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  1. Yes they have got the address of where the car is parked and being used from.
  2. As we wrote we have reported him many times to the police and yes as the car is unregistered means it can not be insured but still they have not got pulled over.we have just been up tescos and see them parked in the blue badge bay again but by the time you phone the police and explain it all they have gone.seems a waist of time
  3. Hi my father past away on June 3rd my brother in-law was still driving his car so I contacted DVLA to inform them. they sent me back the tax that was left over and unregistered it. 2 weeks later he was still driving it so I contacted them again they said they had past it on to nsl to be towed or clamped, when I phoned nsl they had no idea what I was talking about, so I wrote a complaint to DVLA online. I received a reply saying they would deal with it when they were in the area. 2 weeks later he was still driving it so I wrote another complaint I also told them when they were driving to wales from Winchester "about 350 mile trip there and back" and what route they were taking for the 3rd time since reporting it, and still he was driving it a week later. I have also reported this to the police twice in person twice by phone, i have reported it to a traffic warden and to a council official who again informed the police. I also took photos of the car parked in a disabled bay using my deceased fathers disabled blue badge and passed that information to the right people and still today over 2 months later he is still driving it. I would really like to know when are the authorities put there to protect us concerned for the public safety on our roads. You can not even look up this car any longer as apparently it does not exist.
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