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  1. Your not gonna beleive this! When i paid it online, and then heard the confirmation by phone i threw away the letter. Shall i still send a letter telling them of the facts.
  2. it was paid on the fourteenth day. They clearly back date their letters because the postage stamp on the envelope was 3 days prior to receipt!! Did it take 10 days to get through their mammoth postage dept!!!!
  3. correct renegadeimp. The letter said 277 pound and so did the website! You cant even pay part payments on their site so it must of always been that amount!! arrrrrgggghhhhh
  4. Hi Wonkey, Did you receive a 'further steps notice' from the Court prior to Phillips letter? No i received nothing. The day i received the letter I called the court first to try and pay them direct. They told me it has been handed to philips. Thats when i contacted them first. Have you recorded the message to say 'settled' if not I would do so now and then argue the account was settled and their £85 applied later and ask they justify that??? I havnt no - I have the phone calls on my bill to show I made two - three phonecalls that all lasted 1 min or so (literally they say, put ur ref no in, i did and it said ""this account has been settled, no further information required"". if they process fines as they suggest by adding £85 up front, then you have every right assume the £277 would include that £85 at the time it was requested? My point exactly. When i asked them this they said it is! I said why wasnt on the letter or your oonline systems?? He couldnt really answer.
  5. Fact is they sent a letter saying 277 pound had to be paid. THEIR online system showed 277 had to be paid. The letter said it had to be paid within 14 days. I paid on the fourteenth day. The numpty on the phone eventually worked that out (initially saying that time had passed). This is absolutely ridiculous.
  6. correct. They tried to add it on while I was on the phone to them (I think when i said i'll pay it up now they thought theres a little extra we can get here). I then said dont worry i'll do it online and did so immediately. I have since received a letter asking for a further 85 and they said i was told this on the phone. As far as I am concerned if i am given a bill for 277 pound then thats what i pay. It all tallyed up on their computer system till now! Plz.....anyone!!
  7. Hi, I received a letter from Philips 3 weeks ago saying I hadnt paid my magistrates fine of 277 pound. I knew I hadnt paid the installments for a while so called them to pay it. I spoke to a guy on the phone and said I wanted to pay in full and he quickly put me on hold. 2 mins later he came back and told me its now 277 + 85 admin fee!! I told him the letter said its 277 and thats what im paying. I then said not too worry and i'll just pay it online. I done just that then phoned the philips number 3 times over quoting my reference to be told by their computer that the account is settled. I have suddenly received another letter today demanding 85 again. After a heated conversation they have told me if I dont pay it they will instruct the bailiffs to come in. The guy said that the 85 is added on immediately, I said why wasnt that on the initial letter then and he didnt really have an answer. Who can i speak to? Im so worried. Thanks all and GL
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