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Found 24 results

  1. A relative's carer helped themselves to her bank account. This was discovered by the executor who stopped looking back through the bank account when the amount topped £11k in the five months prior to her death and handed the matter to the police. It is going to court and there's little doubt there will be a conviction. It will however be for considerably less than the amount taken because the criminal case is sensibly concentrating on those withdrawals and purchases which can be proved without any doubt. The direct victim was the now deceased relative and if she was still al
  2. Summary: FIL died June 2017. Delay with Estate due to contention between 3 siblings, all of whom are Executors. Contentious Lawyers finally appointed to deal with Estate. MIL has Alzheimer’s & in a care home. She lacks capacity. The firm of Solicitors were engaged on the basis that not only do they handle late FILs Estate BUT were also engaged to act as MIL Financial Deputy as agreed by all 3 Executors. 1 of the Executors has now ‘changed her mind’. This particular Executor has been difficult since my FIL died. Her brother (my husband) had to see
  3. After a sibling died the others came together to clear the property with the sibling who is executor. This help was given freely and at no time did anyone mention or talk about getting paid or expenses for said help. Now suddenly an invoice has been sent to the executor for work carried out, this is a proper invoice as person is self employed. But is the executor legally obliged to pay this from the estate? We are aware that once the estate is settled if anything is missed the executor is liable personally. So although this is clearly immoral it's the legal side that conce
  4. Hello, I have just joined. I am a joint executor Non beneficiary, in a family will where the one of the two beneficiaries also executors cannot agree to the price to buy out the other. It has become hostile between them, it is going to court to decide what happens to the house and I am now a party to the claim, as second claimant, siding with the reasonable party for the purpose of getting this protracted matter dealt with. The indemnity form I have been sent by the solicitor of one party states in the last of three paragraphs, the following and I wish to know please if this is a rea
  5. trying to sort this out for a neighbour.... a person whom is specifically mentioned in an English will in the regard of: a gift of £30k in respect to a loan they gave the decreased has it appears cleared out all personal items of the deceased as well as many very valuable items that were destined for distribution along with the sale of said property as part of the estate distributed amongst surviving children. my neighbour being one of these. this was discovered when he was escorted to the property by the solicitors/agent to collect 'something' to remember his dad by
  6. Hi all, I'm a British ex-pat in Malta. A guy (also British) who owned a flat in the block I live in tragically died recently. It was used as a holiday home/rental so he rarely stayed there. We need to contact his family (or other new owners) about maintenance and other issues but have no contact details apart from the now deceased owner. How do we go about finding who is responsible for executing the will in the UK and identifying the new owner of the flat?
  7. My parent died 5 years ago and a sibling acted as Executor. I have never seen the Will (despite requests) and the Probate Office has no record which indicates it did not go to Probate even though there was property and effects involved which have since been distributed. I thought I was also named as an Executor (along with a third sibling) but, of course, since I haven't seen the Will I have no way of knowing for sure. I have contacted the solicitors who, as far as I know, dealt with the Will and they say they were not asked to do the Probate and do not know if
  8. Apparently I've died! Today I have received a letter from my energy supplier which is addressed to the Executor of the late (ME) We are very sorry to hear about the recent passing of the Late ........................ At Scottish Power we are committed to providing the help and support which is most appropriate to the needs of the customer. Blah, blash, blah Should you wish to speak to Philips & Cohen Associates (UK( Ltd in the meantime about the account(s), please call them on xxxxxxxxxx I have spoken with a female at SP who refused to accept me recording the call and ad
  9. I know I have another thread going on since mum died and will reply asap but this is something regarding an incident that happened recently. So here's the thing. Mum lived with a distant relative (This relative was a horrid b*tch to say the least. Let's call her A). I lived there until around a year ago when I couldn't take anymore of this family member and moved. Anyway. With mums will I am executor and sole beneficiary (Everything left to me, personal goods and money unless I passed away before her). When mum died, all of her belongings were left at this distant relatives home. The
  10. This feels a little awful as my mother is alive and kicking albeit in her 90s but I have never dealt with a will - everything was in joint names when my father died so there was no "estate". There will be little when my mother does "go home" as she delightfully describes it but I would rather sort it out liaising with my brother to ensure there are no debts! (He is abroad) I have just read an article which says you do not need to use the solicitor named as the executor but feel I know so little about this and wonder where I would start. I wonder if someone could help just so I know t
  11. ]In a case involving the family, a close relative of mine has almost certainly been unexpectedly included in a elderly relative's Will to the tune of many thousands of pounds. A substantial sum. However, the elderly relative passed away earlier this year, and the sole executor, the only offspring has subsequently delayed the process of probate, to the extent he has not yet made an application. This intelligence is borne out by the online probate registry which as yet is not showing any reference to any application, and therefore no information on the Will. The Executor would have been ex
  12. I wrote a will for a client of mine who named me as her executor. She was estranged from both her daughter and son and as she lived in a care home had no one to act for her. In her will there is a clause that quite clearly gives me as her executor the power to charge for any work done in the event of her death - the probate. My client passed away and I did everything that not only an executor would do but also much more besides such as attending the funeral, clearing her room and even the internment of her ashes. Her son has now issued a claim against me for the sum of the fees that I charged
