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  1. thank u so much, i will ignore until i get a claimform. have a nice day.
  2. thanks for the prompt reply. What should i do. ? wait until i get a claim form from them or ask ur team to help me draft a letter to send it to gladstone. please advice. regards harry
  3. thank u so much to site team. have a nice weekend. regards harry
  4. 2015 was a different one. this second 1 was issued on 25/3/16 by pcm. then DPR send me a threats on 13/06/16 28/06/16 13/07/16 04/08/16 then Zenith send me on 22/08/16. finally this one from gladstones solicitors.
  5. hi all, For the first time, i have received a letter from gladstones solicitors requesting settlement for a parking charges, which i have uploaded . I have received some correspondence previously from PCM debt collectoricon and pcm them-self. I did not reply to any of there letters. what reply should i give them if any or should i wait until i get a ccj. Any help will be greatly appreciated regards harry gladstone letter004.pdf
  6. hi again, at Hayes train station, pcm take photos on a mobile phone and send a invoice with a picture of ur car. they say it was not parked on the bay.
  7. hi, so where do we/I stand with fines from PCM ? due to todays result.
  8. thank you caro, for the prompt reply. have a nice day.
  9. ericbrother, once again thanks for ur prompt reply, greatly appreciated. should i now write or email to the company and tell them the following -: I deny parking and ask you for strict proof of the breach. I also have evidence that you did not act in accordance with the protocols of the POFA and thus their claim is spurious at best and fraud at worst. please advice.
  10. thank you so much for ur advice, i will wait and see what is there next step. just matter of interest, has pcm take people to court and if yes what is there success rate recently.
  11. from other forums, i cut and pasted them together.
  12. hi all, thanks 4 ur prompt reply, very much appreciated. is it ok to write to pcm as follows :- Dear PCM the sum that ur asking me to pay, MUST be a Genuine Pre Estimate Of Loss that the landowner has experienced. Therefore the charge is punitive and i still require an itemized genuine pre-estimate of loss. The land is NOT RELEVANT LAND. I deny the debt and require this matter to be decided in court. As i denied debt I do not expect to hear from your debt collector or solicitors, i just require the court papers. Any letters that I have to deal with by breach of your demand will be charged at £25 per communication, failure to pay will be addressed in the court system. i will then Wait and see what they do next.
  13. thanks for the prompt reply. 2 pages attached. thanks 4 the help regards harry
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