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  1. What I mean is I understand that I'm in the wrong for having no insurance on the car I accept that. My question really is how likely are the dvla going to be willing to return to the fixed penalty notice stage as I don't live at that address no more so didn't recieve the fine via post
  2. Hi guys thanks in advance for any replys, all help appreciated. I received a letter through the post to state that I had been charged with the offence of being the registered keeper of an uninsured motor vehicle. The letter I received was sent to my old address (mums house), stating that I either need to reply guilty or not guilty etc to the above offence. The vehicle in question was my old car that was left at my mums on the driveway for her to scrap/sell, I had moved the insurance from this car onto my new car so at this point the car was uninsured. Due to the
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