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Found 18 results

  1. Hey there, I'm having problems with Philips at the minute. went to court for something stupid, didn't get found guilty but they still made me pay court costs (£80). I was paying £20 p/month to the courts. It got down to about £40. I receive a letter off Philips saying I owe a £110!! I didn't default any payments with the courts has this happened to anyone else? I defaulted Philips as they were asking for £50 p/month I'm only getting enough money to live on and now they're trying to charge me a £325 they said over the phone I could go to jail etc.... if someone could give me some advice I would be grateful
  2. HI ALL NEED SOME ADVICE PLEASE... JUST RECEIVED AN EMAIL OF ALL THE CHARGES ETC FROM PHILIPS REGARDING MY PARKING FINE..PLEASE COULD YOU TELL ME IF THEY ARE OKAY. Thank you for your email, Please see below a statement of your case. Fine amount when issued to Philips: July 18, 2012 £82 Admin Fee 2012: July 20, 2012 £13.44 inc vat Attendance fee: October 4, 2012 £119.69 inc vat Total £215.13 Payments – £215.13 60p debit card charge inc vat Total Paid October 12, 2012 £215.73 Kind Regards Philips WHAT IS THE ATTENDANCE FEE ABOUT
  3. Hi, I hope someone can advise please, I had a littlewoods account, but unfortunately lost my job, and therefore due to circumstance I ended up in debt with them. They have handed the account over to Philip Cohen Associates, who are calling constantly. I have had corresponded with them once via email. I accept that I do owe them money for the debt, but there seems to be unbelievable charges.ou Could some one advise as to what to do next,as I really want to get this sorted out. Thank you
  4. Ive received a 'NOTICE OF ADDITIONAL FEES' letter from 'Philips' Debt recovery/bailffs,dated 2nd november, and can't bare to bury my head any more as it is becoming quite stressful! It states i have an outstanding amount of £630.00 for the offence of : Attempt to travel on railway without paying fare. I am aware what the offence is for, and have looked around a bit and have found that i am supposed to receive documents from the court before it is passed on to debt collectors?? doesn't seem to be the case here. .this has been the first letter i've received!! Plz plz plz...if anyone has any advice on next steps, i would be very greatful!!
  5. Hello Just recieved a distress warrant from Philips Bailiffs. I have called court to ask what this is and whtehr it was genuine as I have not been to court! It turns out it is a failure to notify an alteration, but nobody can tell exactly what that was, only that it was to do with my old address over 5 years ago. Nothing has come to this address and I have therefore not been given the chance to defend myself! I am told I need to get a Statutory Declaration at the nearest Mgistrates court? Has anyone else had this problem? Nikinaki
  6. Hi, I recieved a letter out the blue last week from Philips Baliffs, all it said was "failure to provide veichle information" I email them and I have had this back: We have noted your account with the information you have provided. Thank you for your email, Please see below all the information we have been provided by our client London NE Magistrates. Philips ref number: xxxx Client ref: 09047388R Offence details: Keeper Of A Motor Vehicle Fail To Give Information Offence date: July 20, 2009 Fine amount when issued to Philips: £250.00 Outstanding balance at present: £335.00 Admin Fee 2012: £85.00 If you require any further information please contact our client directly. ____ I replied again as I was out of the country at that time from 2006 until 2011, and they said I should call the court. I did this today, I spoke to Waltham Forest Magistrates Court enforcment which were VERY unhelpful and said that I would need to call the convicting court and I can't get through to them. The advice I am seeking is, I have no idea or clue what this is, as I say I wasn't in the country and can prove it. Firstly I dont know if this is real, are they a dodgyu balliff company?
  7. Has Philips undergone some kind of brain transplant, I spoke to them recently on the phone - yeah I know bad start Jack but needs must. I could not believe how polite the operator/person was, on previous occaisions they have been less than helpful, rude and even hung up on me during conversations.
