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Found 15 results

  1. Hi this is myfirst post This is a verysimilar situation to another on this site from mechsman on 4/10/17 so I assume a lot ofthe advice there will apply to me. I have not received a Notice to Keeper and this notification letter(attached) is the first I have heard of it. Details in redas per other posts: For PNC's received through the post [ANPR camera capture] please answerthe following questions. 1 Date of theinfringement >Allegedly22 December 2018 2 Date on theNTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] > No NTK received; this is thenotification letter and dated 28 January 2019 3 Date received >29January 2019 4 Does the NTKmention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y/n?] >Yes 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? >None provided or mentioned, butI'm assuming they must have entry/exit pictures from ANPR? 6 Have youappealed? {y/n?] post up you appeal] >No Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up 7 Who is theparking company? >UKCPS 8. Where exactly[carpark name and town] Bristol Abbeywood For eitheroption, does it say which appeals body they operate under. > It says there is no chance toappeal as it is beyond the 21 day period. I never received the NTK they claimwas sent. It mentions the IPC under complaints section. There are twoofficial bodies, the BPA and the IAS. If you are unsure, >please check HERE If you havereceived any other correspondence, please mention it here: None I am minded towrite and complain that I have not had the original NTK so: hadno chance to pay at a reduced amount. Donot know the time of entry so unsure if/how long the time period was exceeded Wasnot the driver (my wife was) They are sayingpayment is due 14 days of this notice, so 11 February which doesn't give memuch time to talk to them (no email address so only phone or letter). The previousexample with this company advice was do not respond and they will give up. Thisseems to have been the case and he had stopped getting letters 7 months lateralthough no further updates since to know whether this is still the case. I would appreciate advice on what to do please. Many thanks. Apologises for the font/spacing. I tried posting a couple of times and it got rejected so I copied a post in from Word rather than type all again and the formatting has gone astray. UKCPS 28Jan2019 redacted_Redacted.pdf
  2. Hi all, sorry for the long post but never been in this position before.... we received an enforcement letter through the door last night in my old name ( i changed my name via deed poll) demanding £542 . after doing some ringing around we've established its for a part unpaid council tax bill in 2014 ( which we wasn't aware of until we got this letter yesterday) phoned the council who advised the amount outstanding is £192.04 and gave us the dates (it was an honest mistake at a crap time & didn't even realise it wasn't paid until now) they are saying they wont help now its been passed over. The forwarding address the council had was incorrect we've moved since didn't know anything was owed didn't give another forwarding address, due to this we've had no letters off the council, had no letters off Bristow & Sutor We had this hand delivered letter last night...W we would have dealt with the payment if we would have known in the 1st place !! now we have the original £192 debt , plus the £75 they charge for handling im presuming i should have had a letter from them & then the £275 for hand-delivering ... where do i go from here ? many thanks in advance
  3. Just got back from an appointment to find the parking arrangements have yet again changed. It's not my local hospital and I attend maybe once a year. Things used to be simple with a barrier entry/ticket then after your appointment put your ticket in the machine then pay before exiting. Then the barrier got smashed off and they relied on a person taking reg numbers and times giving you ticket to pay in the coffee shop before you exit. Today's visit was most confusing, with people waiting at the ticket machine not sure whether to pay before of when you exit. It appears most people were of the opinion that you pay when you are about to exit as they have cameras set up. I checked with reception and they said you can pay before or after. Very strange I thought and proceeded with my appointment. When I returned I punched in the reg number expecting it to say how much, but nothing, you have to the guess how long you were parked up for!!! I paid for two hours as I checked my watch and it was correct. I've since checked my dash cam and i arrived at 14.34, took about a minute or two to find a space big enough for my van and left at 16.37 buying my ticket at 16.35. So worst case scenario is i overstayed by 3 minutes with the best case being 1 minute. Do you think this an automatic penalty from these sharks or do they have a grace period? Also, are the ticket machines linked to the camera system for timings. Don't want a £100 fine around xmas time. Tried to contact the hospital for clarification but they haven't got a clue.
