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  1. Thanks for the reply. Just so I have this clear in my mind. The wife still has to send the stuff back to identify the driver despite the NIP being time barred? or Do I return the NIP to the process office stating that I reject it because it is time barred? or Both? Thanks
  2. Hi - I received a NIP a couple of days ago. The offence took place on 30 June and the NIP was dated 16 July and postage stamp is 16 July (I have the envelope). I was the person driving the car when a speed camera must of clocked me doint 59 in a 50. My wife is the registered owner and the NIP is addressed to her. I know there is a 14 days rule which this clearly breaches, but can someone assist me in advising me what I should do? Do I ring them and tell them? or what? Thanks for your help? Bobby
  3. Thanks for your posts. The last time they updated it was July 2006! Not entirely sure how to go about this, would be grateful for some guidance as I don't particularly want E&Y or some other mob hassling me, even if the debt is SB. Bobbyh
  4. Unfortunately there is no default! It is still active! The lender is a company called London Scottish who I think are in Administration. I do wonder whether there are different rules which apply to a company in administration! I guess they should have defaulted it back in 2004. I spoke to Experian and they said that the account will remain on my file indefinitely! Thanks Bobbyh
  5. Can I ask a quick question? I took out a loan in 2003 and for one reason or another I stopped paying sometime in 2004. The last time my credit file was updated by the lender was July 2006. No-one has ever chased me for any money and I have had no contact with the lender since 2004 yet my credit file says the loan is still active with red 6's everywhere. Simply put how do I get this removed from my credit file? Bobbyh
  6. Amazed, I have received the FSCS form in under a week after phoning them. Anyway, I thought I would attach the form in PDF for everyone to use. BobbyH FSCS2.PDF
  7. OK thanks. Just some other questions regarding this: In the box Principal do I put the amount of the single premium PPI? Under Rate of Interest do I put the APR quoted on the Credit Agreement? What do I put under Number of 'rests' each year? Presumably the start date is the start of the loan and the end date is when the loan was settled? Sorry for the questions but when I receive the FSCS application form, I guess I would need to get my numbers correct! Thanks Bobbyh
  8. Hi Could someone point me in the right direction to calculate what I would be due back from Welcome for single premium PPI on 2 loans. loan 1 included single premium PPI, which was settled early using the proceeds from loan 2 which also included PPI. Loan 2 was also settled early. I guess I need a calculator to calculate interest which is due and what the total amount would be due including the interest? Thanks BobbyH
  9. On my credit report there is an active loan account which was taken out in 2003. Due to financial problems nothing more has been paid since 2005. The company in question last updated my credit file in 2006 and have not been in contact with me since 2005. The active loan account hasn't been defaulted either so the status of the account on the credit report is 6. The question is at what point does this entry get removed from my credit file? In my eyes the debt becomes SB in 2011 so should be removed then!! Thanks Bobbyh
  10. I thought I would update this thread. I had a number of charges with GMAC outside the FSA period of investigation (i.e. before they started regulating this lot!). Anyway I wrote GMAC a letter stating that just because the FSA ruled against them for a certain period 31/10/04 to 30/11/08, the charges which were applied outside this period (in my case 2003) should also be considered because if they weren't then they wouldn't be treating customers fairly! After the usual holding letters, I have received a phone call from them saying they agree and will reimburse me with the charges whi
  11. I have already cancelled the holiday but I don't intend on paying any more cash I was just wondering what the consequences of not paying are? I will write to them with the details but what can they do, after all they have 6 months to re-let the cottage!! BobbyH
  12. Hi Honeybee 4. Low Initial Deposit Offers Occasionally, offers are made giving you the chance to book properties at either a lower than usual, or a nil, initial deposit. Details of any additional terms specific to the offer will be notified to you prior to or on making your booking and should be read in conjunction with these Booking Conditions. If you book a property at either a lower than usual, or a nil initial deposit, you also agree to pay the difference between the amount paid and the usual deposit, plus any booking fee and any insurance premiums due, either at the time the bala
  13. Hi I was wondering if someone could answer questions for me. About 2/3 months ago we booked a week away in a country cottage and paid a low deal £25 deposit. We aren't due to go until end of August but now need to cancel because finances have taken a hit! On this website they say cancellations greater than 70 days from holiday start date mean we have to pay the full deposit, which is about £300, unless you have suffered one of their conditions like redundancy, death etc. If I cancel the holiday I do not mind losing the £25 deposit. What I don't want to do is pay £300 when I have
  14. It was unjust and unfair prior to 24/10/2004, however this date is the date the FSA started regulating mortgages and according to them can only investigate from this date!
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