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  1. Hi there, My sister's husband has just this week passed away leaving over £36,000 worth of credit card debt including £16,000 to MBNA. There is no estate and he has pretty much left her in a mess financially, with no savings and just debt after debt. She is not a joint signatory and they were his credit card debts and nothing (apart from the fact she was married to him) links her to these. Will she have to pay them off (like she ever could) or do they die with him?
  2. Yes Dx, the first one sent - all along they have been saying that because the box was ticked online that they did not uphold the appeal. This was a letter that turned up completely out of the blue and obviously quite surprising due to their previous stance on the matter. The fact that several pieces of information they gave us were wrong (including saying that PPI had been cancelled, then writing and saying this was not actually the case) then saying they would not accept the cancellation by letter and my friend would have to telephone them before thet would action th
  3. I have to write this letter today to Barclaycard in response to this offer of as I now find out, £736 as a supposed final offer. The way I now understand it is that Barclaycard are also liable for all the PPI payments to Egg before they took this over. Am I right in thinking this and if I turn this offer down for my friend, is there a chance that she might end up with nothing?
  4. Barclaycard have said that this is their final offer so when you say do not accept any part offer, am I to understand that if I turn this down (on my friend's behalf) that we might lose everything if things do not go our way? Why have Barclaycard only sent SAR information from December 2011? Are they only liable from that date and is it going to be that we will have to make a separate application to Egg as I looked on their website and it said that claims had to be made via Barclaycard. There are eight more years that she has been paying PPI and surely the figur
  5. Thank you Dx. My friend also had a letter from Barclaycard offering just over £700 back from them for PPI (no breakdown given) plus she is being sent £100 "for all the troubles she had had in reclaiming her money" so we were wondering if Barclaycard were just making this offer for the money that had been paid to them and. perhaps the Egg part of things would be a separate claim? I have to say that a return of £700+ to somebody who had paid PPI since 2003 would very very poor if it was to include the Egg PPi yet if she accepted this, would it jeopardise any further claim
  6. Hello again, All this is still going on and just recently my friend received her SAR back from Barclaycard but despite the fact that she has been paying this since 2003, the details they provided only went back to December 2011. Is this perhaps due to the fact that this was Barclaycard bought Egg and are they liable for PPI that has been paid to them and not Egg? What I am wondering is if my attempts to reclaim her PPI might hit a full stop prior to the date Barclaycard swallowed up Egg or is it still a possibility that I may be able to claim all the way back to 200
  7. Hello again, Well things are shall we say, starting to get interesting - or confusing, being another way to look at it. I wrote to Barclaycard on my friend's behalf at the end of June and she has just passed me a letter (dated 14th July) stating that although "you were previously advised that your PPI policy was cancelled on ** November 2011, please accept my apologies, I can confirm that your policy was sold on ** November 2003 and remains active on your Barclaycard. I note that you made a previous written request to cancel this policy but must advise you that t
  8. Thank you gentlemen. Really appreciate you taking the time to reply to my request for advice. The SAR request letter is written and will be posted tomorrow. I will certainly let you know how I get on when they get back to us. Thank you once more. Janis x
  9. Hello Again, This site was so good last time in helping me with some problems I had been having with a most dubious debt recovery firm that I thought I would come back and ask for further debt advice in trying to reclaim PPI on an old Egg/Barclaycard for a friend of mine and hope that the very kind people here will offer me some further advice. Chatting with a friend of mine a few months ago, we were discussing PPI refunds and to my astonishment, she told me that "she was still paying PPI on her Barclaycard and had never bothered to try to reclaim or cancel this" - well t
  10. Thank you Brigadier. I will do that tomorrow.
  11. Okay DX. Is this a tactic that is used often? I sort of figured it was a spoof as surely if there had been any merit whatsoever in their so called "claim" against me, then they would have persued 100% long ago and not left it a year also before contacting me about this. So I should just totally ignore this now and not write to them in any form then?
  12. Do you think that I have anything to worry about here and what would you recommend as my next course of action? Any advice will be greatly appreciated indeed. Thank you.
  13. Yes Brigadier, 1st Credit again unfortunately. What do you think I should do? Ignore them or tell them to "get stuffed" in a strongly worded letter that once again informs them that the debt has already been settled years ago with Blair Oliver and Scott? Whatever way, they are not getting a penny out of me. Thank you for the welcome back by the way. I hope you are well and that life is treating you kindly.
  14. Hello again all, It is over a year since I last posted here and I wonder if you might be able to give me some advice once more. Well I did ignore 1st Credit and even reclaimed PPI and charges from HBOS. Everything went completely quiet until almost a year to the day, a letter has dropped through the door today telling me that I have a "Limited Time Discount Opportunity" to pay off my (supposed) debt where if I pay 10% of what they claim is owed, they will pay 90%. This figure decreases month by month, ie 90% this month, 80% if you pay it in December, 70% in Janu
  15. The £1,000 was paid as a full and final settlement to Blair, Oliver and Scott. Okay then gentlemen, do you think I should write to 1st Credit and declare the fact that this debt is statute barred?
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