbours recently employed a loft conversion company to build a dormer conversion. We expressed some concerns about the nature and timing of the work but they went ahead anyway, without a signed Party Wall Agreement (PWA) and without allowing the 2 months notice etc. Because we raised concerns, the builders decided that they would change the structure of the conversion so that there would be no need for the PWA (even though it had already b
  6. Please help... The 12 month term of the contract with our tenants finished a few months ago and the contract became a standard 'rolling' shorthold tenancy. We decided recently that we'd like to sell the house and served 2 months notice to the tenants as required. In conversations with the tenants we informally suggested that if they hadn't found somewhere to move to before the end of the notice period, we might be able to allow them more time than the two months notice (trying to be flexible and generous). However, they have become quite awkward in allowing access to the propert
  7. Hello All If any of you can offer advice on how to take this forward, we would very much appreciate your help. After a pretty terrible holiday this summer, my wife and I wrote a detailed letter of complaint to Thomson asking for compensation. We sent a PDF including our complaints and images of the sub-standard accommodation. Their offer of compensation was just £160 of vouchers (to spend on one of their holidays!!!), which doesn't compensate us at all for a miserable holiday. I'll try to sum up the complaints: 1) There was a large area (more than a square metre) of damp,
  8. Please could you explain what this refers to? Or is there a link to the information? Thanks! Gandolfi
  9. Hi Supasta Wondering how you got on in court....had everything crossed for you. Let us know what happened. All best, Gandolfi
  10. does anyone have a definitive answer....
  11. Hi supasta1 Subbing to your thread.... Any progress this week? Gandolfi
  12. It would be great to get any historic NatWest T&Cs if you have them.... I've tried to get them from Natwest via a CPR18 request for information, but Cobbetts just refused while the test case was on. Would it be worth me seeking an order for this when I ask to amend my Counterclaim...? I need them for every year from when the accounts were opened (20 years!) I also need to prepare my argument for amending my claim. What would be the best way? My thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/business-bank-accounts-charges/81525-gandolfi-natwest-14.html is very long and complica
  13. Those would be very useful. Thanks Bankfodder! How can I get to see them? All best, Gandolfi PS - I'll get the statement examples/letter scanned in and sent asap.
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