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Found 12 results

  1. I have 4 CC, 2 with cap 1 and 2 with aqua, so all classed as bad credit, credit cards, I am happy with aqua, but cap 1 I am considering cancelling, why, because ive had the cards for over 3 years, use them, pay off, never been late, or over limit, yet my limit on both is still just £200, now, am I cutting my nose to spite my face by cancelling these, ie, will it harm my credit file by cancelling them, I doubt id ever be that desperate to ever need to access the £400 total across both cards, but again, is there any benefit to keep them. Also my wife has 7 cards, but only use
  2. Hello All, I signed up with a GYM and within the gym also signed up with a personal trainer. I signed up for 20 sessions for 500£ and over the course of time, I used them all. During this time, I made friends with the personal trainer and he asked if I would like to sign up for another 20 and I was happy to. He asked if I could pay him cash as that would save him money and I did. For the first payment that I made in his bank account, I had received a acknowledgement on email but not for the second cash payment. There was no written agreement signed or emailed in either
  3. The DVLA are [removed]! I bought a car,& taxed it for 6 months, but almost immediately decided I didn't like it so applied to get a tax refund and they are saying I'm not the registered keeper, because the dealer didn't send his part of the registration document back to DVLA... so where does this leave me...? I can't afford to throw £120 away... Is there a complaints procedure, please? TB
  4. I bought a pair of boots from Littlewoods in December and use a £30 discount code. They did not fit and were immediately returned. They're now charging me for the value of the discount code even though I didn't keep the item. The customer service told me I'm required to pay for the 'broken discount code' (whatever that means as I didn't break any code!!) Perhaps she meant breaking a contract but I assume one is entitled to return online good without penalty. So can anyone enlighten me regarding this issue as I can't understand what is going on and how I'll paying £30 for trying a pair of shoes
  5. Been PAYE for the last 50 years now I have finally retired and receive a small private pension and state pension which are fixed amounts the wonderful HMRC insist I go onto Self Assessment and to add insult to injury because they made an error last year they want me to pay £249 in underpaid tax for the year 2011/12.I have advised them that my middle names are Starbuck-Google-Arcadia and I want to negotiate a write off for the £249,to date no reply FS
  6. Hi, Ordered a sim only off these guys, had it delivered via mail order with 14 day coolant off period. When received I had no signal so notified them straight away and was advised to dispose of the sim and they would cancel the account. They have now registered a default for £43 on my credit file, there call centre is outsourced so have no direct contact surely this is unjustified as no service was ever provided.
  7. Hi guys, First post here. I found the forum while on google. I don't have any paperwork infront of me so I will just give you the basic outline of my story minus all the road traffic act BS etc. My motorbike was up for sale, so I put a full MOT and 12 months TAX on to help sell it. It didn't sell and it just sat in my shed. A few months went by and I got a demand from the DVLA as my bike was no longer insured. I had to insure it or sorn it. I could return the tax disc for a refund. Failure to do so would end up with penalty or court. Being disorganized, I had lost the new tax di
  8. Hi, does anyone know if Argos are flexible in regards to the 30 days thing on their returns policy (with a bit of persuasion)? I bought a gas BBQ at the start of June, but didn't realise that gas for the bloody thing would cost more than the actual barbeque...so ideally I'd like to swap it for a charcoal one. In the past I've known Argos to be fairly flexible in regards to their returns policy...would they give me store credit for it? It's in perfect condition and hasn't even been taken out of the box. I just spoke to someone on their "customer services" helpline who said there
  9. Hi Folks, I somehow missed a letter from Amex offering a 70% debt settlement. Now they have reffered the matter to debt collection agent. Can i still get chance of asking for the offer? Cheers
  10. Hi everyone, can anybody advise me please? My wife has a Nationwide flex account which she has not used since opening a new bank account 2 years ago. I noticed last year that her statement from this account was £15 overdrawn, must have been this way for 2yrs as all direct debits etc were cancelled when she opened her new account. After getting a statement today we noticed that the account is now £75 overdrawn as for the past 3 months they have charged her £20 pm for an unarranged overdraft. Firstly, can they do this? and if they can why now and not anytime over the la
  11. Hi, Can anyone tell me if I am entitled to unused holiday pay. I was recently employed by a well know national recruitment agency to work for another company on a 6 month full-time contract. I believe that this entitles me to 14 statutory days pay. I took 6 days holiday half-way through my employment and received holiday pay covering this, which left 8 days holiday not taken before the contract finished. Can anyone tell me where I stand, am I by law entitled to receive this unused holiday pay. I emailed the recruitment agency yesterday saying that I had not been paid m
  12. I'm hoping someone can advise me on here about what my daughter should do re a barclays account which was opened approximately 3 years ago. Initially she agreed to pay a £5 fee per month for insurance on her mobile phone but the account was never used. She had a telephone call a few weeks after opening the account and told the caller that she didn't want to have the £5 fee added each month because she got insurance elsewhere and they said they would do that. As I said earlier she has never ever used the account yet has been issued with a statement showing that she owes approximately £200 wh
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