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Found 11 results

  1. Hi guys thanks in advance for any replys, all help appreciated. I received a letter through the post to state that I had been charged with the offence of being the registered keeper of an uninsured motor vehicle. The letter I received was sent to my old address (mums house), stating that I either need to reply guilty or not guilty etc to the above offence. The vehicle in question was my old car that was left at my mums on the driveway for her to scrap/sell, I had moved the insurance from this car onto my new car so at this point the car was uninsured. Due to the
  2. I'm seeking some advice... Cutting long story short - a couple of years ago someone else (my partner) was driving my car (with my permission) with me as a passenger. Partner had a fully comp insurance and wrongly thought it contained a third party insurance on my car (i accept it was a very stupid mistake, and we have learnt a lesson to check all details on insurance big time!). Partner was not listed on my policy. My vehicle was involved in a minor collision with another vehicle while being driven by my partner. No visible damage to either of the cars and third p
  3. Hi my father past away on June 3rd my brother in-law was still driving his car so I contacted DVLA to inform them. they sent me back the tax that was left over and unregistered it. 2 weeks later he was still driving it so I contacted them again they said they had past it on to nsl to be towed or clamped, when I phoned nsl they had no idea what I was talking about, so I wrote a complaint to DVLA online. I received a reply saying they would deal with it when they were in the area. 2 weeks later he was still driving it so I wrote another complaint I also told them when they were drivi
  4. Hello, I may need some guidance please. Last Wednesday I was travelling home from work, came off an A road onto a slip road which leads to a roundabout. There was a queue of traffic waiting to enter the roundabout. I joined the queue and was stationary when a vehicle behind me failed to stop and ran into the back of my car with quite some speed. I was propelled forward and almost hit the car in front of me., luckily there was no impact as my car came to a stop before hitting them. The guy who hit me got out of his car and stated he was sorry and accepts full responsibility
  5. I had an accident on the 31st July... I was driving down a main road when a car didn't stop at a stop sign, and pulled straight out in front of me. We exchanged details and everything, he said it was a company car and he didn't know the insurance company but he gave me the name of the company. When I got home I rang Hastings and gave them all the details. The next day Albany phoned, a courtesy car was arranged and my car was booked in for collection. That afternoon the driver of the other car rang me to say that he wasn't on their fleet policy so was uninsured. I then rang Hast
  6. This is what the DVLA have sent me. [ATTACH=CONFIG]46474[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]46475[/ATTACH] I'll try to keep it brief as I can. In March/April this year I paid the DVLA £50 for the car not being insured and took their advice that the car needed to be SORN. The vehicle was not being used due to water leak problems. ( car was still taxed but insurance cancelled) Took the advice and sent off SORN and left it at that. Come 2nd week of August I receive this requisition. Within a week i plead not guilty (on behalf of wife- as it his her car) and wait. Last week 11th Sept, I beg
  7. Hi guys, First post here. I found the forum while on google. I don't have any paperwork infront of me so I will just give you the basic outline of my story minus all the road traffic act BS etc. My motorbike was up for sale, so I put a full MOT and 12 months TAX on to help sell it. It didn't sell and it just sat in my shed. A few months went by and I got a demand from the DVLA as my bike was no longer insured. I had to insure it or sorn it. I could return the tax disc for a refund. Failure to do so would end up with penalty or court. Being disorganized, I had lost the new tax di
  8. I sold my vehicle to a on 11 December 2012 and sent the completed V5 form back to the DVLA. After a few weeks I realised that I had not received confirmation of the change of owner. I then received a letter from the MID stating that my vehicle was uninsured. I phoned MID and explained that the vehicle had been sold. They told me to phone DVLA and find out if they had received the V5. To which I did, and DVLA confirmed they had not received it. They advised me to send them a letter detailing the new owners address details and the date of sale, to which I did on 28th February 2013. I heard
  9. Ok a bit of backgrounf info. I sold my car and posted the slip off to the DVLA. I didnt get a receipt in the 4 weeks and didnt contact the. I got a "Requisition" letter from them and pleaded not guilty and sent it to the Prosecutor at the DVLA, not the court. I was waiting for a reply before the court date as I had informed them in a letter attached with the not guilty plea that I would be on holiday and would not be able to attend. Nothing came and I was found guilty in my absence. I rang the court when I got back as there was a notice of a fine collection and collection order on the ma
  10. Hi all I foolishly drove on a provisional by myself and am now being summoned to court over this offence and driving without third party insurance, i was and am still named as a driver on my girlfriends policy. i intend to plead guilty via post and was wondering if anybody know what my likely punishment would be and the best way of escaping a ban. i am not condoning this and agree i should be punished
  11. hi there Sorry Im struggling to get my head round what to do in this situation I have had 1 letter which is a requisition that I attend court on the 4th Oct ( which i cant as I am working ) And I want to reply to the case stating my side So it is for no insurance on a vehicle which I, probably in my naivety, thought was sorned and okay I sent the sorn notice off in Feb, didnt get any response but to be honest never chased it. It was off road and still is, parked on private ground. I didnt know it had to be insured when sorned, and again, never took much notice to the ne
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