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Found 8 results

  1. Charity regulator finds serious failings at unregistered organisation READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/charity-regulator-finds-serious-failings-at-unregistered-organisation
  2. Hi folks. I've just realised the DVLA haven't registered my change of address from three years ago because I've not been receiving a tax reminder for the car but I get one for the bike. I've contacted them about this and they're saying they want £25 and a completed V62 for a new one to be sent. Sounds a bit of a cheek to me, what's to stop the same thing from happening again? Especially seeing as any motoring correspondence like fines would have been sent to that address. Things could have escalated without me even knowing. However, that said, I don't think there'll be anything like that, but the principle remains. I'll know to get proof of posting from the Post Office in future. Isn't it part of contract law, that notice via post is considered given at the point of posting? Or does this not really fall within that. Please help!
  3. Hi all. You may have seen my thread titled Employment Support Allowance Advice Appreciated... Lost Tribunal and this information is also on there but I thought I would start a new thread because I feel that this information is important and may help others who have been through the stressful appeals and Tribunals. If you followed my thread you will note that I lost an appeal for ESA but appealed to the Upper Tribunal on two counts, one being that an Unregistered GP sat on my Tribunal and all the evidence I could find online pointed to the fact that any GP sitting on the Tribunal should have been registered with the General Medical Council. Incredibly after harbouring little hope that any admission would be made about this I have received a letter today from The Tribunals Service admitting this "oversight" and have set aside the original Tribunals decision and are going to send me a date for a new Tribunal hearing. I won't go into the details of the pros and cons for me on that on this thread but the point being is that if any of you have lost a Tribunal Appeal and an Unregistered GP or Medical Practitioner sat on your Tribunal then this more than likely if the same applies for everyone means that you could be entitled to a new Tribunal on the basis that you had an Unqualified Tribunal Member sitting on your hearing. I have attached my letters from The Tribunal Service on my thread (http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?462132-Employment-Support-Allowance-Advice-Appreciated...-Lost-Tribunal/page18 POST 350) and you should be able to check if your Medical Practitioner who sat on your Tribunal was/is registered by using the search facility on the General Medical Councils website. Hopefully this will help some of you have a second chance.....
  4. Hi my father past away on June 3rd my brother in-law was still driving his car so I contacted DVLA to inform them. they sent me back the tax that was left over and unregistered it. 2 weeks later he was still driving it so I contacted them again they said they had past it on to nsl to be towed or clamped, when I phoned nsl they had no idea what I was talking about, so I wrote a complaint to DVLA online. I received a reply saying they would deal with it when they were in the area. 2 weeks later he was still driving it so I wrote another complaint I also told them when they were driving to wales from Winchester "about 350 mile trip there and back" and what route they were taking for the 3rd time since reporting it, and still he was driving it a week later. I have also reported this to the police twice in person twice by phone, i have reported it to a traffic warden and to a council official who again informed the police. I also took photos of the car parked in a disabled bay using my deceased fathers disabled blue badge and passed that information to the right people and still today over 2 months later he is still driving it. I would really like to know when are the authorities put there to protect us concerned for the public safety on our roads. You can not even look up this car any longer as apparently it does not exist.
  5. I applied to be self employed when I had a website business idea. It didn't go anywhere, didn't make any money doing it what so ever, so decided to fill in the online form to unregister myself. I then received a letter in December 2013 saying that I needed to pay national insurance contributions, but didn't need to pay if I unregister, which in January, I done again. Now yesterday, I received a letter from HM Revenue & Customs, "It's time to complete your tax return". What am I suppose to do? I haven't received any confirmation that I have unregistered.
  6. Hi All, I hope you are able to help. At an arrival station I tried to tap out and realised that my card had insufficient funds. I approached the guard who took my oyster card and asked some preliminary questions, but didn't get my details. I explained I had forgot to tap in so didn't know until I arrived that the card needed topping up. The line was long, I was late for work, the gate was open and in a moment of uncharacteristic rebellion I walked off. I appreciate that this is a case of outright fare evasion in their eyes. But what I would like to determine is. The card is unregistered but I have topped it up with a debit card in the past. Can/will they trace me and prosecute by tracking the debit card used on the Oyster? I am debating whether to go back and pay or if that is just inviting more trouble on myself. Thanks, KW
  7. I do not have the money to pay off my utility bills the moment my tenancy agreement finishes, however I am going to pay them two weeks later. The tenancy agreement states that my deposit can be used against: any unpaid accounts for utilities (gas electric etc) consumed by the Tenant and for which the Tenant is liable. Now, all the bills are on my name. The agent has failed to register my deposit which ive only found out a few days ago and so I have asked him to give me the deposit in cash the day of the checkout because that would be in his best interest (on the basis that I would not take the matter any further). He is now saying that he would give it to me on the day providing that there is no damage and any outstanding bills. 1. How am I meant to pay for the utility bills if I have not provided the company with the final reading anyway? 2. Is this term in the agreement correct or can it be deemed as not correct in terms of wording? Is he allowed to keep part of the deposit for the utility bills that are on my name? I understand where I stand legaly in regards to the deposit and the fact that I can claim because of his failure in compliing with the DTS. I know he broke the law but that is a different case. That is something I can take up later. I just want to know what happens at the time of the checkout if i say to him look, ive not paid but that is not your concern as the bills are on my name and I have provided the utility companys with my new address and I have also set up a mail redirection for the property? I don't even know how to go about it if he intends to keep a portion of my deposit on the day!? Sorry if my post is a bit messy. Thanks
  8. Hi All, I am hoping that someone out there can shed some light on the rights and regulations governing tenants and letting agents in the UK. In addition, if either party (in my case the letting agent) is not complying with the contract and UK governing law, what action can be taken? I am not currently looking to take formal legal action against the letting agent concerned, merely escalate the matter so that this situation can in some way be resolved without any further frustration and negativity. I can provide more details if necessary, but for the timebeing here are a few key points: No inventory taken (furnished unit) - Agent notified - No action No notification of visits to the property (24hrs written notice or other) by the Landlord or Agent Access to the property provided to contractors by Landlord without prior notification or agreement (24hrs written notice or other) Faulty appliances and household services only attended to after several months following various written requests Formal written correspondence regarding the above (the 4th or 5th letter sent to the Agent) results in a response from the Agent which is personal and unprofessional (this is their first acknowledgement and response to any of my letters relating to the matters noted above). Following the repair and replacement of various appliances and similar, which were found to be faulty on occupation of the unit, the Agent sends further inappropriate correspondence in his and the Landlord's defence. Regardess of the circumstances the Agent now threatens to give defamatory references to any prospective letting agents whose services I may wish to make use of in the future. In addition, the Agent involved will not provide the details of the Company Directors or Shareholders and they are not registered with any governing body. Any advice / comments are welcome.
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