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  1. Here is an image, after doing a bit more digging on the net, I think what I was looking at is the drop link (red circle), and the shocker is there to the lefjt (blue circle) ? Not 100% certain, doesn't help that this left side was supposed to be the side getting replaced, but they have replaced the right side instead. He said they replaced the drop link also, I'll need to check that tomorrow on the other side. DSC_0072.pdf
  2. I took my car in to have the tracking looked at, and it was also making a drumming kind of sound at low speed that I wanted checked (the noise sped up at higher speeds so you couldn't hear it). Came back to me and said the left side shocker needed replaced. Just got the car back, and after having a look, it seems the right side shocker has been replaced, and the left side has also been removed, and replaced with a metal rod? I'm not a mechanic, but is this right? Doesn't seem safe to me, if anyone can help me out with this, it would be great, thanks.
  3. Okay then, I looked up JDW on ico and the address is the exact same
  4. Would you mind explaining why? According to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/N_Brown_Group Fashion World and JDW are both brands of N Brown Group
  5. Okay so we are going to try this, but I'm not 100% sure where to send the letter, the court letter says "a debt to Fashion World", and I looked up their address on the ico website: Fashion World Limited Griffin House 40 Lever Street Manchester M60 6ES Is that correct? or do I sent the letter to JD Williams? I'm not sure.
  6. The letter says: "At a hearing on 15th July 2016"
  7. I realise we haven't done enough to deal with this, but this debt has been passed around a number of times, we got sick of dealing with it, and I've been kinda busy setting up my business. We did get a letter about a court date, that's when we sent the letter. A bit late I know. What is "amiss" anyway? I can assure you we have been completely honest. Anyway, sorry you couldn't help us, the plan is to wait and see if they turn up at the door, and then arrange a payment plan if they do. Not very good I know, but its the best solution
  8. I did tell my partner that if we didn't go to court they would probably rule in their favour, but she really did not want to go, so there was not much to be done about it I'm afraid. Believe me when those debt letters landed on out door mat it was a complete surprise, as we most definitely did not know anything about cat debts. I think they just went on a fishing expedition to see what they could catch, its just a pity they didn't drop all 5 debts, only 4 of them. We don't know what you did What do you want to know? Aos wise..did you defend all can you explai
  9. I didn't say we have proof, isn't the onus on the claimant to prove that we do owe the debt, anyway? I would have thought that 2 something years of asking for statements with nothing forthcoming, the fact that we don't use catalogues any more, and haven't for a long time, and no recollection of this account would be enough for you. I think it would be hard to prove you don't owe a debt anyway, how would you do that? But I'm no lawyer.
  10. Its not so much paying it, its that we don't owe the debt in the first place. We don't bother with debt, tic, catalogues, credit cards, whatever, any more, we used them years ago but I've managed to pay it all off and its cheaper to just save up and buy stuff. Its a bit annoying, we paid all this debt off, don't use it any more, and some Umar Zahid guy says we own him money when we don't, and gets the court to agree with him. This happened with my partners Dad next door neighbour, (she did owe the money), she paid back £10 a week, maybe we could just do that
  11. No, my partner didn't like the idea of going to court So thats it? No appeal? no, show us the proof? Just pay the debt?
  12. Like I said, we filled in a form on the webpage a while ago and can't remember what we said, I might be able to log back in to the page to check? If its still active. we didn't think they would be able to prove their case, but somehow the judge believed them?
  13. We sent that letter to Lowell, we hoped that with no accounts to send us proving the debt, they would just pass the debt on, like all the others did.
  14. We sent them this letter: You have contacted me regarding the account with the above reference number, which you claim is owed by myself. I would point out that I have no knowledge of any such debt being owed to JD Williams I am familiar with the Consumer Credit sourcebook of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which states the following rules. "A firm must not ignore or disregard a customer's claim that a debt has been settled or is disputed and must not continue to make demands for payment without providing clear justification and/or evidence as to why the customer's claim is no
  15. These debts got dropped down to just the one debt, the JD Williams debt. After years of the debt being passed around to various different DCAs, (after we requested proof of debt, it just kept getting passed on) it ended up with Lowell Portfolio Ltd who threatened court action. We thought it was the same empty threats, we did eventually send them a letter requesting proof of the debt, to which there was no reply, they went to court and the court ruled in their favour. The court did not seem impressed with the "cut and paste defence freely available via the 'internet' (s
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