  4. Hi All, I'm new to this forum but hope someone can help me out? I received a PCN through post yesterday from PCP enforcement agency (trading name of parkshield collection Ltd) Date of event (doesn't say offence)-30/08/2018 location - service/estate roads off anchor road,harbourside,Bristol,bs1 During period from: 22:20:55 to time of notice issue at:22:40:18 reason for issue- no valid permit Now the only problem with this notice is that I've never been to Bristol and the vehicle in question has been SORN off road for 2 years and is parked at my parents house except when it has MOT or my dad uses it for work (trade plates are then used) I have been on the agency's website to appeal but can't as I don't have notice issued obviously and there's no sign of any photographic evidence either. Not sure what to do next,write an appeal which I don't think is fair seeing as it's definitely not my fault. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  5. From the Guardian today. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/sep/10/boot-out-bailiffs-debt-collection-councils-ethical-schemes HB
  6. Aplogies as an absolute newbie here, however I was asked to create a new thread. There is another recent thread (I can't post links, maybe someone else could as seems daft to recreate a whole heap of stuff). I am in the identical situation at the same location I have just received an identical letter from UKCPS, all details completely as the above mentioned thread (same paperwork). My wife was driving my car that day, obviously she didn't spot any signage etc. 28 minutes over a 4hr limit..... Disgusted that companies can request such 'fees', she is disabled (was parked in disabled bay, with badge on show) which has left me even more disgraced at these cowboys operate, with no extra time for disabled people.... Question is approach them & ask for 'understanding'? Dismiss? etc etc
  7. Hi everyone, I am looking for some help and guidance please. In August 2017 i received an out of the blue phone call from a debt collection agency. They advised that they were acting on behalf of Bristol City Council (BCC) and they had been instructed to recover several hundred pounds in relation to three unpaid Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs). I advised the caller that i had never had a PCN in my life and in the event i did, i would have certainly taken care of it by now. I asked the caller to confirm the vehicle details and it transpires that the vehicle is my daughter's. I purchased the vehicle for her, as she didn't have any credit history to purchase it. I handed the keys over to her and haven't looked back since. We moved a few years back and when i moved i didn't think to notify the DVLA for my daughters' vehicle, only mine and my wife's. Needless to say, the PCN apparently got sent to my old address, as this is where my daughter's vehicle was still registered in my name. The debt management company wanted several hundred pounds, and this wasn't fair. I disputed the PCNs with the Traffic Enforcement Centre and my case was upheld. All the money i had paid to date was refunded to me and the matter was returned from the Court back to Bristol City Council, so that they could deal with it. I should point out that the vehicle is now in my daughter's name and i advised all parties that i have never driven the vehicle and don't keep it overnight. i was only ever registered in my name to purchase it for my daughter . Bristol City Council have now re-issued the PCNs to me and want me to pay the full price of the PCN. I have appealed this stating i should be eligible for a 50% reduction, as i would have been if i had actually received them through the post. Do i have to pay the full amount, even though i have never received the PCNs and not had an opportunity to pay them within the 14 days. Also, when i appealed to the TEC i initially didn't hear anything for weeks. I spoke to them and they said they were waiting for Bristol City Council to consider the appeal. Apparently they should have responded within 19 days, but they took a lot longer. Are the PCNs enforceable, can i appeal and ask that they are reduced to 50% and can i go to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal as they were late in considering my appeal? As a lay person, any help would be very much appreciated
  8. I have had a long and frustrating situation with my car which has recently come to a frustrating head. 29/04/2017 - I bought a used Peugeot 208 Style for £8,399 with finance in the form of an unsecured loan. I was not informed of this at the time, the vehicle did not have a full service history, and I didn't know to ask, this being my first car, and my dad specialises in old cars, which are lucky to have any service history at all, so he didn't think to ask. Within a month, I was having issues with the car stalling and pulling to the right on larger, open roads where you actually drive in a straight line for a period of time. I brought this up to the dealership, who did not record anything, did not inspect the car and simply said that as I was a new driver, I'd get used to it. I never had issues with stalling a car previously, and passed my test on the first attempt, but I figured that it was likely that this was normal. But the stalling wasn't the usual kind, it happened shortly after I finished changing gear, I would change gear, there would be a short moment and then the car would stall. The issue kept getting worse, until the car was stalling regularly, several times a trip. This is when I took it back to the garage on 04/09/2017, where they initially blew me off, then agreed to look