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Found 3 results

  1. My father who is in his 70's has always been with British Gas and a few years back took out a boiler policy with them. I have just noticed they have billed him £275 for a years basic boiler policy with a service yet a lot of other company's charge less than £200 for the exact same policy. They have insisted he needs a new boiler on his last service which he's now worried about and they have applied their high pressure sales tactics and bamboozled him with all sorts of jargon and guarantees which quite frankly he doesn't understand but is too embarrassed to say no. Anyone else come across these problems with British Gas. Hopefully I can have this policy cancelled and get local tradesman in to change the boiler IF it needs done at all.
  2. Hello My company was wound up last year and as director I am now being chased for a debt of roughly £20k from Travis Perkins, based on me having signed what they purport to be a personal guarantee. When they wrote to chase the debt initially I offered them £3500 settlement which they declined. They then issued a Statutory Demand which I had set aside based on the arguement that I did not agree I had signed a personal guarantee. Travis Perkins agreed to have the SD set aside as it had raised a trialable issue. They then wote saying they would take our offer of £3500 in full and final settlement. We said that we were no longer able to uphold this offer as 1. did not have the funds and 2. did not agree personal liability for the debt. All then went quiet for 6 months. Then we got a county court claim letter to which we responded by defending our case, saying 1. I was not aware I had signed a personal guarantee 2. Nowhere on the guarantee part of the form was the word 'personal' used. 3. I signed in capacity of director and underlined the word 'Director' to show this. I also contacted Travis perkins will a new settlement offer of £1200 to which I have not had a response. I then received a 'Notice of proposed allocation to the Multi-track' which includes a questionnaire to complete. It also states that proposed directions need to be filed but I am assuming this is by the claimant? I know there have been others who have been caught out by these Travis Perkins personal guarantees and wonder has anyone got to where we are or even challanged the personal guarantee in court? Any experiences or advise would be very much appreciated. Thank you for your time. I should have added that the following text is on the form, entitled 'Credit Guarantee': Credit Guarantee - To be signed by the owner / director / company secretary of the company applying for credit in consideration of your agreement to supply goods to the applicant company on credit, we the undersigned being owner / directors of the company jointly and severally guarantee payment of all financial obligations to ************ Company and its subsidiaries and successors including financial obligations arising from any increase in credit limit granted by ********** company or its subsidiaries and successors from time to time following review of the applicant company's account. I Signed and dated this and also underlined the word 'Director' in the title.
  3. Central Tyre Macclesfield, London Road, Macclesfield are the biggest nightmare ever. I took my car there for an MOT and they quoted a few hundred quid for the work to be carried out, only to be presented with a bill ten times that. They claimed I must have misunderstood them. Yeah right. You'd notice the difference between "hundred" and "thousand". They refuse to do anything about the situation and are not prepared to reduce the bill to a reasonable amount. Does anyone else have any similar experience with this lot, so we can take combined legal action? These jerks don't deserve to be trading.
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