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  1. Hi, i took out an mbna card in around 2002 (unsure of exact year) i was made redundant and ran up debts, on returning to employment i started to pay them off for many years, however the interest rates kept going up and eventually (aug 2012) i just stopped paying completely, initially i intended to enter into a debt arrangement scheme but mental health issues and anxiety/stress meant i just started to ignore it! I have ignored this situation for almost 5 years Recently found out that after 5 years its unenforceable. ive been praying that it would get to that poin
  2. Hi all , it is my first time ever discovering forums like these in my life. I'm Matt I'm a 26 year old male and to cut a long sob story short i have been ignoring various debts for years as they always used to get passed from pillar to post so i'm not entirely sure which company owns which debt etc. Following a bereavement in 2012 my life spiraled downwards into chaos , i drank a lot of alcohol every day for a long time i lost my home ,my job , my friends and just about everything you can imagine. I used various payday loans to pay for my drinking once i had lost my job and i tr
  3. Ok heres the deal. I signed up for a 3 month virgin active membership back around july, after one months use I wanted to cancel, they wouldnt agree and the idiot manager would not even agree to simply talk with me. I didn't use the gym in the last two months but they don't care and the contract doesn't of course. Arc debt collection has been dealing with me, I owed around £170 or something in total ive already paid £90 worth, maybe that was the wrong decision but I do not want to pay them the remainder. I've set loads of dates to pay and many I have not pai
  4. Hi, I am looking for some advice regarding a debt account from lowell which they have just closed (due to my health taking a turn for the worse) they obtained a CCJ against me on this account about a year ago. i am paying this off at £1 per month, the CCJ has been active since jan 2017. They have only just closed the account down due to me submitting doctors letters etc to backup my health issues. do i contact Lowell? i am a bit reluctant to after what i have heard about them. do i stop paying it? do i need to wait a bit longer for account to get processed?
  5. Hi I would really appreciate some help and advice. In early March this year I enquiried via the website about joining Virgin active gym for me and my husband. I work for a large bank so could take advantage of corporate rates if I was able to prove my employment via bank slip etc. someone called me and gave me the price and asked me if I would like to go ahead, I said I would and gave him my bank details etc he then said I would have to go into my local gym to complete the paperwork etc. I then got some calls from the local gym pressurising me t
  6. Hi, I have been working through sorting out my credit file and I have come across a default posted by Active Securities. Now, I didn't even know who this was so googled it and it appears it is 247moneybox. The default was posted in November 2011. I have only recently been checking my credit report - to be honest I was too fearful of how terrible it would be. I have checked through all my emails from around the time of the default and letters that I have kept related to my debts but I have not found anything at all that tells me of a default nor of this bein
  7. Hi I have a long running problem with a local limited company. His latest attempt to get out of it is to resign as sole director and let the company get struck off, its now showing proposal to strike off! He has over £3000 of my money and the asset how do I deal with this, can I still take the company to court? I was hoping the fact he isn't winding the company up "properly" and taken all the assets and capital out of the company would mean he is guilty of wrongful trading and that I could go after him personally? Or am I best trying to get the faulty goods back and cutting my
  8. As a verbal contract (which starts on the 30th June) was entered into according to Scottish Power CS when the MD was caught on the phone a few weeks ago Are there any options on how to cancel? I've asked for a copy of the Sales Call which requires a £10 cheque
  9. Hi all, I joined Virgin Active gym few months back, and after 2 months of joining I left because I ended up not going because of loss of interest and the price, so I cancelled the DD (the contract was for 6 months), and like a week later I received a letter from them demanding the money, and they sent me a few text messages too. After a few more weeks I received a letter from ARC demanding me to pay £210, they keep calling me constantly, sometimes like 10 calls; one after the other, which I ignored. After couple more weeks ARC sent another letter threatening court actions if the
  10. Need some clarification folks... I have to cancel my Virgin Active gym membership as im moving home and home to them falls outside of a 15 mile radius from the nearest club to them. They have told me that i must provide proof to them, in which I have none at present and wont do for the foreseeable future. Also ive missed the cut off date to cancel for the end of this month... Even though its only a day late so i now have to another 30 days :/ (Wasnt aware of the "Cut off date" and also doesnt say anything in the T&Cs) Do i have to show proof if i don't have i
  11. Been dealing with a few folk who have had door step visits from MoorCrap recently. all the debts are pretty hefty amounts, ie over £3000.