at it. But they would not provide a vehicle. I had to hire one, which was only possible through their account with a local car hire company. I returned the following day to be told there was nothing wrong with the car. Shortly after driving it away, it stalled again. I was then informed by my insurance company that it had been driven at 85mph in a 50mph limit area, at a time that it was with the garage. When questioned, the garage replied that I hadn't told them it had a black box, as if that was relevant. They reluctantly provided a letter for my insurance company, so that my insurance would not be cancelled over the issue. I took it back to them on the 8th, they had it for a week to investigate that and multiple other issues, with squealing brakes and the gearbox grinding, and told me there was nothing wrong. I then said I wanted to reject the car and was told to speak to the sales team. Who then lead me through a bait and switch, pretending they were honouring my request to reject the vehicle, instead setting me up for an unfavourable part exchange, the finance for which was not approved. They then suggested that my dad take out finance for my car. There is one provider where doing this is legal, and yet they proposed three credit checks. I called them out in the illegality of this procedure, and yet they still harassed me and my father about going through with the illegal finance application. We declined. In a further incident, there was a problem with the oil, and it was taken back to the garage, where they fixed everything, didn't charge me, said it was not done under warranty, and yet said the issue was my fault. The issue was that the oil filler cap had not been on properly. I had never touched the oil filler cap. They also showed a picture which clearly showed a buildup of mud under the car from when the vehicle was pulled backwards during recovery, and tried to claim that this happened when I pulled up on the verge. I wrote to the garage at this time and said that if they were unable to fix the vehicle, I was rejecting it. This email was ignored. I then took it to an independent garage to have the clutch assessed, as I was starting to think that the car had been significantly worn by the previous owner. I was told by the head mechanic that the clutch was significantly worn, and even without any issues, it would fail in 3-6 months. He said in his professional opinion, there was no way this had been caused by my wear on the car. He also said that there was something wrong with the pedal, but he couldn't put his finger on it at the time, said he would need more time to investigate it to be definitive, time he did not have at that moment, so he could not include this issue in his report. 10 days later the issue that was causing all these clutch problems became a lot more apparent- the clutch was sticking, just below the bite point. I hadn't noticed this before, as it was sticking close to the top of the travel, near the bite point of the clutch, so when I removed my foot, the reduced pressure from the clutch pedal seemed natural, related to the bite point of the car. The stalling was being caused by a milder "stick", as I was pulling the clutch up, then it must have been fading slowly over the bite point, causing the strange stalling motion, as it stalled when it actually pulled over the bite. By now the car was revving excessively, as if I hadn't removed my foot from the clutch at all, and although I couldn't identify it at the time, as I was used to the clutch stopping before the end of the travel, it was not coming all the way up. The clutch failed that day. The car was recovered to the dealership, and I wrote them another rejection letter, authorising another garage to inspect the vehicle to confirm the issue. At no point did I authorise the Bristol Street Motors that I had purchased the car from to inspect the car. In a phone conversation, one of their managers suggested they would assess it to see if I could have a warranty repair, but this was prior to my letter, where I clearly stated I wanted a different garage to look at the car in line with the rejection. During this period, I needed a car, which I am unable to hire privately, and there was no spare car around for me to insure myself on to drive. So I said that they could either provide a hire car, or I could insure myself on one of their cars, so I could be mobile. I had previously been denied a courtesy car from them, based on insurance underwriting, but when they had been checking my licence, I was given the full impression that this was a free service. The dealership emailed me back saying the only way I would get a car was to hire one, through them, for a maximum of two weeks, at £20 per day. As I did not have information on their courtesy car policies, I had to accept the information at hand, and said I would pay. This would change, as it turned out the information provided was false. They called to ask for authorisation to remove the gearbox, which I provided. These two statements were the only authorisation I ever gave. Then, the dealership removed the clutch and handed that to an independent company to inspect where, as one would based only on this evidence, they stated that it looked worn, consistent with abnormal operator technique. After a conversation with a mechanic, I have been advised that one remedy for a sticking pedal is to remove the parts and manipulate them, so even if I have the real issue inspected now, its quite likely that they have removed the evidence of this. They then wrote to say they will not be accepting my rejection of the vehicle, sending a document full of inaccuracies, which