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  1. I do not have the money to pay off my utility bills the moment my tenancy agreement finishes, however I am going to pay them two weeks later. The tenancy agreement states that my deposit can be used against: any unpaid accounts for utilities (gas electric etc) consumed by the Tenant and for which the Tenant is liable. Now, all the bills are on my name. The agent has failed to register my deposit which ive only found out a few days ago and so I have asked him to give me the deposit in cash the day of the checkout because that would be in his best interest (on the basis that I would not take the matter any further). He is now saying that he would give it to me on the day providing that there is no damage and any outstanding bills. 1. How am I meant to pay for the utility bills if I have not provided the company with the final reading anyway? 2. Is this term in the agreement correct or can it be deemed as not correct in terms of wording? Is he allowed to keep part of the deposit for the utility bills that are on my name? I understand where I stand legaly in regards to the deposit and the fact that I can claim because of his failure in compliing with the DTS. I know he broke the law but that is a different case. That is something I can take up later. I just want to know what happens at the time of the checkout if i say to him look, ive not paid but that is not your concern as the bills are on my name and I have provided the utility companys with my new address and I have also set up a mail redirection for the property? I don't even know how to go about it if he intends to keep a portion of my deposit on the day!? Sorry if my post is a bit messy. Thanks
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