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  1. The story has seemingly come to its resolution as finally received an email from Swift Cover with the following content: "Dear .... I apologise for the delay in responding. I confirm that this matter has been dealt with and you should not receive anything further. In the event that any further letters are received please send them on to us for review Regards" Thanks for your help in getting this resolved. -Sasha
  2. Update: I called the County court today and confirmed that it was indeed related to the traffic accident 4 years ago. I also found the email from insurance company 4 years ago, saying that I'm losing 2 years off my no claim, but no further action was required on my part. Then called the car insurance company and they asked to scan and email the costs certificate to them and said that they will take care of it. So I consider this nearly resolved, provided of course that the insurers do their job right this time. Thank you for you input in getting this sorted. I'm so glad I
  3. Thank you for your detailed response Ganymede. I have confirmed that the phone number on the form is genuine number for the Chester County Court. I will call them tomorrow to confirm that it was regarding the accident, rather than something else. Provided it was indeed the accident claim, I shall get in touch with my car insurer at the time and ask them to sort it out. -Sasha
  4. Hi Everyone. I would really appreciate your input on this issue. I just received a Default Costs Certificate from Chester County Court. The letter was redirected from our old address in Wales (we have now lived in the South East of England for the last 3 years). The letter states: "As you have not raised any points of dispute on the claimant's bill of costs, the costs of the claim have been allowed and the total sum of £604.85 is now payable. You must pay this amount to the claimant within 14 days from the date of this order (1 June 2015)." Now, this is the first time I hear o
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