I corrected in a reply. They then stated that despite this, they would not consider their position, and I would be expected to collect the car. In this letter, they then proved that the information provided about a hire car was false; they stated they were unable to provide courtesy cars to those with less than 6 months of driving experience. They clearly knew, as they stated the date I passed my test in their letter (20/04/2017) and the date I purchased the car, that I had over six months of driving experience, and therefore should have been eligible for a courtesy car, at no cost to me. They had lied to me, and thus caused me to go to an expense that I should not have incurred. Hence, I disputed the hire costs in full. Especially as they had now left me without a vehicle, and reliant on my father to get to work, 20 miles from home. It's also worth noting that they expected me to collect the vehicle with it's gearbox and clutch still out. A couple of days later, on 21/01/2018, after the dealership had closed, I was informed I would be charged £10 per day storage, starting 22/01/2018. I was never given any terms and conditions when dropping the car off, and was awaiting a response from their chosen mediation service, the motor ombudsman, before taking any action. But based on this, and the idea that I was willing to entertain an alternate resolution, where they paid to repair the car and then give me a partial refund down to the current value of the goods, I prepared to collect the car. I went to the dealership 31/01/2018 to collect the vehicle. I had also called consumer helpline, as the only charges I had been informed of were for hire cars and storage. They stated that the garage had no right to hold the car over these charges unless they had a high court enforcement order (they don't) and should they try to hold the car over these charges alone, I was to call the police, as the holding of my car was in this case, criminal. I asked to leave with the car, I was told that I had to pay the hire and storage charges before I leave with the car. In line with this, I told them what consumer helpline had told me, and they informed me their legal department had said they should not release the car until payment had been made. No mention was made of any costs they can exercise a lien over. So I called the police. Two days later, I had an appointment with an officer, who listened to my side and then spoke to the garage to get their side. They wouldn't even confirm the registration, stating they had been told that the only person allowed to discuss anything regarding the car was their general manager. In discussions with the general manager, they were sent an invoice, which detailed costs for an inspection of the car, and "environmental charge" and "tool manufacturing for gearbox support", plus hire costs and storage for nearly £700, stating all would need to be paid before they could release the car. They then made an "offer" to fix the car for £650, including car hire, spinning the angle that it was my "legal responsibility" to keep my costs as low as possible trying to say "Pay our ransom, allow us to butcher your car, because we have a big well-funded legal department who, if it gets to court, will win!" My complaints to trading standards have been referred on three separate criminal breaches, just by the by. Which leads me to the actual current issue. In my opinion, there is nothing, even on the revised invoice, that they can hold the car over. As far as I know, the right to exercise a lien arises when you have done work that has improved the car, that the customer requested, the charges for which are not under dispute, which have not been paid. It's for situations where someone says "thanks for fixing my car, I'll pay you on Tuesday, but take it now!" rather than situations anything like mine. As far as I know, the following applies: - Hire charges have to be agreed in terms and conditions up front, before the car is dropped off, not added in an ad hoc email when you are already preventing the release of the car. -If the customer didn't request the work, and the garage can't "undo" it, they are to absorb the cost and release the car -If the charges are under dispute, they can't hold the car -If the costs are still accruing, they can't hold the car -If the work done has not improved the car, they can't hold the car -If the work has not been done by the garage holding the car, they can't hold the car -If the charges they are awaiting are not to do with work done on the car, they can't hold the car So on all fronts, they can't hold the car. The other thing is that there is no specific right to get back money that was paid but not owed in British law, even if you write on an invoice that you are "paying under protest". Plus I don't have £700 just lying around, plus costs for recovery and repair! You only get it back if you can prove things like duress, threat of physical harm, etc. I have disputed their outcome with their chosen dispute service, but this isn't enough. The police say that whilst the garage believe their entitled to hold the car, they can't recover it, and consumer helpline said all they can do is refer it to trading standards "without commitment", meaning they don't have to get back to me. So the points that I need clarifying: 1. Is there anything I'm missing regarding their right to hold a lien on the vehicle? 2. Where is it written in law about the right to hold a lien on a vehicle? 3. How can I recover my car without paying a penny to these swindling con men? Apologies for the long post, but anything anyone can advise to help would be appreciated!
