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  1. Dacouc - thanks for your comment. So what would you do in my situation? simply pay Admiral almost 10k? i do think they could have done it much cheaper. I spoke to them about 10 months after the accident and at that point they still had no medical evidence. I don't think they have investigated it at all. I accept we will have to pay up something but Admiral have not justified this amount. Can i make them and offer and what are they likely to accept?
  2. Thanks for your response. What i am saying is only what i have been advised by a solicitor specialising in motoring offences who told me that in his opinion I am not liable for this as my partner was not driving as my employee or my servant and Admiral should have advised third party to issue proceedings against him before paying out the claim and they would be able to pursue my partner for their outlay. Solicitor told me that in the current scenario Admira don't have a leg to stand on as they have already paid out. I am quite worried that what i have been told on here is quite dif
  3. Hi, thanks for your replies. Admiral have stated initially that unless i sign the indemnity and consent form, they will take no part in this claim until unsatisfied court judgement has been obtained, so i am left wondering why they have decided to pay it out without it. Can they still issue county court proceedings against me/my partner considering they have now paid the claimants? My main concern is the way Admiral has been dealing with this claim. During my conversation with them several months after the incident they have stated that they had no medical or other evidenc
  4. I'm seeking some advice... Cutting long story short - a couple of years ago someone else (my partner) was driving my car (with my permission) with me as a passenger. Partner had a fully comp insurance and wrongly thought it contained a third party insurance on my car (i accept it was a very stupid mistake, and we have learnt a lesson to check all details on insurance big time!). Partner was not listed on my policy. My vehicle was involved in a minor collision with another vehicle while being driven by my partner. No visible damage to either of the cars and third p
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