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Found 4 results

  1. Sorry guys, i took the lazy approach and ignored everything again. I have received nothing for a long time and then suddenly a letter from Cabot saying they are passing my debt to Ruthbridge, a debt collection agency. In the same envelope (is money too tight to post 2 letters?) A letter from Ruthbridge saying to contact them. I had a message on my answerphone.. This is a call for (silence) Please contact us using your reference. Thats it. I googled the number to see Ruthbridge mentioned. This is a Citi card debt with the last payment in 2006. So long past being statute barred. Its time to move on now and put a stop to these letters dragging up a period i would rather forget. Will they stop or will they write forever? Thank you. PS i know i am a pain the the bottom and so lazy when it comes to dealing with these people but its time to do something. (if possible) PS. Do i phone, email or write to them? Thanks
  2. Been dealing with a few folk who have had door step visits from MoorCrap recently. all the debts are pretty hefty amounts, ie over £3000.
  3. As we all know that Brighthouse introduced the new single pricing agreement at the start of September 2013 & increased the interest rate to a whopping 67.9% minimum. If you did not know or were aware of, at the same time Brighthouse introduced a sneaky little price rise in the cost of their goods at the same time. The cost of goods purchased from this company increased by 25% that is the cash price displayed, over the terms of the agreement that means those products will cost you the consumer more. If you are unsure about the reliability of this information, I suggest that you visit your local store & ask them. They cannot deny it, Also ask them about the responsible lending policy that they are meant to adhere to. It states that no more than 20% of a customers weekly income can be used to pay Brighthouse, but again I know that is not adhered to.
  4. Hi everyone! I am new to these forums, so please tell me if I have posted this in the wrong section! A few years ago I took out an unsecured loan with Lloyds TSB for £5000 about 8 months later it was re-financed for £6000. I was paying back all the repayments until I became unemployed due to a spinal injury. I then receieved Income and support allowance which I used all of to make repayments. But then it wasnt long after the Tories came into power that I lost all my benefits. So I set up a payment plan with lloyds TSB to pay back £1 a month. I did this for a few months, but when away from my address for a while, with no access to internet. My classic account went overdrawn and two £1 repayments bounced. I then got a letter from lloyds own debt recovery comapny based in Brighton - SCM solicitors. Stating my account balance was £6,245.68 and arrears £987.80. The letter demanded I repay the balance above less any rebate. Obviously I was not able to pay them, So i called them up. All they told me was that they could not talk to me about it, that my account was still being processed, and that someone would call me with the next step. NOW... I have recieved a letter from Moorcroft debt recovery limited, saying that they are sending me a notice of intended litigation before legal proceedings in the county court are issued. And that they believe that this letter fulfils this requirement even if it is not actually read by me. It says that to prevent our recommending to our client that solicitors should commence legal proceedings, it is essential that i settle this debt without delay. Payment should be submitted in full within 7 days or contact made with this office immediately, by telephone or by letter, with your payment offer. i have until the 17/01/12 Then it says We would draw to your attention that if judgement and an order for repayment in full is obtained and remains unpaid, a range of court enforcement options are available to our client and an application for one of these maybe considered. it then goes on to say about legal cost for court etc. and the usual jargon. I am really stuck, I'm just about keeping my head on... but I am quite shi* scared to be honest. PLEASE HELP!!! thankyou so much!
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