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  1. My friend I live with owes some council tax which he has been paying back monthly. He owes 246 pounds, and was supposed to make a payment on 15th month. He forgot, it was not a deliberate oversight. The bailiff came to the door, thought he was going to smash the door down. I went running down in my nightie wondering what the hell was wrong. This man just said you are being recorded and can I speak to so n so. I am working for the council, and I am from Bristol and sutor. I replied he's not in. Then he said can you ring him and I said no because I'm waiting for a very important call. This was true btw. I have an autistic son who is very depressed He then gave me the most horrendous look, didnt believe a word I was saying, and no chance to say anything else. Pushed a letter in my hand. Get him to ring me. When my friend got in he rang the man and say I believe you have been to my home, and tried to explain that it was an oversight. THe man just said I want the whole amount by Wednesday ,or I am removing goods and your car if you have one. He asked if I work which I do part time, but my friend said it's nothing to do with you, its my debt, and we were not living in the same property then. My friend then put the phone down on this obnoxious person who was really shockingly nasty in his manner. Rang the council tax to advise them, cant take the debt back. Gave me a number to call Bristow and sutor number office Guess what their computers were down. Though the man on the phone said they can't take goods if they've not been in the house. my big concern is my huge autistic son who has big anxiety issues and will not take kindly to us being threatened. Most of the stuff in the house is mine, nothing of any value. The car is on HP and I need it to get my son to appointments, he never goes anywhere unaccompanied, because he can't What can I do we don't have that money till my friend gets paid again on the 15th i don't have enough to pay it all from what I have left. He had every intention of paying it. any advice in a short time would help 2 days to find this money .......
  2. Hi anyone An elderly family member wascammed into buying something from a disgusting company who are now liquidated and under investigation by SOC.Now they are getting hounded by a company called straetus for storage fees for something that actually does not exist or is only worth a tenth of what they have paid.I can't actually say too much, but it's extremely distressing to my family member and it could kill them.I have reported it to FCA but apparently this company does not have to work under licenced rules. The company is listed as dormant and as working.The letters come from UK,and Ireland and what appears to be a mail sort centre.ANy advice would be helpful. I am in contact with the person who is director of this company by email and I am trying to get them to agree to deal with myself so it takes the distress away from an 81 plus year old. I have kept all letters and emails. Thank you in advance for any advice.
  3. Hi can anyone advise how the payment system works for back dated pip. My son got a letter to state he was awarded enhanced disability and low mobility, after 7 months. Unfortunately it was paid to a closed account on 12 Dec. No warning that he was getting a payment, or to check if details were correct, my son has autism. I rang to give an account number it could be paid to, and they said it will take a week for the payment to be sent back to them, then my son and I have rang practically every day to see if it was back, my son has extreme anxiety. After getting a load of tripe off call handlers, eventually a team leader advised the payment had been received back to them and was with the case manager who has to resend payment to the correct account. Are the payments made by chaps?bacs?He's very upset it's taking so long, has not been out of his room he's so depressed. Can it be paid quicker, he is 22 and was only diagnosed this year after assessments from age 4 years, misdiagnosis also, there's another story.Thankyou
  4. Thankyou for your advice I will start with cab, then a solicitor, depending on how we get on.
  5. okay off to cab next week I go, hopefully with son in tow, he's not very good at engaging as he does not understand a whole conversation, gets things jumbles up, and is not dyslexic. Thankyou Renegadeimp
  6. I forgot to mention, also that a company called consumer action bureau, have also been calling on a regular basis, for my son. I have asked them to remove our number off the database. I think they ring to try get him to pay to sort that debt out, but they wont give me any info. Bunch of pondlife. I lost my temper with them, and told them to bu**er off. I have told them so many times they have no right calling our number.
  7. Thankyou, Thankyou, my son was threatening ending his life. I hope he understands when I tell him this. The crisis team said they thought he was being exploited. I don't have his permission to handle his affairs as yet on this one, but I will explain that it is important, to get rid of this mess, and hope he realises. He is just 21, and thinks he is able to manage.
  8. Hi My son is on employment support allowance, he has adhd, odd and possible asg, he was told how to access a loan company. He got a loan for 400 pounds from pounds to pocket. It was too late for me to stop him, and I had no knowledge until after the fact, then he starts to get the letters of default that I found under his bed, now Makenzie Hall are ringing our home telephone. He has never worked and is not expected to, he is not in the support group for esa, as I think they have written him off due to his disabilities. His impulsiveness is a horrendous problem and it gets him into all sorts of trouble. I have looked at the p2p website and they state you have to be employed to get a loan from them, he told them he was only on esa, and disability benefit(however he does not get disability benefit)He gets confused. They gave him a loan to his bank account, so that sees him taking all his esa out, before they can get hold of it, that means trips to the bank at 2am, and his money is spent the very same day. He has no idea of spending carefully. I asked him did he tell them he was working and he said no mam, only told them I was getting my esa, and disability, which he does not get, although he should. So now I have got a very stressed 21 year old who has the social age of a 14 year old. He's scared to answer his phone, and keeps saying he can't cope. What is the best way to deal with this one please?. Thankyou
  9. My partner had a loan out with payday advance, unfortunately we got into the mess of having to take out 200 every month as we are always getting short due to interest payments, but have always paid them back on time. This month however we have an unexpected problem, and needed the money to purchase repairs on the car, to be able to continue to get to work. We spoke to the bank about a week ago, and cancelled the payment, but they said they might still take it, and we had to cancel with them too. Well they have taken it, and now we cant get the repairs done, and it has left us short again, moreso than usual. Can we the get the bank to claw the money back, and I have just found out they take the money by cpa, not dd or standing order, which we did not understand. Next steps to take please anyone?
  10. Wowza you guys are the bees knees! I am making notes, and will shoot one off to them will keep it sweet and short and to the point. Just in case virgin cut us off, as we have to cut back on everything, which is not much, is there a postal address too? They are another kettle of fish by the way lol. I will be checking out their broken promises as well!
  11. Ah well have the visa number at last 08453660391, shut till Monday. Money shop can whistle to the tune of a quid a month, they caused us hardship and cant afford the five we agreed, because of their greed! Thanks again guys xxxyou are wonderful
  12. Its a basic account debit card, has the visa sign on the back. He told them he has communication difficulties and they still said no. What a bag of worms I have opened.......
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