  13. Hi I'll try to do this briefly. Nov wife's aunt died, December MIL died, my wife is administrator of both estates There was about £7,000 of life insurance paid out, which went into a new bank account in my wife's name. In the meantime I left my job 31st Dec due to poor health I have now been put into the support group for 3 years for income based ESA (without an assessment BTW) We declared the money in the bank account to the district council and sent copies of the death certificates to prove that's what the money was for. There is way more debt than cash so been trying to tal
  14. Hoping someone can give me some advice here but it seems to be quite a unique situation, with a solicitor even shrugging her shoulders and saying she'd rather not get involved due to lack of experience.. . Apologies in advance for the long post but it is quite complex! My aunt passed away recently leaving me, my brother, and my sister as administrators. She owned a house as "Joint Tenants" with her ex husband. Upon their divorce in 2011, a consent order was made whereby the house was to be sold and the net profits split 60/40 in her ex husbands favour, with
  15. Hi, I have been a joint executor of my late Grandmothers estate for the past three years. The problem I now have is that the flat, which is a 70% shared ownership (over 55's apartments) has been on the market for the last three years. Its had a few views and a few offers. The last offer was rejected by the management company, Equity Housing (www.equityhousing.co.uk), who say they means test the candidates before they are allowed to let them live at the property. They where rejected because they had too much money ?!? OK, fair enough I suppose. Whats ha
  16. Hi Son has inheritance coming in 22 months when he's 25. Will says can ask for advance for education, benefit. Asked executor, they asked for proof so provided them with invoices for rent and deposit, items for accommodation and fees from Uni, also asked for rest of money to be placed in 2 year fixed account for when he's 25. A month later they reply and say as he has already paid then answer is no. Can they refuse especially when clause was put in will for allowance of advancement of inheritance? Any help greatly appreciated.
  17. Hi, I wonder if someone can help me. My Mum has very recently passed away suddenly, and I've just come across a copy of her Will, which names her bank as her executor. She wasn't wealthy, with somewhere in the region of £20k in savings. Having just read through the information she had kept on the Will, it appears that the bank are going to make quite exhorbitant charges to act as Executor; minimum charges, plus fees for every bill they sort out, and more fees to transfer the residue of monies to beneficiaries, etc. I am 100% certain that mum wo
  18. Any scottish legal advice on this matter would be appreciated. The executor dative to my late mother's estate is not carrying out their duties. They went to court following her death to be appointed executor dative and never told anyone. When all payments were made and the remaining money was to be shared to the next of kin they then informed the bank they were executor dative. I ensured all payments were made following my mother's death. I organised everything through the bank. I have written to the executor dative asking what they are doing and they have never replied.
  19. Good afternoon, We are hoping someone may be able to give us some advice on an extremely stressful situation. Up to the end of January 2014 my partner and I have been receiving assistance from housing benefit as our employment/business situation has been far from standard over the past few years. We have endeavoured to notify the council of anything which would affect our claim and have been working extremely hard to get ourselves out of the position where we need this assistance. We were invited to an interview under caution in February 2014 as there had been a discrepancy in o
  20. My brother and I are executors of my fathers will, which leaves everything to us. How do we go about closing down bank, post office accounts etc, and transferring the money into the estate without going through a solicitor. Any help would be appreciated.
  21. Please be wary if you ever have to open an executors account. Following the very distressing loss of my mother last year, my brother and I opened an executors account with HSBC, the bank she had used for many years. Having finalised the estate administration I thought I should ensure that all the interest had been paid in to the account. When I examined the statements more closely I saw that what we had was a 0% interest account. Perhaps this is something I should have noticed before, but it never occurred to me that it would be necessary to check. I went in to the branch today
  22. My brother and I are joint executors of my mothers estate. She willed her property to us and we have received probate for the estate. My brother wishes to purchase the property (which has no outstanding mortgage) and we have agreed the sum for purchase. The property deeds are in the possession of my brother. Can he buy the property without having to transfer it into our joint names before transferring it into his name. I am prepared to sign to acknowledge the situation. Do we need to involve a solicitor to effect the conveyancing. Regards Morgansbobi
  23. I recently discovered I am named as Executor, along with two cousins, in the Will of our, now deceased, Uncle Donald (we are all his nephews, though not siblings - Uncle Don and his wife died childless). There was quite a substantial six-figure estate, including property and money and I am a beneficiary. My two cousins have dealt with the estate as directed in the Will, as far as I can see, though without involving or consulting me for some reason and I have been allowed no dealings with it, although I have had my allotted share. In fact I did not realise I was supposed to be an Executor until
  24. My brother and I were appointed as joint executors of my mothers will. My brother is (mainly due to geographical and time constraints) carrying out most of the administration and recently requested that I write a letter making him sole executor “To save time getting documents signed by both of us”. My question is, do both executors have to sign all documents, or can we designate that one can sign with the other remaining to simply monitor the progress and view documents if requested by other members of the family (Four brothers in total) I trust my brother, but having seen some of the horror
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