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  1. Thanks for the replies. I called the number on the PCN and explained what had happened and I earn over the threshold. He did cancel the charge though because I'm claiming Universal Credit for the child support element. Looks like I'll just go back to paying for a prepayment card.
  2. Ah, it seems perhaps not, as our earnings are above the £935 threshold mentioned on that site. Thank you though.
  3. It does not say anything.
  4. Hello. I have received one of these penalty notices for a prescription from several months ago. I usually have a prepayment card but they're saying it may have expired, which it could have done. Unfortunately, I can't find the card itself so I can't confirm. I was going to pay the penalty on the grounds I may have carelessly let it expire but on the website for paying it says I may be entitled to free NHS prescriptions as I'm claiming Universal Credit. I can't recall which elements but I suspect it's child tax credits and possibly something due to not high salary. I'd never considered that I may be eligible but if this is true, then I may have been buying the prepayment card unnecessarily. Which makes me wonder if I can avoid paying this fine because even though I ticked the box to say I have a prepayment card, which was technically not the case if it's expired, I may be eligible for free prescriptions. Assuming I am, which I will try to determine next week for sure, do you think I can appeal the penalty based on the wrong box being ticked but ultimately it not be a fraudulent claim because I am entitled to them free anyway. Does that make sense? Your thoughts on the matter are all appreciated.
  5. I thought I'd come back to update this. Without reading where I left off I will quickly summarize. I didn't hear back from FCE but instead received a letter from, if I recall correctly, UCS (Ultimate Customer Solutions). I explained the same thing to them and enclosed a copy of the letter I sent to FCE and have not heard anything back. The cashier at the garage asked me awhile ago if I'd got everything sorted and I told them I haven't paid anyone other than sending the garage the cheque which he says they can't cash and is pinned up on a notice board in the office. They are not bothered because FCE reimbursed them anyway he says. @ericsbrother, this is an interesting twist and whilst I am tempted to follow up with the garage I do not wish to be barred from using it's services if they decided to be an arse about it. FCE on the other hand, I may well pursue. Could you point me in the direction of some more information regarding illiegally processing personal information so I can see what my footing is in this respect. Thank you to everyone that has contributed here.
  6. Hi everyone. Firstly, apologies if this is not in the correct subforum. I use a Revolut card for my daily purchases. It's one of these internet banks, you get an account and card, and you top it up, etc. Today, there's a standalone cash machine in town, operated by CashZone and instead of dispensing money it retained my card. A second chap came along whilst I was calling the wife and I was too late to warn him not the use it and it took his card too. I called the number on the sticker on the ATM and gave them the ATM ID number and they said it's blocked and not to worry because any cards will be emptied and destroyed. I have ordered another card but it costs me £5 delivery. I was just wondering, were I feeling so inclined, where I stood with their obligation to refund me for the cost of requiring a new card. It was there faulty machine that retained the card for no good reason after all. If they intend to permanently deprive me of it without permission then is that not theft? Your thoughts on the situation would be appreciated.
  7. For reference to anyone following this in the future I have dropped the garage a letter explaining a cheque will be in the post as soon as my cheque book arrives or they are welcome to contact me using my provided details if they wish me to pay sooner. I have also written a letter to FCE who's first letter arrived on Friday saying I have not yet paid the balance so they've added a £60 admin fee. I will be posting my letter to them tomorrow explaining I told the attendant at the garage I did not wish to sign up to their services and left my contact details with them for when they contacted the police. They have signed me up to their services against my wishes and I did not sign anything.
  8. I have every intention of paying for the fuel, I went back and tried but was refused. The policeman I spoke to was surprised by this and originally phoned to tell them they have to accept payment. It was only when they spoke of this FCE involvement that he said to just pay them. He said he would be surprised if there were any additional charges to pay but without them FCE's business model is not sustainable. I am just unsure if here in my local authority this FCE has any legal standing. If not, I can send a cheque with proof of posting and that should be the end of it whether they cash it or not, it's their call.
  9. I do not know if what you say is particularly true because they did report it to the police and during my conversation with the police afterwards they said the garage should have accepted payment and that would have been it. By showing all the signs of being willing to pay but temporarily unable, I think you would struggle to prove it as theft and have the rozzers after me as you suggest. My understanding is that it would be a civil matter that they could have sued me for but I could be wrong.
  10. Hello everyone. I had an appointment to attend to this morning so off I went in the car only to find it low on fuel. I popped a bit of fuel in and queued to pay. I didn't pay though because as you've already probably guessed I had forgotten my card. So, when I got to the counter I explained that I couldn't pay but I'll pop back in later once I get back and have collected my card. He said no, this isn't possible, I had to give my details and pay ForeCourt Eye instead. I said I wanted to make it clear I'm not refusing to pay and that I'd be back later to pay. I said I didn't know anything about this ForeCourt Eye and I was getting my fuel from this garage so I didn't see how they were involved. I gave my name address and phone number and said I had to go because I needed to be somewhere for an appointment. He said he'd call the police if I didn't fill out the rest of his form so I apologised and left. About 2-3 hours later I had collected my card and went back to pay and was smugly told that it had already been passed onto ForeCourt Eye so I'd need to wait for them to contact me. I asked if they were refusing payment and they said yes. I called the police to explain and they called the garage because they'd been told I had refused to pay. They were going to tell the garage they needed to accept payment but got back to me saying it's the first they've heard of FCE (ForeCourt Eye) but it seems they have passed it on and I should pay them direct and advised the police once I had done so. FCE's website is claiming an additional £6 admin fee which, whilst is not a great amount, doesn't seem like they are really in a position to even get involved. I have checked the pump and to the side, on the pillar, there is a slightly faded poster stuck to it that talks about FCE. Am I somehow bound to their terms or can I fight this on the grounds they have no authority to request payment on behalf of the garage? Or any other defence that I can use? Your thoughts on this are appreciated.
  11. Hi folks. I've just realised the DVLA haven't registered my change of address from three years ago because I've not been receiving a tax reminder for the car but I get one for the bike. I've contacted them about this and they're saying they want £25 and a completed V62 for a new one to be sent. Sounds a bit of a cheek to me, what's to stop the same thing from happening again? Especially seeing as any motoring correspondence like fines would have been sent to that address. Things could have escalated without me even knowing. However, that said, I don't think there'll be anything like that, but the principle remains. I'll know to get proof of posting from the Post Office in future. Isn't it part of contract law, that notice via post is considered given at the point of posting? Or does this not really fall within that. Please help!
  12. Firstly, my apologies for not getting back sooner. I would like to thank everyone who contributed here and advise that after several letters explaining the situation and possible outcomes, the old landlord opted for the x2 settlement we requested. Thanks again.
  13. May I ask for more assistance with the next step, filing the claim, if that is the way this goes?
  14. Absolutely. I did not mention it until king12345 started up and then I got carried away. The original claim is as you mentioned, with essentially, no other motive other than that the law provides us with this opportunity.
  15. They could potentially charge for storage? We would at least be able to have the items returned if this were the case. Otherwise, they still disposed of the items without informing. So now what?
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