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  1. Thank you for your reply. Can you tell me how you are arriving at the 14 days? Is it because 14 days is considered a reasonable time to get someone come to fix or replace it? If that's the case they could well send someone after Christmas and it be within good time. I note the act states it should be "without significant inconvenience" to the consumer - would a malfunctioning oven over Christmas qualify do you think?
  2. We bought a new oven from appliancesdirect.co.uk three months ago and it is faulty. It does not get up to it's maximum temperature according to our thermometer (and the same meals take longer) and the top oven's grill element seems to turn off and on whenever it pleases. I am not aware that either of these are marketed as features so assume they're faults. The other half emailed them and they told her to trot on and that her guarantee was with the manufacturer. It's my understanding that our first recourse is with the retailer because it's not of satisfacto
  3. Thanks BankFodder. I wasn't intending on making bones about it with them but I was irked at being dismissed with the phrase 'it's store policy'. I returned it because I was returning an air hockey game which wasn't functioning properly. I would have assumed that if it were designed as a toy for an audience that may be prone to dropping it, it would be made to be suitably durable. I was expecting that a year would have been reasonable and by it not lasting it was, as you mentioned, not of satisfactory quality. Alas, it's not something I wish to pursue to find out for sure.
  4. Hi all.. My lad has a Flip Slide toy from Smyth's that stopped working. It's a bit like a Rubics style puzzle toy with flashing lights and a voice to explain various things. It was bought last year in December and a couple of months ago the audio no longer works. I can't choose the game type because I can't remember the options that would normally be spoken at the beginning. Anyway, I took it back because I was returning his birthday present, which they promptly replaced but said as this Flip Slide was bought over 6 months old they wouldn't replace it. It's not unre
  5. Thanks for the replies. I called the number on the PCN and explained what had happened and I earn over the threshold. He did cancel the charge though because I'm claiming Universal Credit for the child support element. Looks like I'll just go back to paying for a prepayment card.
  6. Ah, it seems perhaps not, as our earnings are above the £935 threshold mentioned on that site. Thank you though.
  7. It does not say anything.
  8. Hello. I have received one of these penalty notices for a prescription from several months ago. I usually have a prepayment card but they're saying it may have expired, which it could have done. Unfortunately, I can't find the card itself so I can't confirm. I was going to pay the penalty on the grounds I may have carelessly let it expire but on the website for paying it says I may be entitled to free NHS prescriptions as I'm claiming Universal Credit. I can't recall which elements but I suspect it's child tax credits and possibly something due to not high salary.
  9. I thought I'd come back to update this. Without reading where I left off I will quickly summarize. I didn't hear back from FCE but instead received a letter from, if I recall correctly, UCS (Ultimate Customer Solutions). I explained the same thing to them and enclosed a copy of the letter I sent to FCE and have not heard anything back. The cashier at the garage asked me awhile ago if I'd got everything sorted and I told them I haven't paid anyone other than sending the garage the cheque which he says they can't cash and is pinned up on a notice b
  10. Hi everyone. Firstly, apologies if this is not in the correct subforum. I use a Revolut card for my daily purchases. It's one of these internet banks, you get an account and card, and you top it up, etc. Today, there's a standalone cash machine in town, operated by CashZone and instead of dispensing money it retained my card. A second chap came along whilst I was calling the wife and I was too late to warn him not the use it and it took his card too. I called the number on the sticker on the ATM and gave them the ATM ID number and t
  11. For reference to anyone following this in the future I have dropped the garage a letter explaining a cheque will be in the post as soon as my cheque book arrives or they are welcome to contact me using my provided details if they wish me to pay sooner. I have also written a letter to FCE who's first letter arrived on Friday saying I have not yet paid the balance so they've added a £60 admin fee. I will be posting my letter to them tomorrow explaining I told the attendant at the garage I did not wish to sign up to their services and left my contact details with them for
  12. I have every intention of paying for the fuel, I went back and tried but was refused. The policeman I spoke to was surprised by this and originally phoned to tell them they have to accept payment. It was only when they spoke of this FCE involvement that he said to just pay them. He said he would be surprised if there were any additional charges to pay but without them FCE's business model is not sustainable. I am just unsure if here in my local authority this FCE has any legal standing. If not, I can send a cheque with proof of posting and that should be the end of
  13. I do not know if what you say is particularly true because they did report it to the police and during my conversation with the police afterwards they said the garage should have accepted payment and that would have been it. By showing all the signs of being willing to pay but temporarily unable, I think you would struggle to prove it as theft and have the rozzers after me as you suggest. My understanding is that it would be a civil matter that they could have sued me for but I could be wrong.
  14. Hello everyone. I had an appointment to attend to this morning so off I went in the car only to find it low on fuel. I popped a bit of fuel in and queued to pay. I didn't pay though because as you've already probably guessed I had forgotten my card. So, when I got to the counter I explained that I couldn't pay but I'll pop back in later once I get back and have collected my card. He said no, this isn't possible, I had to give my details and pay ForeCourt Eye instead. I said I wanted to make it clear I'm not refusing to pay and that I'd be back later
  15. Hi folks. I've just realised the DVLA haven't registered my change of address from three years ago because I've not been receiving a tax reminder for the car but I get one for the bike. I've contacted them about this and they're saying they want £25 and a completed V62 for a new one to be sent. Sounds a bit of a cheek to me, what's to stop the same thing from happening again? Especially seeing as any motoring correspondence like fines would have been sent to that address. Things could have escalated without me even knowing. However, that said, I don't think there'll be
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