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  1. Thank you both. Very kind. Went back to the station and fessed up. The guy wasn't there so I explained and they sold me a standard fare ticket for today. Tomorrow the guy will be back in so I will throw myself at his mercy and hopefully avoid big trouble.
  2. Thanks for your help. Does anyone know of any examples where they have used debit payment details on an unregistered oyster card to trace a 'bilker'? And would turning myself in result in clemency in this kind of situation or should I just stay away?
  3. Hi All, I hope you are able to help. At an arrival station I tried to tap out and realised that my card had insufficient funds. I approached the guard who took my oyster card and asked some preliminary questions, but didn't get my details. I explained I had forgot to tap in so didn't know until I arrived that the card needed topping up. The line was long, I was late for work, the gate was open and in a moment of uncharacteristic rebellion I walked off. I appreciate that this is a case of outright fare evasion in their eyes. But what I would like to determine is. The card is unregistered but I have topped it up with a debit card in the past. Can/will they trace me and prosecute by tracking the debit card used on the Oyster? I am debating whether to go back and pay or if that is just inviting more trouble on myself. Thanks, KW
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