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  1. Hi I am hoping someone can give me some advice on this as I am really confused. I contacted TV licensing on 10th October to inform them my sister had recently passed away. As she had paid for her license up tol April 2017 they said they would issue a refund. I was advised a scanned copy of the death cert with an email would be sufficient which I sent on 10th Oct. My sister did not leave a will but I have been dealing with her financial affairs. On the 12th October I received an email saying that they could not accept an electronic copy so I sent a letter on 14th October to
  2. Hi and thanks for your reply. I paid £425 for it, not a lot to some people I know but it is to me. In addition, my insurance has increased and I'm incurring costs for travelling to and from work on public transport. I'm not one to give up easily so I will carry on pursuing until I have exhausted all avenues. I am certain this trader is selling these cars illegally (about 20 + cars), it's just a matter of getting it investigated by someone. I was going to contact the DVLA today to see what I can find out about the car I bought. I was told the car was insured/taxed when I test dro
  3. Hi I just bought a second hand car from what I thought was a second hand car dealer on Gumtree called West Cars. I bought the car on 6th Nov. I had only driven it a couple of times and it seemed fine at first but yesterday driving back from work the engine cut out on five separate times when slowing down at various junctions and it took several attempts to restart it. I also noticed a burning smell coming from the back of the car which wasn't there when I test drove it. The car was delivered to me at my home address. The ad said it was a good runner, had a long MOT and only one previ
  4. Thank you all for your advice. The warrant is 4th January 2016. They have sent bills but I had no idea that these were just for a daily 26p a day standing charge (that I understand came into effect 2013) as the bill did not state this and when I called, they said it was for gas being supplied. If I had known about this charge I would have had the meter cut off in 2013 or when I moved in. I honestly had no idea and I will not be duped into paying this when I should have been informed in advance that there would be extra costs on top of my rent.
  5. Seriously?? Someone can break into my property whilst I'm at work without me seeing the warrant or me knowing about this standing charge until this evening. I was never informed when I signed my tenancy that I would have to pay this standing charge and I have never entered into any agreement with BG. Thank you for the advice citizenB and Martin Apparently it is for a 26p a day (for the last 5 years) standing charge for merely having the meter, sending out bills and having someone come and read a meter that has not been used since May 2011 when I moved in. It's not even inside my f
  6. Hi Please can someone offer me some advice on this matter. I have been living in my Housing Association property since 2011 which I rent through my LA. I have been receiving letters from British Gas addressed to "The Occupier" saying that money is owed for gas supply to the property. I have called them on several occasions informing them that I do not have a gas supply to my property, I only have an electric cooker and the heating is included in the rent. Despite me calling them several times to let them know this, I am still receiving letters addressed to "The Occupier" saying
  7. Damn, I wish I had not thought of filming. Thank you MaxxPower, I didn't know there was a live option. It got me thinking that I may have accidentally gone onto the live option but I doubt it as I only watch via the app on my tablet.
  8. No live tv whatsoever, only catchup tv after it has been broadcast through, itvplayer and 4od. It's not possible to watch live tv on either of those as far as I am aware.
  9. PS don't they have to have to have some sort of proof before they start any court proceedings?
  10. My son has a TV but it has NOT been used to watch live tv for the past two years since the aerial broke and we never got it replaced. He only uses it to play on x-box and watch films on netflix. I do watch programmes but this is on my tab through itvplayer or 4od. I didn't sign anything on the doorstep. I told the guy I didn't have a tv and he said in a very intimidating way, I need to come in and check. I said to him, sorry but you are not coming in and I don't have to prove anything to you. I also told him if TV licensing want to take me to court, that's ok with me. The le
  11. Hello Can anyone please tell me if I am legally obliged to inform tv licensing that I do not need a license. I had informed them via their own website by completing the declaration form. I did this about two years ago when my tv broke and I never got it replaced. I recently had a visit from one of them and told them again that I do not have a tv and didnt let them in. I have now recieved a letter stating "We want to ensure you have the information you may need before a hearing is set at your local court". I just wondered if I am legally obliged to inform them on a regular basis
  12. Hello honeybee13 Thank you for your reply. Yes, the ticket said contravention 27, parked adjacent to a lowered footpath in a controlled parking zone.
  13. Thank you for your reply but I didn't really come on here to be judged. We all make mistakes and I had only parked in this manner as there were no other spaces around and I was desperate for the bathroom. Anyway, I'm sure you're one of those perfect people who have never made an error of judgement in their lives. I'm sure if you were in my position you would have chosen to p***s in your pants, rather than slightly inconvenience a disabled/elderley person. Hope you have a good evening.
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