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  1. I spoke to Arc and they said that the bill is £50 more because virgin active have a contractual late fee and this means I have to pay £50 more than just the membership. The idiot on the phone was saying arc dont add any fees, the reason the bill is bigger is because of the contractual late fee. Do I have to pay this contractual late fee which is an extra £50 on top of the three months where I didn't even use the gym most of it? This is ridiculous. Thanks guys.
  2. The exact monthly fee was £55. I paid for one month already with virgin directly back then so I only owe two months more which is £110 but of course arc added fees which comes up to £174 they want. I have paid £85 already, so technically I only owe £25 more, but arc want me to pay the £174 and not just £110 for the extra two months. Please can I have a letter to send also? thanks.
  3. Ok guys I am so dumb. HERE IS WHATS GOING ON. I had a three month contract with virgin active which I had ALREADY paid one month. Therefore I owe two months which is £110. Arc have demanded £174 since the beginning. Therefore I have already paid about £87 which is near the whole thing I owe minus arcs admin fees or the extra fees which seem to be about £85 in total...
  4. Ok thanks. Ah ok maybe I should not claim any money then. How should I tell them to interact with me by letter or email only? When they phone me, should I just tell them to never phone me again and interact only by letter through the door? Thanks.
  5. Wow thankyou. How do I do this? So you said I should get anything I've paid except the one month back. Actually, I need to recheck how much I owed with them. I am sure I paid one month to virgin active before and it was a three months contract, and I had two months left which I did not use. Therefore Arc are requesting two months payment plus like £60 something pound since the total they want is around £170. Maybe Arc owe me all the money I have paid them back? I don't know, thanks.
  6. The monthly fee was £55 or £50, I've paid half which is about £85 so far and I shall pay no more. Thanks for all the help guys.
  7. I have paid about £85, that is half, there is around £88 more they want me to pay.
  8. Virgin active wouldn't cancel it. The arc debt collection people say I owe them money, I have paid half of it already. I do not want to pay the rest. I am setting agreements and dates with the debt collection agency but I am not paying them, I'm just gonna stop making any arrangements, they say they can get court proceedings and will get solicitors involved, I've heard its bogus which is good but i still I don't know what to tell them now.
  9. Thanks dude, I await this forums team if that's what you are reffering too, i hope. Lol.
  10. Ok heres the deal. I signed up for a 3 month virgin active membership back around july, after one months use I wanted to cancel, they wouldnt agree and the idiot manager would not even agree to simply talk with me. I didn't use the gym in the last two months but they don't care and the contract doesn't of course. Arc debt collection has been dealing with me, I owed around £170 or something in total ive already paid £90 worth, maybe that was the wrong decision but I do not want to pay them the remainder. I've set loads of dates to pay and many I have not pai
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