  9. Dear all, My first post so apologies beforehand if I should follow a certain procedure. Congrats for the fantastic content and advice -- although at times not easy to follow. I got today on the post a £100 Parking Charge Notice from a PCP Enforcement Agency I honestly do not remember parking there; in fact, I don't even know where this is exactly. In any case, the whole letter seems to be written to deceive - maybe what you call a Speculative Invoice. I do think I may have parked in a spot with "clear signage" (eye for detail is not my thing, unfortunately). There's this thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?179567-Private-Car-Parking-Enforcement-Agency-(CCTV) from 2009 similar and at the same spot. I wonder what happened. More info - 22 June 2017; arrived in the post today, 20-august-17 - car parked at at Bristol Estate, Anchor Rd, Harbourside, Bristol, BS1 5DB How'd you advise me to do? Should I just ignore this? You do have a sticky thread saying not to... a billion thanks in advance Victor (Bristol) pcn.pdf
  10. My friend I live with owes some council tax which he has been paying back monthly. He owes 246 pounds, and was supposed to make a payment on 15th month. He forgot, it was not a deliberate oversight. The bailiff came to the door, thought he was going to smash the door down. I went running down in my nightie wondering what the hell was wrong. This man just said you are being recorded and can I speak to so n so. I am working for the council, and I am from Bristol and sutor. I replied he's not in. Then he said can you ring him and I said no because I'm waiting for a very important call. This was true btw. I have an autistic son who is very depressed He then gave me the most horrendous look, didnt believe a word I was saying, and no chance to say anything else. Pushed a letter in my hand. Get him to ring me. When my friend got in he rang the man and say I believe you have been to my home, and tried to explain that it was an oversight. THe man just said I want the whole amount by Wednesday ,or I am removing goods and your car if you have one. He asked if I work which I do part time, but my friend said it's nothing to do with you, its my debt, and we were not living in the same property then. My friend then put the phone down on this obnoxious person who was really shockingly nasty in his manner. Rang the council tax to advise them, cant take the debt back. Gave me a number to call Bristow and sutor number office Guess what their computers were down. Though the man on the phone said they can't take goods if they've not been in the house. my big concern is my huge autistic son who has big anxiety issues and will not take kindly to us being threatened. Most of the stuff in the house is mine, nothing of any value. The car is on HP and I need it to get my son to appointments, he never goes anywhere unaccompanied, because he can't What can I do we don't have that money till my friend gets paid again on the 15th i don't have enough to pay it all from what I have left. He had every intention of paying it. any advice in a short time would help 2 days to find this money .......
  11. New Aldi has opened up in Portishead, Bristol - and includes ANPR cameras for Parking Eye, with an hour and a half parking limit. They have made two mistakes..... (1) They bought the store from the Co-Op who decided to pull out of the town due to increased competition (Waitrose, Lidl, Iceland, Sainsburys etc) but the original covenant when change of use was placed on the land and Co-Op got planning consent was that a minimum of 2 hours free parking is provided. (2) The planning application for Aldi to make various changes to the store appearance & to redesign the car park didn't mention the installation of signage, sign posts & the ANPR camera pole in the car park - the planning approved design / layout plans didn't show the location of the poles etc The store has only been open for 3 weeks and the locals aren't happy, North Somerset Council are investigating the covenant & planning breaches.
  12. I recently, [yesterday], spotted an advert for a 2014 Nissan note 1.5cdi Tekna pre reg with 10 miles on clock for an excellent price £11,449 in parkers and autotrader on line. I decided this car was what I was looking for so went to view and buy it. When i got there the sales man and I presume the sales manager did everything to put me off, the car was not ready yet, we cannot sell it yet till 30/10 2014, its now mid September even advising me to go to their competitors to buy one from them they could not get rid of me quick enough even though I told them I had a thousand pound in my pocket as a deposit and i would pay the rest by bank transfer. They even offered me a insulting sum for my 13 reg car knowing i could not accept it , under £6,000 for a mint fsh yaris T3 .....strangly though BSM were just starting their sale the day i visited. This ficticious car price was been used to get the punters in. I have just checked autotrader and the car is now £12,999 although in parkers its still £11,499 till you open the ad and the price jumps. BUYERS BEWARE AT BRISTOL STREET NISSAN THEY USE A LOW STAR PRICE TO DRAW IN THE PUNTERS. Has anyone else had this problem? I must admit I am very dissapointed with this dealer or perhaps the company directors [A VERTU COMPANY] do not know about this practice, or then again maybe they do!!!!!!!
  13. Hi, I just had Bristol & Sutor balliff visit my house and listed some stuff and the fees are below. Can anyone say if this is correct or can I contest it. £694.01 debt 24.50 Attendance to levy fees 46.00 levy fee 12.00walking possession fee 24.50 redemption of goods fee Total £801.01 Thanks
  14. Been treated badly by Bristol Street Motors? I have, and I plan to make them pay. I would welcome contact with like minded people who fancy a bit of direct action.
  15. Despite the Bank of England base rate remaining at 0.5%, Bank of Ireland is almost doubling its tracker rate. More ... Time to go find a mortgage somewhere else.
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