  8. Hi, I received a letter from Philips 3 weeks ago saying I hadnt paid my magistrates fine of 277 pound. I knew I hadnt paid the installments for a while so called them to pay it. I spoke to a guy on the phone and said I wanted to pay in full and he quickly put me on hold. 2 mins later he came back and told me its now 277 + 85 admin fee!! I told him the letter said its 277 and thats what im paying. I then said not too worry and i'll just pay it online. I done just that then phoned the philips number 3 times over quoting my reference to be told by their computer that the account is settled. I have suddenly received another letter today demanding 85 again. After a heated conversation they have told me if I dont pay it they will instruct the bailiffs to come in. The guy said that the 85 is added on immediately, I said why wasnt that on the initial letter then and he didnt really have an answer. Who can i speak to? Im so worried. Thanks all and GL
  9. Folks, I am acting for a friend, whom I will call Marjorie (not her real name). If I tell you she is in the ESA support group that will tell you that she has major problems - mostly mental, some physical. She has recently received a note from Philips Bailifs claiming they have a distress warrant for a court fine, from Kingston upon Hull county court. The amount claimed is £430, which is well beyond her means to pay - much of this is bailiff's fees, of course. She left Kingston upon Hull in 2000, so its looking like either the court case is at least 12 years old, or was done in her absence, and Philips have only just caught up with her at her current address (which is in Herefordshire!). As a first step we want to find out what the court fine was levied for - if its genuine, and this isn't just a case of mistaken identity. Marjorie has no recollection of any such case, and certainly no previous paperwork relating to it. We have no date for the court hearing, and no court references of course. We have already run an on-line search at Trust Online. That turned up a clean record, but they say the CCJ register only goes back six years. Furthermore, we only searched at her current address - and she has any number of old addresses, most of which she can't remember...... Any ideas on how we trace this court judgement - given the very few facts to go on? I have already written to Philips asking for a copy of the court judgment, and they have replied with a standard letter just setting out the circumstances they will lay off the heavy stuff. Not helpful - though I shall write to them again anyway. The other angle is to establish Marjorie as a "vulnerable person" - and I am getting a note from her GP to do that. That will doubtless stop Philips in their tracks, but we would like to deal with the matter once for all - if possible. Richard
  10. Hi, I had a debt of £328 old council tax bill or something from 2003 that came back to haunt me. Philips got hold of it, put their fees on and said they wanted £110 a month. I told them that was impossible, I just couldn't afford it and offered them £50, they refused. I paid £100 after scrambling money together, but it was late, and hence they sent another bailiff round, and added on another £200! So I have kicked off and told them I just can't afford £100 every month, now they are saying I have to pay £240 a month, or £60 a week. I have written back asking where is the logic in doubling a payment plan that I couldn't afford in the first place. Can anyone help, they are saying if I want to pay £50 a month I can, but they'll still send bailiffs round and every time thats another £200 right? It seems crazy. Cheers Jay
  11. Hi, I am writing to ask for advice on behalf of a friend of mine who has landed himself in hot water. Person was issued with Fixed Penalty Notice / Magistrates Court Fine, paid some of the balance, but due to an error (payment sent at post office, receipt lost as purse got lost/stolen, courts have no record of payment received), case has now been referred to bailiff. What was a £45 fine is now £345 as bailiff pushed a notice of distress form through the door making a levy on the car. Whilst researching, I found this on Philips' website: HMCTS new fee structure from 1st January 2012 Financial Distress Warrant - Administrative Fee {for all administrative activity associated with the service i.e. tracing} £85 Financial Distress Warrant - Attendance Fee {to cover all visits made and actions taken recoverable on 1st visit} £215 As these add up to £300 it looks as though these are the fees that have been charged. No payment has been to sent to the bailiff yet and as there is no proof that a the payment was sent to the court, my friend is willing to accept this money as lost. However, being unemployed and having young children in his household (one of whom is disabled) he simply cannot afford to pay this amount upfront as being demanded by the bailiff letters. What is the best action to take at this stage? Pay £45 to the court (online this time!) or set up a payment plan and let the slimeballs have their money? Hope to get this sorted ASAP so thought this was the best place to post, *fingers crossed*
