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You can now change your notification sounds by going to this link https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/index.php?/&app=soundboard&module=soundboard&controller=managesounds


You can find a library of free notification sounds in several places on the Internet. Here's one which has a very large selection https://notificationsounds.com/notification-sounds



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  1. To update this thread 11 months on... Things are still trundling on with my claim. I eventually received a cheque from Hastings in August/September. I then heard nothing until I got a letter from Hastings solicitor, asking for uninsured losses etc. Having spoken to the solicitor, it seems like the other side had no idea of the claim, that was weeks ago. Now my renewal has come up, it's more than double what it was and I've lost my no claims. I don't think this is fair given the fact Hastings have taken far too long to sort things out. If the other party admit liability then Hastings get paid, if they don't because the other driver was an uninsured driver then Hastings can claim their money from the MIB (which is what I think they should have done from the start, and what I got told in the first place.) Either way Hastings will get paid, yet I'm having to take the hit!
  2. I had an accident on the 31st July... I was driving down a main road when a car didn't stop at a stop sign, and pulled straight out in front of me. We exchanged details and everything, he said it was a company car and he didn't know the insurance company but he gave me the name of the company. When I got home I rang Hastings and gave them all the details. The next day Albany phoned, a courtesy car was arranged and my car was booked in for collection. That afternoon the driver of the other car rang me to say that he wasn't on their fleet policy so was uninsured. I then rang Hastings and told them what he had told me; they said I would be covered under the uninsured drivers promise - it wouldn't effect my no claims, if they proved he was uninsured then my excess would be waived, else my excess would be claimed back either from the otherside or under the promise. In any case Hastings canceled Albany and issued new instructions to Nationwide. Nationwide then collected my car, gave me a courtesy car, and kept me informed every step of the way. They told me on the 7th August they had issued a quote for repairs to Hastings, and were waiting for instructions. On the 9th Nationwide phoned me to arrange collection of the courtesy car as my vehicle had been declared a total loss. During this phone call they said they had waited to phone, so Hastings had the time to call me and inform me of the total loss. On the 12th August I had still not been contacted by Hastings, so I decided to contact them. The person on the phone didn't know about the total loss, and had to put me on hold to phone nationwide. Once she came back to me she told me that Hastings hadn't been informed of the total loss until now. - How can this be? Surely it is Hastings who decide whether to repair my car or not? During the past two weeks I have phoned Hastings a number of times to try establish what is going on, and each time I get told something different. However I have asked whether the other driver is insured numerous times and each time; I get told the car is insured but the drivers not. Each time I get told that means my claim will be dealt with under the uninsured drivers promise. When I then discuss what this means - I get told my no claims wont be affected. When I ask about my excess they tell me I still have to pay it, as the insurance schedule only says I keep my no claims. This is despite the fact the website says I don't pay my excess (I have evidence to prove this, in case they change it) and the first guy telling me my excess would be waived if it was proved he was uninsured. Yesterday I had a phone call to tell me what happens next. Suddenly Hastings are claiming that since the other car was insured, he technically wasn't an uninsured driver and they will be claiming against the fleet insurance, I will have to pay my excess but will be able to claim it from the other party if they admit liability. - Now to me this just seems like Hastings is trying to pull a fast one, so I have to shoulder the costs and I loose my no claims. No way is the fleet insurer going to admit liability for a driver not on their policy! If it was the other way round Hastings wouldn't admit liability would they! Finally I got a letter today saying I need to send my V5C (along with other documents) to the address below, however there was no address below! I find the need to send my V5c strange, seen as I will need to use this to 'sell' the car to Hastings once we have agreed a price.
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