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  1. Hi site team and caggers, long time now speak.. you'll be pleased to know I've been mostly keeping myself out of trouble. I've received a PCN from Euro Park for £90 after spending the day shopping with my mum. There were no noticeable signs saying that you can only stay for a limited amount of time so we shopped for several hours and then ate there in the evening. We spent £4500 in that retail park that day. They do have photographic evidence saw my registration on the letter. I ignored the first letter but they have sent a final warning letter now. What should I d
  2. Thanks for coming back to me... yes I was successful. I was really worried but all was fine in the end.
  3. Thanks for coming back to me... yes I was successful. I was really worried but all wad fine in the end.
  4. Hi there I have my mediation appointment today at 3pm. Any hints and tips on what I can do to ensure that the meeting goes in my favour other than the info the courts have sent me?
  5. All the letters from the original post relating to the overdraft at Satan's Bank. Satan letters from moorcroft hoist 1st credit.pdf
  6. Small Claims Telephone Mediation Service Tel: 01604 795511 - Email: scmreferrals@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk Claim Number: Parties: HOIST PORTFOLIO HOLDING 2 LIMI v xxxxxx The above parties have all filed a Directions Questionnaire (N180) and have all requested mediation. Appointment Time & Date A one hour telephone mediation appointment has been provisionally booked for between 12:00 and 17:30 on 17/05/16. Mediation appointments are limited and can only be re-arranged under exceptional circumstances.
  7. Default letter Can't remember receiving a default letter come to think of it but here are the letter that I have received. Will see if I can find more. some more docs1.pdf satan statements .pdf
  8. So does this mean the case is not going to be heard in court and it is going straight to mediation?
  9. Just to update you. I contacted Mortimer Clarke and offered them £2k and asked for it to be marked as fully settled on my credit reference file which they agreed to. MC said they have to speak to Black Horse to confirm this is okay. They came back to me to say, Black Horse said that because of the age of the debt, it shouldn't be on my file anyway. I said it still was, and the MC contact asked me to send a print out of the entry on my credit file. I emailed it over to him in January/early Feb and I haven't heard anything since. I have chased a couple of tim
  10. I have completed the form and sent it off. What can I expect to happen now?
  11. ok but before I do, I think I need more information to understand my position. Do I want it be allocated to the small claims court? Do I have to attend, I don't really want to? What are my options now?
  12. It says the following: Before Deputy District Judge Wrigley sitting at the CCBB Northampton address on 22/03/16 The Court will deal with the application to lift the stay without hearing under CPR 23.8 © It is ordered that: The Application to lift the stay and for direction questionnaire to be issued is granted. Note: This order has been made without a hearing under the Court's case management powers contained in the Civil Procedure rules Part 3. You may within 7 days of the service of this order, apply to the Court to set aside or to vary the order under Part 23 Rul
  13. Hello.. it's been a while.. I gave received a General Directions Order from Northampton.. I will post it as soon as I get the chance. Please can you tell me what is it and what does it mean?
  14. ok well.. It's 4 hours before the deadline.. I have no defence... had enough of sitting here worrying, I'm going to call them and take up there offer of 50% off..
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