  12. hi could someone please give me advice on philips debt recovery agent, I was fined for not having my tv licence in february, the fine was £150, I wrote to the court asking to arrange payment, but didnt get a reply, next thing I heard was a letter from philips saying the court had passed the fine onto them and I now owed £450, I disputed the new amount as philips said they had sent 2 letters prior which I hadnt recieved, to cut a long story short I agreed to pay the £450 via a standing order through my bank, which I have and have been paying £25 per week, the beginning of june I received a letter saying I was in arrears to the amount of £350, I called philips asking them how when my bank statement proved Id made 5 payments, they said that the first payment should have been paid a week earlier, this was the week d told them Id arrange a standing order, they said I no longer had an arrangement with them and a warrant for my arrest was being issued, I told them to get a warrant because I wanted this to go back to court, since that phone call they have sent me 3 more letters and numerous txt messages and have added another £200 on to the bill, i have 9 more payments to pay off the original £450 can they make me pay the extra £200 as I havent missed a payment
  13. To anyone who reads: Last year I got a fine for 425 pounds in total. I had set up arrangements to make monthly payments of 30 pounds. I missed 1 payment last months as i was out of the country for work. I have made 2 payments this month to make up for the missed payment last month. This morning how ever I received a notice of distress warrant from Philips the Bailiff and debt recovery company saying that I still have an outstanding amount of 425 pounds. Included in the letter they sent me they say that they can force entry onto my property to collect on the outstanding amounts. This is seriously stressing me out, I have far too many other issues to be dealing with than to be dealing with these unscrupulous gangster wannabes as well. I called Philips up to tell them they had the wrong information, they told me to call the courts. I called the courts they told me to call Philips. So now im stuck. I've sent Philips an emails as well with all the payment references so far. Is there anything else i can do?
  14. Hi everyone, Looking for a bit of help with our current dealings with Philips Bailiffs. My partner had a fine for use of TV set without a license and we had difficulties paying this fine. It has since been passed to Philips Bailiffs who are now dealing with the matter. We received a letter from them dated 28th March headed "NOTICE OF DISTRESS WARRANT". At this time the outstanding amount was £195. We immediately made an offer of repayment to them @ £10 per week. The first payment was due on 17/4/2012 but we failed to make this as we only realised after making the plan that they would charge us an extra £3 each time we made a payment by debit card. As we failed to make the payment, they sent another letter out... This time it was delivered in person and the total amount was now upto £410. Instead, we got back in touch with them and offered them £80 every 4 weeks, which we wouldn't mind paying the extra £3 each time. They declined this offer and said the minimum they could accept, according to their client West Mercia Courts, was £29pw/£58fortnightly/£127pm. They sent another bailiff out last week to hand deliver another letter (Balance still at £410), saying: REMOVAL NOTICE With this on the bottom: Please Note: We may re-attend your premises with a locksmith to remove any seized goods (as in accordance with the law), even in your absence. Now we have been doing a bit of reading up and have come across this site: dealingwithbailiffs[dot]co[dot]uk On that site it states this: Bailiffs send demands in the post adding hundreds of pounds in fees before making a visit – the defendant has no legal obligation to pay them. Section 76 of the Magistrates Courts Act 1980. Bailiffs cannot lawfully interfere with the locks of your property, or threaten to have a locksmith do so, or take any goods in your absence:Khazanchi & Another v Faircharm Investments Ltd & Others [1998] EWCA Civ 471 What we would like to know is: 1) If we were to make payment for the original outstanding fine amount, could the bailiff fees be waivered/ignored? 2) If there was no-one at the property, or if my partner wasn't here, are they still able to gain entry to the property with a locksmith? Upto now there has been no proof of this warrant, only what they have said in the letters (Which looks to be a template). We have just put an offer in to make payments of: 1x £100, 2X £127 and a final £56 = £410. We have dealt with them by email over the last couple of weeks and they way they are coming across, regardless of the amount we pay, if we don't agree to their payment plans then they will continue with the recovery process. (Even if we paid £400 of the £410 oweing!) Could anyone give us any advice? Thank you in advance!