  12. Hi All First post here, happy new year to you all I am writing on behalf of my wife who has been suffering from Graves disease (a thyroid condition) and thyroid eye disease for approx 18 months. She has needed regular (ranging from weekly to bi monthly depending on severity of the condition) consultations with her consultants throughout that period. Recently we received a letter from AXA PPP stating that from the 5th Jan 2014 they would no longer be covering any claims made on these conditions as they now consider her illness to be chronic rather than active. All of her co
  13. Okay so here we go ladies and gents. Im tied in for 12 months with Virgin Active In my local area... I love the facilities it has and its a very good front end product, but the administration side of it? Not So Great. My dilemma is this. Virgin are kicking off about me refusing to have a DD set up on my account.They refuse to let me in until i sign a DD mandate form and this has happened about 3 times... However if you see the attached letter, youll see that I owe nothing... Why? I circumvent their requests for DD by paying them in advance for the next month 5 days before
  14. Hi guys. A quick bit of advice needed. I've put in two separate PPI claims to my bank, HSBC. One is for PPI on a loan I took out some years ago. The other is for PPI on my HSBC Visa card which I've had for a number of years. On both I have used the correct paperwork, had an acknowledgment and a promise to be back in touch/reach a decision within whatever the legal timeframe is. Today I have had a call from a HSBC bod asking me to clarify some points regarding 'the claim'. Now I don't really doubt he was from HSBC as a couple of light security questions were asked which confirmed both
  15. Hi All, newbie here hope you can help. My partner had a debt from Barclaycard which was taken over by HFO in 2008. After some communication and threats of Baillffs from HFO my partner agreed to pay a set amount each month, which she has continued to do so ever since. In the intervening years she has tried to contact them to advise of change of address etc and also to ask for a settlement figure but has been unable to make contact with anyone from the company. During this time she has never received a yearly statement from HFO. We have since heard that HFO are no longer in business but
  16. Hi all, I know this was stupid but 3months ago I took out a payday loan with 247 moneybox / Active Securities. I wasnt able to pay this back due to being ill and not being able to work for 2 weeks. I took out a loan amount of 100.00 plus interest. I have managed to make 2 payments totaling 73-08 They have recently sent me a letter asking me to pay the remaining balance in full of 141.62!!!! I have twice asked them for a breakdown of charges and they have completely ignored me! Surely this cant be right? a loan amount of 100.00 and total debt of 214.70?? Tha
  17. Hello everyone I'm new here after discovering this website whilst searching the web about gym memberships. I'm thinking about joining out local Virgin Active in Leeds and could do with some general advice, pitfalls to avoid. I've never used a gym before, I know from reading about them that they can be quite expensive and some members of this forum have been having a few problems. There are probably cheaper options than using the Virgin Active gym but I really like the idea of finishing work at 6am and just chilling out in the spa - I mean running on the treadmill! I was thinking of ju
  18. Hi all, I’m hoping someone here could give me a little advice on the below. In summary, I signed a 12 month membership contract with Esporta (which was subsequently bought out by Virgin Active). This contract had a 3 months cancellation notice period. I went into the gym a week ago to enquire how to cancel (this is after the original 12 months) and they advised to fill out a form and that my gym membership would be cancelled on the last day of the month and that no further monies would be taken. I completed the form, wrote the date they advised (30th April) as the last date o
  19. Hello All, I need some advice and I thought I would share my experience so others do no have to go through what I have had to deal with. My current Gas/Electric is with Scottish Power and I am on the Platinum package which gives boiler care / cover with Scottish Power for "free". I had always been with British Gas boiler care, so I decided to cancel as I was getting a service with Scottish Power - big mistake! I had a boiler breakdown so I telephoned Scottish Power. Scottish Power advised they would call me back for an appointment on the same day - no phone call. I teleph
  20. Hello I need some advice please on the situation I am in. The background is I was a member of Esporta Gym which was taken over by Virgin Active, and even after they took it over I wasn't asked to sign a new contract until after about 5 months when I asked to cancel the tennis part of my membership, and this was last year. In all honesty I didn't pay much attention to the contract because I was running out the door to work and not even sure I got a copy. Anyhow come to this year being self-employed I was tight on money, and a member of my family passed away so I wasn't using the
  21. Can I ask a quick question? I took out a loan in 2003 and for one reason or another I stopped paying sometime in 2004. The last time my credit file was updated by the lender was July 2006. No-one has ever chased me for any money and I have had no contact with the lender since 2004 yet my credit file says the loan is still active with red 6's everywhere. Simply put how do I get this removed from my credit file? Bobbyh
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