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  1. Hi all , not sure if anyone can help.. .. still got this ongoing issue. .. I have emailed the councillors for the area (as theres 3) a few times one email I got a reply saying they had passed info over to relevant department! I’ve not heard anything back chased it again today, but not holding my breath. I’ve just received a phone call from the enforcement team saying they were at my door for removal of goods (I’m at work so good luck with that one) is my next step citizens advice ? Or are they a waste of time
  2. sorry for the delay in replying had no internet, thanks for that info , we moved 180 mile away so probably being thick but do i find my councellor where i live now or the one for back up where the address was previously to contact?
  3. Appparently they sent a notice to the old address & then one to number 16 ( there is no number 16 just 16a,b &c) he’s saying they sent one so they can’t remove the £275 as they “had to do the groundwork to find us! “ he can send me another notice but it will have the 2 sets of fees on. Apparently there’s no law that says they have to remove it .. talk about bashing your head up a wall... is there anything else I can say/do ?
  4. I had a feeling it wouldnt be that straight forward being as their fees are more than the original council bill.. how do I find out the address on the court order? Do I have to phone the council back and ask them which court it was sent to ?
  5. Help required please... in relation to the above post... ive just phoned the office as advised by 2 posts.. he asked me to confirm our address as number 16 ( we're 16b) i relied "if thats what you have on file" he advised the the 1st letter was sent to the old address & a 2nd one was sent to number 16 (we're in a block of 3 flats so we have 16a,b,& c.. we never had a letter ) he's saying that because the letter was sent to 16 they HAVE to charge the visit fee. .. he can send me out a new letter but it will have the enforcement fee on too. . i told him under the
  6. thanks for your advice , nice to know what im on about when i ring them, no doubt they will try to fob me off !
  7. just got home & looked , the letter we had hand delivered is titled... enforcement visit warning .. going off the previous response we've not had the notice of enforcement to this address so will be taking the advice & ringing them as soon as they are open
  8. ok thanks for that, ill ring them tomorrow if they are open & if not will be monday . it was a honest mistake & i know we owe the money its just not having any notice & whacking £310 on top is the kick in the teeth , hopefully by telling them that they will have to take the £275 off the bill that they kindly added, but i will double check the wording on the letter that was hand delivered when i get home
  9. Thanks will do that too I’ve emailed the council asking for the information, what do I do once I know then the lo was issued
  10. ok thanks will get back onto the council , what do i do about the bloke from the debt collectors that keeps ringing & knocking the door ? just leave him too it ? and is there anything specific i say to the council ? to make sure i get the right info & doesn't come back to bite me ?
  11. the woman said the outstanding amount is ... & its been passed over to Bristow & Sutor now .. thats all she said
  12. im at work at the moment, on my break & didn't bring it with me, ill check when i get home tonight
  13. i think thats the one that was hand delivered yesterday, thats the only letter we've had which is how we found out this debt exists
  14. Hi all, sorry for the long post but never been in this position before.... we received an enforcement letter through the door last night in my old name ( i changed my name via deed poll) demanding £542 . after doing some ringing around we've established its for a part unpaid council tax bill in 2014 ( which we wasn't aware of until we got this letter yesterday) phoned the council who advised the amount outstanding is £192.04 and gave us the dates (it was an honest mistake at a crap time & didn't even realise it wasn't paid until now) they are saying they wont help now i
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