  15. Hi Iam in need of some asisstance and am hoping someone on here can help.....I have recently received a ''notice of distress warrant'' from a baliff & debt recovery agents called ''Philips''.The letter states that '' You are hereby given formal notice that we are in receipt of a distress warrant for non payment of a magistrates fine and have been instructed by South West London to execute the warrant with immediate effect''. This letter was very strange as it wasnt dated and could of been sat unopened for weeks as it was sent to my mums address.To my knowledge I have never received any fine from South West London magistrates court. I rang Philips who have got to have teh rudest call centres employees every as all they did was talk over me and demand payment. I eventually got through to a sensible person who advised me that it was a fine for non payment of road tax but could not tell me when or what car. I pay my car tax online as soon as the reminder comes through so there is no way I have not paid my road tax.Philips demanded payment but I refused until they provided me details of why I owed money. All they gave me was a ref number 10041536 U and told me to contact South West London Magistrates Fines office on 08459 400 111. After selecting option 2 i was on hold for 2 hours and in then end had to terminate my phone call. I started panicing and because the letter was sent to my mums address set up a payment agreement with Philips for £13.50 per week. I have again tried to contact the court and have even emailed them, I still have not had a response. I then rang up Philps to tell them of this a refused my 2nd weeks payment until they provided me details of why I owe this money as I couldnt get through to the court. They then put my file in dispute. Its now a week later and Philips have called me text me 3 times and called me twice on Friday 13th and 3 times today monday 16/05/2011 ....the 3rd time today I answered and the demanded that i now pay the balance in full otherwise they will send baliffs round to my mums address. I stated that my file was under dispute. They replied with ''that has now ended'', I asked them to explain this and all they kept saying was ''its ended'' or ''because it has''.What so I do next apart from continue to attempt to get hold of the court ?? Will Philips actually send someone round to my mums house ? If so how can I prevent this ?Any help at all would be much appreciated.Thanks in advanceMatt
  16. I recently received a letter from Philips DCA claiming they had received a Distress Warrant for non payment of a £300 motoring fine back in August last year and that they will be sending a baillif visit to these premises. I contacted them by phone initially and all they did was bully me, so I complained and disputed the debt via their website, as I knew nothing about the case even going to court never mind me being fined. I also explained that I am recovering from skin cancer and a breakdown caused by this and the loss of my son. Today I received a knock at the door and a woman said she was a bailiff from Philips coming to collect an amount of £615 and that she wanted it straight away. I advised her that this was in dispute and that I was still recovering from an illness etc. She was sympathetic and said she would feed this back to the office, I advised that I had already done so in writing. I am completely stuck now, what can I do to stop this, I moved back in with my parents because of the illness and have no possessions here as it is all my mum and dad's stuff. I dont dispute the fine of £300 but they have placed an extra £315 in charges on top. please help me urgent regards
  17. Hi I keep getting repeat letters from a bailiff and recover agent called Philips. I know they are working on behalf of a company called Zinc Group. Now I initially got a letter from Zinc asking for payment for a company I dont know . So I asked for more details and never heard anything .I now lately I have been getting letters from Philips . I did contact them via email asking them to tell me what the debt was for as Zinc had not got back to me. But Philips are ignoring me . I have also sent letters but now the letter is a previsit notice . I have had no legal letters apart from these. whats my next step
  18. Hi, I am new to this forum and have been reading through some previous threads so hoping you can offer me some advice.. I recently (Saturday 7th Aug) received a distress warrant from Philips recovery agents..When I opened it I was obviously shocked as I had no idea what it was for or about.. I called Philips to enquire about it and the only information they could provide me with was that it dated back to an unpaid Magistrates Fine instructed by HMCS NW London dating back to November 2008. I called the HMCS on Monday (09th August) as I was still puzzled by this and as I previously mentioned had not received any prior communication about the matter until now. I spoke with a very helpful Area Enforcement Officer and he explained to me that it was for a bus fine dating back to May 08 that was unpaid and then went to court on November 2008. I asked him why I had only received the Distress Warrant now and nothing previous. He explained that all previous communication had been sent to an address (in which I no longer live, nor have lived in for over 2 years) they had now since traced me and thus sent the Distress Warrant to my current address. He put the Distress Warrant on hold temporarily to allow me to sort it out. I am now trying to determine what my next course of action should be. I have been advised to go to court to make a Statutory Declaration..stating that I was unaware of the court summons dating back to Nov 2008. Is this advisable? What will making the stat dec do for me? I really want to get this sorted out but I am also concerned that an original £20 bus fine is now a £200 matter of which I knew nothing about up until Saturday!! (I do remember the offence, the inspector told me that the fine "may or may not be issued" so I thought nothing more of it) Whats more - I provided the correct identity details/address but I happened to move from that address shortly after.. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Many thanks!
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